New floppy broad brim hat, i never, ever want it to leave my head! Today i’m listening to the boat that rocked soundtrack and sorting through my grandmothers possessions, so much, so little time! It’s getting easier which is brilliant, but i still miss her immensely of course! 

s a t u r d a y night, and i’m going to a 21st, but right now i’m sitting drinking lemon, lime & bitters contemplating on how to do my hair, it’s stuck up in a bun and it’s damp from the shower, it just might be too hot to wear down this evening. 

my bed is all together, but my hair is up and messy, i’ve put up my lantern/fairy lights/pink curtains/suede curtains and i’ve also hung half my wardrobe! (that’s a lie i’ve only hung about seventeen things)