So my grandma came and brought the presents from my cousins, aunt and uncle, and herself and granddad.

Basically the only things worth mentioning here was a $20 bill and Voldemort’s wand replica. Really excited about the wand! But seriously, grandparents? “Magic Rocks”? Holiday-themed stickers? I’m not 5 anymore!

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“Draco, I’m sorry but I need you to kill Dumbledore.” The dark lord spoke in a low voice. “Don’t Draco!” You screamed and Voldemort pointed his wand now towards you. “I’ll kill her.” Draco looked like he faced true horror. “Okay! I do it but leave her out of it !” He screamed with tears in his eyes.

We’ve been slow reading through Harry Potter, what with the girls going out of town and life getting a little bit wild.

Anyway, we got to this part and the girls literally gasped in surprise. “VOLDEMORT has the twin wand? What?” So satisfying.

Tom Riddle’s wand

So Ollivander states that Tom Riddle’s wand was 13 and a half inches Yew and powerful 

According to Pottermore Yew:

  • are rare and are ideal with those who are unusual and occasionally notorious
  • endow its possessor with the power of life and death
  • particularly dark and fearsome in duelling and in all curses
  • all though know for being in the hand of dark wizards it’s also produced fierce protectors and heroes
  • a tree spouts from the grave of the owner if buried with a Yew wand
  • never chooses a mediocre or timid owner

It makes me wonder several thinks about Tom Riddle, if all this time he saw himself as a protector of wizard and witch kind against muggles, and that during is tenure at Hogwarts must have been known a little bit at Hogwarts for protecting others and people to warrant a little of being head boy as in some cases its probably not just grades that get’s you on the list. And the fact he was quite the protector helped him gain friends and followers.