3 is the magic number. While taking a bike ride late friday afternoon i came across what must of been a sign from the universe that I was on the right path. There in the distance after an hour of intense workout biking up the PCH, I looked up and saw three VW westfalia in mint condition parked alongside the ocean. I quickly pulled over and grabbed my camera and started taking photos of the VW’s and the lovely european travelers who rented them to drive down the coast from Seattle to San diego. I wish them luck and thank you for agreeing to be part of my project. 

MINT, MINT, MINT! Volkswagon Westfalia camper with pop top fully extended. I’ve seen this baby a few times while riding my bike on the beach, but this is my one photo with the top fully extended. Would the proud owner please step forward and introduce themselves to me? I would love to send you a print.

Santa Monica, CA


If it wasn’t obvious already, I’ll share this secret with you—I’m obsessed with finding the perfect Camper Van for my family and I to travel along the California coast and beyond.


The Volkslivin’ project began over 4 years ago, and now it has blossomed into its own community.  People around the world have shared stories with me of what this special auto means to them and how my photos ignited a feeling deep within them.  Vanlife is a lifestyle and a culture of its own.  Now, whenever I see a VW rumbling down the highway or parked overlooking the Pacific ocean, I can’t help but smile.  It just feels good to see them.

This past Father’s day weekend, my family indulged me and we traveled to GoWesty, one of the premiere VW restorers in the world.  I’ve been itching to visit and it seemed like the ideal place to fulfill my wanderlust.  There, we met owner Lucas Valdes, who could potentially hold the keys to make my dream a reality.  I want to send a sincere thank you to Lucas for personally showing my wife and I his massive collection of beautiful vanagons, eurvans, and campers. I highly recommend checking out the restored vans at GoWesty for anyone interested in purchasing a van—it’s on my wishlist!


“The VW Bus Rolls Into the Sunset”

Volkwagen vans hold a special place in my heart; it was our family vehicle for many years, and when I made my big move to Venice, California they appeared everywhere.  Whether a Westfalia, Kombi, or a Samba, these adventure wagons have a characteristic unique beauty that I am constantly inspired to capture.  So when news came that in December of this year, the company will shut down it’s last factory, I felt the end of an era.  Next Avenue felt the same sadness, and reached out to feature some of my favorite Volkslivin images in their blog commemorating this characteristic car.  You can read the article here.

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