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What??? You said that Ted Kord is smarter than Batman??? I thought Ted was supposed to be an idiot?

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle’s IQ is 192. Albert Einstein’s IQ was around 160. So is Stephen Hawking.

Ted Kord is smarter than two of the smartest people to ever live. And he can kick your ass up and down the block.


All Blue Beetle’s intros from Injustice 2

I think I died with laughter at that wrestling joke…


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“this just in: Atlanteans as rumored cannibals, and all of them even…”

okay but kaldur'ahm side-stepping questions about it (because really guys? why is this a thing that he’s being asked? who raised these surface dwellers?) with technically innocuous responses that makes everyone else even more slightly nervous.

Kaldur sank gradually down to the bottom of the grotto, limbs loosening as he allowed himself to be carried down. He opened his mouth, releasing the stale air still held in his lungs. His gills flared open in the gentle current that ran through The Cave’s small series of underwater tunnels and pools, filtering oxygen directly into his blood from the water. Air released, his body sank more quickly, until he was lying, bare limbed, on the sandy floor. 

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