So tomorrow’s episode, BABEL, was written by the Great Charlotte Fullerton and the Talented Kevin Rubio.  You should know that the native languages that Kilowog and Razer speak are not just gibberish, but actual languages devised quickly (and cheaply!) by Kevin. 

There is an English version of everything K and R say.  Check out the pages from the GL preview (so I don’t think this counts as a spoiler). You’ll see there are jokes that don’t make it to screen because they aren’t subtitled.  Pretty cool.

You should know that Kevin has volunteered to liveblog the English translations of the Bolovaxian and Volkregian dialog for both coasts tomorrow morning. 

His twitter is:

Side note: Giancarlo and I wanted to use this gimmick way back in #103, when the Prison Asteroid aurem shuts down Hal and Kilowog’s power rings. It was just going to be a runner.  Executive Producer and mentor Bruce Timm LOVED the idea, but told us we were crazy to do it as a runner, that there’s a whole episode in that concept.

Needless to say, the Man Whose Every Show Is A Hit was right.

Anyway, hope you like it…

As a biologist, I see alien characters differently than most. I pretty much do it to all aliens and made-up/mythological creatures I come across. This is just an example of how this works using Razer:

I really think of every biological aspect when I mull over stuff like this. Every aspect. But I will not bore you, so I will keep it simple and only address most of the dermis (the skin and all its elements) and pupil color.

The first thing I noticed about the dermis its color. The pale with blue aspect indicates two hypothetical modes of existence: either it is so pale (white) that it is semi-transparent to the hue of the blood, which in this case would be blue with Copper II based hemoglobin. The color of the blood would be similar to that of the Horseshoe crab of Earth, I think. The second hypothesis is that the dermis has a pigment that polarizes between pale blue and white. This would be consistent with the evolution of the species on a desert planet such a Volkreg. The polarization would help protect against harsh UV radiation from the sun.

Then there are the markings. Immediately I assume they are natural, biologically pigmented markings that vary between individuals much like those of a tiger of Earth. You have no idea how annoyed I get when I find that once again, they are mealy tattoos. There need to be more humanoids like the Na’vi with natural markings!

And now about the hair. Because hair is one aspect of the dermis. In my initial analysis, Volkregians must be hairless. With the exception of eyelashes and the eyebrows Ilana has, there is no real need for hair in this species. Consistent with a people that indulges in covering itself so thoroughly, there would be a selective pressure to evolve hairless-ness. I rather like my Razer bald. Thank you very much.

Now, about Razer’s eyes. The most notable feature is his pale pupils. As far as I can tell, this could be due to one of two things: a milky lends or a highly reflective tapitum lucidum. I have already ruled out the idea of bioluminescence due to the fact that it is a very energy demanding aspect that could not be reasonably evolved in a species in an arid environment such as the desert planet of Volkreg.

I noticed the color of his pupils resembles that of cataracts. It got me thinking that there could be a phenotype in the volkregian species where a special one-way/reflectant film forms on/inn the lends, creating the effect of cataracts, but allowing for light to reach the retina. In other words, there is a layer in the lends that causes it to appear opaque from the outside, but transparent from the inside of the eye.

A highly reflectant tapitum lucidum could produce a similar effect. Just think glowing Earth cat eyes, only blue, and you will get the picture.

Now, like I said, there is more, (vision, diet/digestive system, energy storage, teeth, feet, etc.) but I will be nice and will stop spamming you with text. You can ask if you really want to hear me rant. *crawls back into cave of nerdy science*

Sypher grabbed the toddler by the arm, dragging him through the threshold.


Her voice echoed harshly against the adobe walls of their home. Tears welled up in the child’s eyes and his face contorted in fear. Sypher glanced down. She had forgotten how fragile children were. With a sigh, the warrior stooped down and lifted her son in as gentle a manner she could.

"…stop making me worry."

Detecting the soft change in her voice, the boy looked up.

"Sah-e, mahda."

He kissed her nose. The gesture was unexpected. After a moment, Sypher placed the toddler back on his feet and rubbed his arm.

"Enough of this. Your father will be home soon."
"Fahda make stuu."
"Did he now?"

The youngster nodded and eagerly tottered off to show her. Sypher smelled the ketewo simmering in the back room. With a prayer that Mahad would hurry home, she followed her son.

When in doubt about what to draw, resort to sketching Razer-babbu and his tiger-mom. [‘Cause I seriously cannot get enough of isaia's Volkregian headcanons.]