volks minoru kamimura


The Yamimuras rarely truly celebrate Christmas. They usually just treat it as a day off work, and hang out with friends. Maybe they’ll have a small celebration; a few gifts, some good food, sometimes they’ll even splurge and get a cake. They however never have a tree, and they’ll most certainly never fill the house with lights.

Sometimes though, they’ll be invited to celebrate Christmas with their westernmost family, and after arriving with the plane, all the western traditions are waiting for them. Yuma takes great pleasure in decorating the tree, and he sometimes wish they’d have a proper tree at home too.

I finally got around to taking some Christmas themed photos today. I’ll likely get some closer to Christmas too, but I’m fairly sure we don’t have internet the place we’ll be celebrating, so I probably can’t post them till after I get home again. It’s still a few days till we leave though, so maybe I’ll get some more before then…