New Lowriders Park at the Petersen

It’s a celebration, low and slow

The new lowrider exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is so popular that they’re adding four more cars to the show through Jan. 14. The rest of the exhibit will go on through next summer.

The new cars are:

1963 Impala Convertible “Slippin’ Into Darkness” by Cleto Sanchez

1987 Olds Cutlass “RM Series” by Bobby Garza

1958 Impala “Lemonlaid” by Danny Arriaga

1972 Monte Carlo “Fatal Attraction” by Jose Alvarez

The exhibit itself goes beyond just the cars, though. There are 50 artists represented from all media. The exhibit is about the artistic and cultural expression of which lowrider cars are just one part.

“'The High Art of Riding Low: Ranflas, Corazon e Inspiracion’ examines the diversity and complexity with which 50 artists visualize and celebrate the lowrider car through vehicles, paintings, sculptures and on-site installations,” wrote the exhibit’s guest curator, Dr. Denise M. Sandoval, a professor of Chicano studies at Cal State Northridge. “The lowrider car (ranfla) inspires many artists, but it is especially celebrated by Chicano artists throughout the Southwest.”

Corazon, another Spanish word in the exhibit’s title, in this case refers to cultural pride while inspiracion means artistic creativity. All play a part in cultural expression in the community.

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