volitha is fireball in greek btw


So out of literally 317 shots (they gave me a disk with them all) that the ultrasound tech tried to quickly snap, these were the only decent two and they’re still pretty distorted looking.  But I guess that’s just kind of how these things look in general?  I mean, I did some googling and it seems pretty rare that they look great (Well, sometimes they really do, but we’re ignoring those).

Quality complaints aside, though, I love this face!  I LOVE it!  I want to rub my own face against it and squeeze it and kiss every little spot!

Update:  While typing this the ultrasound place called and asked if I wanted to come back to tomorrow and try again at no charge.  They’re going to be training a new girl and need a practice belly so they thought of me and my mischievous Babe.  Nice!  So maybe I’ll get some clearer shots tomorrow, but if not, whatever.  I love little Fireball.

Hm, what’s “fireball” in Greek?  And more importantly would that be a good name for both a boy and a girl?