The Great Potato Trip (Pt 1)

I am so hungry right now:

The Great Potato Trip:

In which David is far too ambitious and decided to cram a billion places in, 14 cities in 30 days is honestly more exhausting than a playoff run, Jake is so very tired of cathedrals, and David finds potatoes everywhere he goes.

Excerpts from David’s travelogue, which mostly just becomes a ‘yummy food we ate’ and ‘place for us to bicker in writing’. Jake keeps it in his office and pulls it out when he wants to feel mushy. Not that he needs any help.

Week One:

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Joe’s Wedding (Part 1)

So one of my lovely Kickstarter supporters (and the mother of Joe, since it was her prompt that made Joe part of Ulf and Marc’s movie timez waaaay back when) asked for Joe and Jenn’s wedding for her 1000 word prompt. She also generously let me turn it into a KSOTW, because I was stressed about deadlines and such.

Unfortunately I am now 800 words in and it hasn’t yet REACHED THE WEDDING, and it feels unfair to limit what appears to be a GIANT fill in the making to only Kickstarter people. So, you know, for the next few days, let’s follow David and like, almost all the people he loves in the world (oh and Joe) on Joe’s very special day (don’t FUCK THIS UP FOR JOE, PANTHERS.)

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mud-puddles-rain-boots-umbrellas  asked:

If you feel like it, is there any chance we could read something happy for our fictional Caps today?

I feel like a lot of people need this today, judging by my bracket challenge. 

One day the fictional Caps will win a Cup (one day the non-fictional ones will too!). Quincy, who’d almost resigned himself to always getting close but never getting there, to retiring as the ‘so close but so far’ captain, hoists it first with tears in his eyes (important to note that while the NHL commissioner in YCMAL ‘verse kinda sucks, he’s certainly no Bettman. No Bettman involved in Cup celebration! The most truly utopian thing I’ve written – wait there’s a 75% chance this year the winning team will visit Trump and me not having Trump as president is the most utopian thing I’ve written)


Jake’s entire family’s with him in the crowd (he got his own tickets and David Can’t Stop Him From Watching Him Win) and he can’t wear Caps merch but THEY can. YOU CAN’T EITHER, VOLKIE. TAKE THE JERSEY OFF, VOLKIE, YOU ARE A PANTHER. Em’s allowed.

Matty bursts into tears in the locker room after and Robbie and Wheels literally shield him with a  human barricade so that the media doesn’t get a shot of it while Crane talks him down – Robbie tried but he just kept laughing then crying harder, so he gave it to Crane, hoping he’d scare him non-crying (Robbie is okay with him crying? Like, no, crying makes him uncomfortable, and he doesn’t get happy crying at all, but mostly he just knows Matty wouldn’t want the media to catch that). Crane, unexpectedly, just hugs Matty for awhile and lets him cry it out while Robbie and Wheels fidget through their barricade duty.