anonymous asked:

Can i have a hug i had a panic attack in band class

I could have found something more endearing but awkward voldyhug will never not be amusing to me it just

look how much draco does not want this

he just walks forward and h a l t s

and voldy’s like “fuck shit wait okay ive seen them do this in movies dont tell me”

*clasps long bony hand to shoulder* “alright good nailing it so far” *winds wand around back all snake-like* “okay now who do i threaten with this in the meantime?”

then the extra like quarter of a step Voldy takes because “fuck fuck i didnt hit the mark im not in prime hug position ive been working on this i GOT this do not tell me”

Hang tight anon. Whatever happened, just take comfort in the fact that you have more social graces than Voldemort.