voldemorts nose

Carl the Animator: “What happened to the rest of her nose?”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, y’know, that style was all the rage in the ‘70s.”

Carl the Animator: “…really?”

Ted the Animator: “No.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, good… I had a feeling Voldemort was never truly fashionable.”

Hedwig Plot Twist:

In the final battle Voldemort and Harry cast their final spells….then out of no where Hedwig comes flying down, looking like a crazed bird with missing feathers and dirt all over her, knocks into Voldemort’s head causing him to lose concentration, and drops a howler that opens up to yell:
“NOT MY BLOODY HUMAN YOU NOSELESS TWIT! p.s. Harry dear so sorry I’m late I had a hell of a time getting here.”

how desperate
  • Voldemort: So I just have to lie??
  • Pinocchio: Yup

Harry: well, we have something voldermort doesn’t have

Ron: and what’s that??

Hermione: love??

Harry: you’re supposed to be smart Hermione love ain’t gonna help win a war

Draco: we got a nose


Harry Potter Characters

Aries: Severus Snape

Taurus: Draco Malfoy

Gemini: Neville Longbottom

Cancer: Harry Potter

Leo: Molly Weasley

Virgo: Sirius Black

Libra: Hermione Granger

Scorpio: Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort/No Nose

Sagittarius: Ron Weasley

Capricorn: Luna Lovegood

Aquarius: Bellatrix LeStrange

Pisces: Dobby

anonymous asked:

I can't see the connection between the violent/insane Voldemort we see in HP and the one who, when at Hogwarts, could be seen as a good child [fooling even Ravenclaw].Of course he hadthe hatred in him, but I think before his downfall he had more control over himself and was probably much nicer to his DEs, in a way that made them truly admire their Lord. I think a lot of DEs got tired of his Potter obsession and even Voldemort himself in the end. What do you think about it and how it was for Sev?

I find Lord Voldemort one of the most frustrating characters in literature.

…because the presentation of him in canon is boring.  He’s your basic villain whose egotism is his downfall, and who rules solely by power and domination.  It’s hard to understand why anyone would’ve chosen to follow him, and by the second war, it’s clear that everyone falls into line solely out of fear.

It’s boring.

I don’t care about Lord Voldemort and his flat nose and red eyes; I want to read about Tom Riddle, the powerless boy in the orphanage who learns that he’s got a talent and uses it in terrible ways to manipulate others.  

I want to read about Tom Riddle, the boy who lived in Muggle London in the midst of the Blitz, who is terrified to go home and wants to stay at Hogwarts during the summer.

I want to read about Tom Riddle, the boy whose mother died.  The boy who watched London be ruined by a Muggle war, ravaged by death and destruction.  The boy who consequently feared death, and his quest to become immortal.

I want to read about Tom Riddle, and his life in Slytherin, and his life under Slughorn.  I want to read about a boy who was once maligned who then discovers he’s a descendant of Slytherin, and becomes king of his house.  I want to read about a boy who learns to stand with the purebloods, and manipulates them in the same way he did his fellow orphans.

I want to read about a Tom who inspires others.  I want to read about a Tom who becomes powerful, and wealthy, and magnificent - and how others fall in line behind him.  I want to hear his rousing speeches, and I want to see what seduced the likes of Lucius - Lucius - into crawling across the floor and kissing his robes.

I want to see how Tom cajoles and coerces, celebrates and rewards, punishes and admonishes.  I want to see why so many were held in his thrall.  Not just the Death Eaters, but the likes of the Black parents - those who initially agreed with what he said, but later didn’t agree with his methods.

We don’t get any of that.

All we get is a powerful but angry villain, who has one goal, and despite having a wealth of magical minions at his disposal, is terrible at achieving it.  To me, his actions don’t particularly make sense.  I know that can be explained away by the Horcruxes damaging his sanity…but it’s an unsatisfying narrative.

anonymous asked:

i've only seen the first hp movie once or twice and i saw it again today and i have so many questions. why does voldemort have a nose & why does snape contour his. how can anyone ride a broom, wouldn't that be really uncomfortable. how come book firenze is hot and movie firenze is scary. how come oliver got smacked in the chest with a bludger when he's showing harry around but he later says he was in a coma for a week when he got hit in the head. why

I’m sorry all I’m getting from this is why isn’t the movie centaur sexy im dying

Chapter Eight: The Potions Master 19/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • Reading that whole passage about the staircases I’ve realised the intricate system of moving staircases is film only w h a t
  • Maybe peeves was the one who stole Voldemort’s nose
  • Midnight lessons must be so impractical you’d be so tired the next day
  • ‘Transufiguration is some of the most dangerous magic you will learn at hogwarts’ okay mcgonagall. moody shows them methods of torture, snape makes them brew poisons and I don’t care to think what’d happen if you fell off a broomstick. But sure, turning your desk into a pig is dangerous
  • Hargrid could totally have just asked Harry to come round for tea but he sent Harry a letter so he wouldn’t feel left out what a sweet man
  • Ooooh more Harry sass. Seamus clearly appreciates good humour
  • HAHAHA Harry’s so sad he lost 2 house points mate in a few years you could lose 50 and not give a fuck
  • And thus starts Harry’s trait of not being able to mind his own fucking business
What Probably Happened
  • Lucius: What kind of dark lord are you? Harry escaped right under your nose.
  • Voldemort: My what ?!!!!!!! AVADA KED-
  • Lucius: *giggles*
  • Voldemort: What's so funny ?
  • Lucius: got your nose *apparates*