voldemorts nose

Hedwig Plot Twist:

In the final battle Voldemort and Harry cast their final spells….then out of no where Hedwig comes flying down, looking like a crazed bird with missing feathers and dirt all over her, knocks into Voldemort’s head causing him to lose concentration, and drops a howler that opens up to yell:
“NOT MY BLOODY HUMAN YOU NOSELESS TWIT! p.s. Harry dear so sorry I’m late I had a hell of a time getting here.”

phil tweeted about voldemort’s nose. this links to AmazingDan, a video uploaded to youtube channel danisnotonfire on the 27th of May 2010, and a comment dan makes stating that voldemort’s nostrils would be great for ‘putting rotisserie style kebabs in.’ but what’s the significance of this? what does phil tweeting about voldemort have anything to do with a video uploaded 7 years ago? my conclusion: phil had voldemort in his subconscious mind which means that he’s watched AmazingDan recently……. in preparation for a Certain Video maybe? a certain collaboration that we won’t stop talking about? 👀