James Potter:
- Was a bully
- Jinxed people when he was bored and laughed at it
- Was totally okay with Remus being a werewolf
- Became an unregistered animagus so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone
- Realized within a few years what a douche he was to people
- Changed for the better
- Loved his wife and his son with all his heart and wanted only what was best for them
- Joined the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts
- Faced Lord Voldemort without a wand, in hope of buying Lily and Harry time, knowing that he stood no chance of surviving

Severus Snape:
- Thought muggle-borns were inferior
- Called his only friend “mudblood”
- Became a Death Eater
- Told Voldemort about the prophecy, bc he was 100% okay with killing an infant
- When he got to know that it was Lily’s son, he asked Voldemort to spare HER, not caring how she would feel to have her son and husband killed
- Bullied Harry simply because he was James’ son
- Bullied Neville until he became the poor boy’s WORST FEAR (that same poor boy who witnessed his parents get tortured to insanity by Bellatrix, yet SNAPE was his worst fear.)
- Shamed Hermione for her teeth until she cried. And then she permanently changed them.
- Threatened to kill Trevor when Neville failed to do a potion
- Used his position of power as a teacher to make students’ lives miserable
- Told everyone Lupin was a werewolf, and intended to get him fired - Knew that Sirius didn’t tell Voldemort the Potters’ location (I could explain how but I can’t bother now) but still wanted him to get a dementor’s kiss bc of what happened when they were 16 - Helped Harry in the end

But sure, go ahead and tell me Snape was a better person than James.

Some questions about Harry Potter

If truth potions exist, why was Sirus Black convicted of the murders he didn’t commit? Wouldn’t interrogation under the effects of a truth potion reveal his innocence?

If Voldemort could curse the Defense Against the Dark Arts professorship, why didn’t he just also curse the position of headmaster? Why not curse the position of Auror? Why not use that ability to try and stop everyone who opposed him? Furthermore, if Dumbledore knew that the position was cursed, why didn’t he try to do anything about it?

If Voldemort is the result of being conceived under the effect of a love potion, wouldn’t that mean there are a lot more Voldemorts running around in the world? Or is date rape and loveless marriages just not a thing for wizards?

If the power to travel through time exists, why do they only use this power to let a 13 year old girl take extra classes? Why not use it to stop Voldemort? Why not use it to solve crimes by revisiting the scene when it took place?

How did Dumbledore not know about the Marauder’s Map and its users in general? Why didn’t Dumbledore do anything about James bullying the shit out of Snape? Shouldn’t he have learned by that point that bullying wizards never ends well? Is Dumbledore some kind of secret asshole?

Why are young wizards-in-training not allowed to use magic outside of school, even if they’re in a household where their parents use magic all the time? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to practice their skills rather than risk them getting sloppy and lazy over the summer?

Why is the age of majority in the wizarding world 17? Do wizards biologically mature faster than ordinary people?

Does Hogwarts offer classes outside of magic-related stuff? Is there a single wizard who understands basic algebra? What about political science? Is that offered? Do they study muggle literature, or only wizarding literature?

How did literally no one know that Harry and Voldemort had sister wands? Why didn’t Ollivander think to try and tell anyone about this?

Why would anyone agree to participate in the Triwizard Tournament if they didn’t know what the competitions were? What if the contests involved a gangbang?

If Nicholas Flamel invented the Philosopher’s stone and discovered the elixer of life, why wouldn’t he share that elixer with anyone? Wouldn’t that have saved countless lives?

Why is capital punishment forbidden in the wizarding world, but the Dementor’s Kiss, which is objectively worse in every conceivable way, accepted without question?

What was that black goo?

Imagine Voldemort picking Bellatrix to check if Harry’s dead.

Why d'you think he asked NARCISSA to check whether Harry’s dead instead of one of the dozen or so of his much more aggressive followers who were also present there at the time?

Not that I’m complaining.

A Very Potter Musical

Just finished AVPM and i have compiled a list of things i loved about it.

  • “I love you all. Except you Draco, I can’t fucking stand you”
  • The kick line in To Dance Again
  • Draco rolling around everywhere his main form of transportation apparently
  • Quirrell/Voldemort (b)romance
  • Pigfarts
  • Ron never being seen without some form of junk food
  • Zefron poster
  • Tbh just Draco in general, Lauren did an amazing job
  • “Okay there’s only one thing we can do: we gotta fight” “UGH I’m tired. Can’t we just be death eaters?” 
  • Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!
  • Dumbledore’s space suit when he and rumbleroar go to pigfarts
  • Draco’s crush on Hermione (tbh i’ve shipped dramione since i finished deathly hallows. this musical series is just a dream come true for us dramione shippers)
  • The Dragon Song; I sing it to my own dragon every once in a while lol
  • “Try a little slice of remorse pie”
  • Voldemort getting all sad, nostalgic and remorseful about Quirrell when Harry asks him if there’s even one person he misses, but then…
  • “NO! Jokes on you Potter! I don’t care about anybody!” “I know, that’s what makes you such a piece of shit”
  • Ron putting Voldemorts super long wand (compensating for anything, Voldy? lol) in his headband after voldy’s dead
  • Dumbledore’s will lmao 
  • Voldemort coming back to see Quirrell because there’s still a part of him in Quirrell’s heart
  • “so you came back?” “no, quirrell, I came home”
  • “you think killing people might make them like you, but it doesn’t. it just makes them dead” 

this list got a lot longer than i thought it would. needless to say, AVPM is timeless. i loved it rewatching it now just as much as i did the first time i watched it. The jokes are still good, the music is still catchy and amazing (tbh i already knew that; i listen to the soundtrack at least once a month). 10/10

  • Ollivander: curious.. very curious.
  • Harry: sorry but, what's curious?
  • Ollivander: Curious is an adjective describing exciting speculation, interest, or attention though being inexplicable or highly unusual.
  • Harry: you don't get many visitors here do you?
  • Ollivander: also that's Voldemort's wand's brother lol, 7 galleons please.
Voldemort Floos into the Headmistress' Office
  • Voldemort: I am here! And I am taking over the school, bow before me Lord Voldemort! *arm raised in the air, holding the elder wand, lightning sparks fly out for show of power*
  • McGonagall: *sitting at her desk writing away, doesn't look up* No.
  • Voldemort: *arm drops, jaw drops. sputters* But..but...Maybe you didn't hear me, I said,*lifts wand again with lightning* I AM LORD VOLDEMORT! WIELDER OF THE ELDER WAND! BOW AT MY FEET AND TREMBLE AT MY POWER, OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! Ahhh!!!
  • McGonagall: *head still down, still writing* I said No, Mr. Riddle. Dismissed.
  • Voldemort: *deflates again, and stomps up to desk* What is wrong with you! I have the most powerful wand! I flooed into your secure fireplace, I...I did lightning! And you won't even look!
  • McGonagall: *Sticks out hand, palm up* I will take back that wand Mr. Riddle.
  • Voldemort: *clutches wand to chest* No, it's mine! I took it fair and square.
  • McGonagall: *Looks up over her glasses* Now.
  • -------
  • *Voldemort returns to Death Eaters on his side of the floo*
  • Lucius Malfoy: So my Lord, how did it go? The school is ours yes?
  • Voldemort: *head down* I didn't get it.
  • Lucius Malfoy: Why is that my Lord? Surely no one there was strong enough to take you on!
  • Voldemort: *mumbles*
  • Bellatrix: What was that?
  • Voldemort: McGonagall took my wand!! *goes to nearby desk, takes out paper and quill, and begins writing*
  • Bellatrix: What are you writing my Lord? Our next move?
  • Voldemort: No...
  • Bellatrix: *looks over Voldemort's shoulder and reads* "I will not take wands that don't belong to me, and not be a dictator." You're writing lines!
  • Malfoy: Well we're screwed.

111. James didn’t pick up his wand when Voldemort attacked because he shoved it in Lilys’ hand when she ran up stairs - she’d left hers in the kitchen. “I love you so much Lils, take this and run, maybe it can buy you and Harry some time. Now, GO, RUN.”

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🔪 Cruciatus Curse 🔪

a harry potter inspired curse to create pain in the life of the intended, whether physical or emotional 

Voldemort raised his wand, and before Harry could do anything to defend himself, before he could even move, he had been hit again by the Cruciatus curse. The pain was so intense, so all-consuming, that he no longer knew where he was… white-hot knives were piercing every inch of his skin, his head was surely going to burst with pain; he was screaming more loudly than he’d ever screamed in his life.” — Harry Potter under the effects of the curse

🔪 gather: pins, a white candle, raspberry leaves, a representative object, a wand, and a white candle

🔪 light the white candle, melt some of the wax

🔪 use the wax to bind the raspberry leaf to the object

🔪 stick the area with the wax and the leaf full of pins 

🔪 gesture with the wand around the object, chant “crucio!” 

🔪 remove pins to end. 

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Draco wasn’t sure who said it, or even the exact words that were used.  They said Hagrid was carrying Harry.  There was only one reason he would be carried back to Hogwarts.  Draco was right; Harry was dead.  He felt a sob rip from his chest as he scribbled down one last line in his journal before shoving it in the pocket of his jacket.

Draco stepped into the courtyard.  His eyes moved past Voldemort but didn’t reach the crowd of Death Eaters advancing on the school.  Draco only had eyes for Harry.  Harry, in Hagrid’s arms, looked so small.  The usually chilling voice of Voldemort was nothing more than a roar in Draco’s ears.  The smell of blood and smoke faded around him.  The slight chill in the air was gone.  Draco was near losing himself completely when he heard his mother’s voice.

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The first of three times James Potter and Lily Evans thwarted the dark lord was with a hug.

Specifically, James embraced a crying Sirius outside grimmauld place while Lily grabbed a trunk and hauled it to a car.

No living soul would ever know how consequential this act would turn out to be, but to a boy in a second floor window, parting ways with his brother forever, the event would go on to shape an entire life. A single question, at the back of Regulas’ mind, are my parents right about this? Does the dark lord truly deserve my support?

The thought, the feeling, festered in his mind as he watched injustice flourish and cruelty thrive, and one day, when Kreacher collapsed at his feet, he acted.

The second time James and Lily Potter thwarted he who must not be named was with a wedding. In times of darkness and despair, a flickering light, red hair swirling as the Order of the Phoenix danced in the arms of those that they loved. Fifteen resolves were strengthened that day, the flagging war effort upheld for another year, the good fight lasting just that little longer.

The third time James thwarted Tom Riddle was with bared teeth and bared fists, a war cry, a seconds hesitation as Voldemort raised his wand to defend rather than strike. The last time Voldemort was thwarted, at least for 7 years, was at the hands of Lily Potter, nee Evans, standing over a cot screaming TAKE ME INSTEAD.

Of course, few understood that the prophecy, the three times they would spit into the dark lords eyes would be their greatest acts of love. Most thought it was in battles fought and buildings held. But that was never how the potters worked, their greatest strength was always their love.