ok but imagine this

  • yachi, hinata, and kageyama as best friends
  • yachi and kageyama both developing a crush on hinata
  • both confessing to hinata on the same day
  • hinata loving both of them
  • awkward trio fumbling as they try to figure out their dynamic
  • yachi and kageyama fallin in love with not just hinata, but each other as their relationship progresses
  • a love triangle full of real love instead of jealousy and fake drama
  • all of them wearing matching outfits like the losers they are
  • hinata and kageyama so effortlessly doing small little pda stuff and yachi being super embarrassed by small kisses and hand holding in public
  • yachi attempting to tutor her two morons ever exam season
  • them living together after college: yachi and hinata going out for the day to shop and coming back to a complete mess because kageyama thought he’d try making dinner
  • yachi being absolutely horrible at volleyball, but hinata and kageyama keep trying to teach her
  • kageyama not being able to openly communicate his feelings and hinata oversharing all the time and yachi just trying to make sure hinata doesn’t push kageyama too far beyond his comfort zone