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Elizabeth Eaton “Connie” Converse was a New York-based folk musician who played small, intimate shows in the 1950s and early 1960s. Despite recording several demos and making a nationwide TV appearance in 1954, Converse’s music career never picked up steam. In 1961, she gave up on music entirely and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to take a secretarial job at her brother’s company.

By the early 1970s, Converse was in poor health, drinking heavily, and deeply depressed. In August of 1974, Connie wrote a series of letters to relatives in which she expressed the desire to start a new life. Shortly after mailing these letters, she packed all of her belongings in her Volkswagon Beetle and left home, never to be seen or heard from again. While rumors swirled that she had committed suicide by driving her car into a body of water, her ultimate fate remains unknown.

In recent years, Converse’s recorded demos have made their way to the internet and there is a newfound interest in her music. A compilation of her songs, How Sad, How Lovely, can be listened to on Spotify HERE.

Dear Mom -
There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about you, and missing you.
That fact that you’re not with us still doesn’t feel real to be quite honest.
I’m not much of a writer, so I’m relying on my other strengths to express my love and gratitude this Mother’s Day.

Beach life was definitely the life for you, so I dedicate this animated loop to you.
It’s a mix of things I’m pretty sure you loved (Ocean Drive in Miami Beach; your old Volkswagen Beetle), and things I know I love (pixel art, some 80s aesthetic).

Love you always <3

Little Deuce Coupe

I have driving headcanons.

-Yuuri is an incredibly conscientious and also frustrated driver. That twenty minutes of traffic? He could’ve done attempts #3027-#3030 of his quadruple salchow in that time. Why is the man in the car next to him looking directly at Yuuri and honking his horn while winking? Why is the woman in the car to his right applying makeup and occasionally fluttering her eyelashes at him? Yuuri will never know. Americans are strange. Cars are far more enjoyable, he thinks, when you’re in the backseat of one with your fiance.

-When he gets the chance to drive, Guang-Hong likes to reenact The Fast and the Furious, to the horror of his coach– he has a whole soundtrack to go along with it, thanks to a certain American. Leo’s tinkered with the speaker system in his refurbished, classic car until the bassline can vibrate the entire metal frame.

-Viktor is a fairly laid back driver, who whips around corners with a delighted smile and never obeys the speed limit, at least when he’s in Russia. Living Legends don’t get tickets. But when he has road rage– oh, Viktor has road rage. A month or two before their wedding they take a road trip (Viktor’s going to be in a small space!!! With Yuuri!!! For several hours straight!!!) and a red sportscar cuts Viktor off, weaving dangerously close to Yuuri’s door, before flipping both of them off. “Take a picture of their license plate,” Viktor says calmly, and steps on the gas. Twenty minutes and several wrong turns later, they are not at their destination. They are in a mall parking lot. “Do you know,” Viktor hums cheerfully, “how a man like that is going to park?” The red sportscar sits at the far edge, across two spaces that aren’t supposed to be spaces. Viktor legally parks opposite him, and boxes the red car in. For evidence, he takes five pictures on his phone, writes a note he won’t let Yuuri read before dropping it on the windshield. “Do you want to see a movie? Oh, this one is only three and a half hours long. You get the tickets while I make a phone call?” After making out for 3.5 hours like two teenagers on a first date, they come back to the red sportscar being towed. “Oops,” says Viktor. Yuuri wishes he was surprised.

-Yurio hates driving. Like hell is he going to trust a bunch of strangers in metal death machines. A system that gives Viktor Nikiforov a license is not a system Yuri believes in. “Get on my motorcycle,” says Otabek, and despite himself Yuri does. When they rev up to 45mph (the Kazakh obeys road laws), Yurio could be flying. “This is awesome!” He yells in Otabek’s ear, but it’s lost to the wind.

-Phichit drives an red Volkswagon Beetle, which he has nicknamed Tata. Every time he has a passenger, he forces them to play Carpool Karaoke or his own version of Cash Cab. “Oh no,” Phichit chirps when he sees the congested highway. Yuuri sighs. The car is at a standstill, which means it’s perfectly safe for Phichit to check his phone. “I hate traffic!” He says, or more accurately, tweets. Phichit, Yuuri thinks, is the sole person that enjoys traffic. 

anonymous asked:

about 25 seniors from my friends school dissasembled and reassembled a volkswagon beetle places it in the 3rd storey library,superglued the windows and crevices and filled it with coloured red water and waited until admins came in the next morning and were super pissed

that’s incredible


Buggy Still Fun

Despite all the power that a huge 4x4 truck like a RamRunner can provide, sometimes a little Buggy is all you need to have some fun in the desert. The engines are in the back, they’re aircooled, and for the most part simple, so what could go wrong?

- Jon Tong