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Cute Headcanons : Kenma Kozume

(me, drawing parallels between real life and fictional volleyball babes; no way!)
Have some cute Kenma headcanons!

  • dates consist of you and him playing games together and also being massive geeks
  • him letting you play on his PSP and helping you when you’re stuck on a level before handing it back to you
  • you love watching him play too
  • sharing earbuds when you’re on the train
  • leaning your head on his shoulder and him smiling fondly at you
  • you walk into his room wearing his nekoma jersey and he goes bright red immediately, absolutely floored, just holy fuck
  • when you’re not holding hands your pinkies are linked instead, and, when he’s busy playing his PSP, you’re normally sharing an item of clothing such as a scarf or jacket
  • baking apple pie for him for his birthday
  • matching phone-cases and phone-charms
  • every time you’re about to kiss you caress his face, and he’s in love with it, and his hands are always on your cheek
  • talking over the phone while he’s playing games and you’re doing stuff like cooking or about to go to bed
  • your legs are tangled together when you both play games
  • showing him funny memes and text posts on your phone
  • him sitting between your legs and leaning back while you stroke his head and are on your phone
Haikyuu!! Kiss Headcanons (Karasuno Edition)

Did this one for fun and since I’m at AX this weekend, my love for HQ!! cosplayers has doubled <3 

Hopefully this expresses my feelings for these volleyball babes :)))











Volleyball- Connor McDavid

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Ok so not going to lie… I’m ignoring the NHL. Ovi’s going to the Olympics, so everyone’s going! (Yes no I got the notification too, just ignoring it!) So this has a smut at the end, but I marked it so it gets a little hot, but you can read up until the divider or you can skip it! Whatever makes you comfortable! So if you don’t want to continue, up next: Sidney Crosby Mom and Dad part 4!

Warning: mentions of fights, smut under the second divider!

@astilinski24 Request: Could you do a Connor Mcdavid imagine where you secretly join a volleyball team again and you get asked to play for Canada and he gets mad you didn’t tell him and then you argue and things get heated . If you do smut maybe end with a smut


              You hadn’t expected to get this far to be honest.

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anonymous asked:

When the UT/US/UF skelebros go to the beach for the first time, who sunbathes? Who makes sandcastles? Who starts collecting seashells? Who goes swimming? Who swims a bit too far and needs help? Who gets their toe pinched by an angry crab? Who gets annoyed by the kids running around and screaming just a few feet away? Who stares at the bikini babes playing volleyball? Who goes and plays with them? Who just leaves and decides to come back when it's less crowded? Who got sand in their eyesocket?


  • Just sort of lays on the beach all day. “Sunbathing”.
  • Ironically smears sunscreen on his nose ridge for laughs.
  • Sunglasses even though he doesn’t need them. They make him look ‘cool’
  • He wears a big t-shirt and swim trunks with hot dogs on them.


  • Definitely goes swimming.
  • He’s got swim trunks with dinosaurs on them and a baseball cap that he modified to say ‘Radical Dude’ to keep the sun out of his eyes.
  • He’s all about boogie boarding contests with Undyne (especially if he’s trying to impress someone wink wonk)


  • Definitely collects a bunch of seashells and organizes them into piles. He’s going to take them home and put them in a jar.
  • Buries Papyrus in sand (up to his head)
  • He’s got swim trunks with stars all over them.


  • Naps most of the day away buried in sand.
  • His swim trunks have giraffes on them. No one knows why.
  • (They were the first thing he saw on the sales rack and he was too lazy to look for another pair)
  • Most likely be seen sipping on a slushie and laying around.


  • He’s got one of those little floaty things you lay on and sort of just snoozes on that all day in the water.
  • Papyrus makes sure he doesn’t float out to sea.
  • Most likely having fun stressing his bro out.
  • Doesn’t even bother buying swimwear.
  • He’ll pig out on french fries too when he’s on the beach just lazing under an umbrella.


  • He makes the biggest sand castle you have ever seen
  • There’s even a working drawbridge and everything it’s pretty amazing
  • Red swim trunks, black tank top. He doesn’t like being exposed as much.
  • He might actually just sit in the shade for a bit and take in the scenery. He can be pretty quiet like that sometimes.
  • But then he’s also probably screaming  with Undyne in the water. She bought one of those big-ass blow up beach ball things and they keep tossing it around.