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Sweet as sugar

“… hard as ice, hurt me once & I’ll kill you twice.” - Said every Slytherin ever.

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HP AESTHETICS : make me choose: bellatrix lestrange and rodolphus lestrange or bellatrix lestrange and lord voldemort

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Women of the Wizarding World part 21:Delphini

Born in secret at Malfoy Manor; Half-blood witch and daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange; The only living heir of Slytherin; Placed Amos Diggory under a Confundus Charm in order to pass as his niece; Tricked Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy into meddling with the timeline but was in the end overpowered by Harry and Albus Potter; Imprisoned in Azkaban for the murder of Craig Bowker Jr… 

If Harry Potter Had Facebook Part 2
  • Hermione: So what are everyone's favorite spells? Mine is Petrificus Totalus.
  • Harry: I like Expelliarmus.
  • Ron: Wingardium Leviosa ;3
  • Bellatrix: CRUCIO!
  • Voldemort: Avada Kedavra-Obviously.
  • Draco: Accio.
  • Ron: Bit of a boring spell there, ferret. Thought something darker and more painful would be your style.
  • Draco: Not really. You see, when I'm in bed and am feeling particularly lonely, all I have to do is say "Accio Potter" and then I instantly have some company.
  • Ron: o.O
  • Harry: Why don't you "Accio" me right now?
  • Hermione: WTF
  • Ron: HARRY!!!
  • Dean: Does explain why Harry keeps zooming out of the room... just thought he was Superman or something, you know.
Because Dorea Potter would've been a fantastic grandmother pt. 1

So I always had that headcanon / au about what would’ve happened if Lily and James weren’t murdered by Voldemort:

• Harry and Ron being friends ever since they were born because the Weasleys and the Potters are great friends and Lily and Arthur regularly talk about Muggle things.
(James never gets it: “Lily, why on earth are you two talking about those yellow bathtub ducklings again?”)

• Dorea Potter a.k.a the most British lady you will ever meet and Minerva McGonagall being best friends even though : “Rea, both your son and your grandson are a pain in the ass and you can not tell me otherwise!” Which has Dorea Potter smiling because she couldn’t be more proud of her boys.

• Sirius and Dorea jocking about their family legacy and how they are the only two “real” Blacks left

• Harry having a little sister called Charly Petunia Potter (It was Lily’s idea to name her daughter after her sister because she misses her dearly everyday) who is a Ravenclaw and Harry is a very very protective brother.

• When Harry and Ron fly to Hogwarts in their second year Harry gets not one but two letters. One from his parents who are quite angry and very worried and one from Sirius who tells him how proud he is and that he found by have done it better. (“Harry your mother made me vow I would never tell you but screw that. I am so incredibly proud of you *James laughing in the background* and flying the car into the tree was amazing. Siriusly I would’ve given so much just to see that”)

• Dorea Potter Black completely loosing it over Umbridge (“Is that horrific rose coloured creature really supposed to educate my dear grandson? Well I don’t think so!”). Even going to Cornelius Fudge trying to get Umbridge out of Hogwarts. (“ Mr. Fudge do you even know who I am? I am Dorea Black married to Charlus Potter and you are refusing to take my advise??”)

• Charlus Potter having Alzheimer after having an amazing life as an inventor.

• Lily Potter running a little coffee shop next to Gringotts and James being an auror.

• Harry and his grandma drinking cocoa late at night during the Christmas break at Potter manor because they both can’t sleep and reading their favourite scenes to each other out loud

• Sirius giving Harry advise what to do about his feelings for Ginny by telling him about James and Lily which does not help at all but Ginny said yes anyway

• Hermione, Lily and Dorea when at Potter Manor are spending most of their time in the family’s library

•When Harry formally introduces Ginny to the Family (even though they all know her since the day she was born) Dorea, Remus and Sirius can’t help but start to laugh because they remind them so much of Lily and James.

•Dorea Potter using a walking stick not because she needs it but because she claims it’s useful (“Oh James don’t be foolish of course I do not need it but it is quite handy. It makes hitting certain persons that are in my eyes very unlikable so much more comfortable”)


{ a playlist for bellatrix lestrange and tom riddle }


teen idle - marina & the diamonds // sour cherry - the kills // seven devils - florence & the machine // tokyo narita - halsey ft. lido // why’d you only call me when you’re high - arctic monkeys // gods and monsters - lana del rey // you’re so dark - arctic monkeys // ice cream - nypc // problem - ariana grande

At Malfoy Manor in DH1, Draco knew it was Harry, but didn’t say so.

Draco didn’t call the Dark Lord because he didn’t want him to come while Harry was there. He looked right at Harry as Bellatrix said so, giving him a look of panic.

Draco didn’t even really fight to keep the wands he had taken from them. Basically let Harry take them and get away.

Draco protected Harry.


Good Morning Voldemort [a parody of Hairspray's Good Morning Baltimore]

Oh, you split your soul,
but I’ll make you whole
and find all the pieces and you will see
that I’ll be your Horcrux,
so stick your soul inside of me!