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James and Lily

When they were 11

He made loud fart noises in the corridor to amuse his friends. 

She rolled her eyes and kept walking.

When they were 12

He would have water fights in the common room.

She scowled as she dodged the enchanted water balloon.

He would shout out answers over her in class.

She ignored him and got top marks anyway.

When they were 13

He and his friends filled the great hall with jelly as a joke.

She shouted when a leftover piece fell on her head the next day.

He charmed balls of paper to fly at her head.

She hexed him.

When they were 14

He batted his eyelashes and got an extension on his homework.

She scolded him for it after.

He set loose the blast ended skrewts.

She spent her lunch helping round them all up.

He started to call her stupid nicknames.

She shot back with stupider insults.

When they were 15

He charmed off a boys hair one day.

She helped the boy figure out how to grow it back.

He harassed her in the corridor with annoying proposals.

She thought she hated him.

He got caught by the Greenhouses smoking with his friend.

She and Remus monitored his detention. She asked Remus why he was so annoying, he said he was more than the arrogant show he put on.

He pulled down Severus’ trousers in front of a crowd of people.

She defended someone who wasn’t a good person.

He followed her around trying to apologise.

She thought maybe Remus was right.

When they were 16

He made his stationary fly around the classroom to amuse people.

She grinned and told him to stop.

He flooded the fourth floor.

She cursed him as she helped get rid of the water.

He gave a bar of chocolate to a crying first year.

She thought maybe he wasn’t all that bad.

He carried his friend’s books when he was feeling ill.

She thought he was actually quite nice.

He helped her with difficult homework.

She smiled and said thank you.

He made conversation as they walked to class together.

She was shocked when she realised she was friends with him.

When they were 17

He wrote to her over the holidays.

She replied.

He threw a big celebration party in the common room.

She had a fun time with her friends dancing and drinking until dawn.

He loved the way she rolled her eyes at him.

She loved the way the combed his fingers through his hair unconsciously.

He went home for the summer realising that maybe she might feel the same way.

She realised she had fallen for someone she thought she hated.

He came back to school as Head Boy.

She came back as Head Girl.

He grew up and took the responsibility seriously.

She felt her chest swell as she watched him grow.

He asked if she wanted to go out. That maybe after all this time…

She realised that the answer had always been yes.

When they were 18

He loved the way her hair fell around her shoulders, the way she smiled when he touched her and they way she would laugh as she kissed him.

She loved the way he slung his arm over her whenever he stood next to her, they way he would grin when he made eye contact and the way the played with her hair as she dozed next to him.

He made the suits of armour tell jokes when someone walked past.

She giggled and realised some things never change.

He started to prepare for a world that was getting darker every day.

She started to prepare for a world that scared her a little.

He ended the school year with a bang, literally. He and his friends threw a farewell party.

She spent the night laughing and crying, promising everyone that it wasn’t really goodbye.

He left school, bought a flat, and began to train to fight a war he was too young to fight in.

She left school, moved into his flat, and began to train for a war she was determined to win.

He loved her and he told her every day.

She loved him and would never let him forget it.

When they were 19

He would come home dirty and bruised.

She would return scratched and messy.

He would heal her wounds and hold her close.

She would mend his cuts and kiss him gently.

He would fight like there was no tomorrow.

She would attack like it was the only defence.

He was frightened.

She was worried.

He found comfort in her.

She found solace in him.

He realised he couldn’t live without her.

She realised he kept her going.

He said ‘marry me’.

She said ‘only if you marry me first’.

He married a girl he had loved since he was 11.

She married a boy she had never hated.

When they were 20

He still had a war to fight in.

She still had to bring justice to her world.

He worried when he heard her throwing up one morning.

She worried when he joked she might be pregnant.

He knew there would be day when he would make an unfunny joke.

She realised today was that day.

He had to shift his world to make room for a baby.

She had to prepare for a world with more people to love in it.

He was as excited as could be.

She was always smiling despite it all.

He wanted to name the baby Harold.

She like Barry.

He decided to compromise.

She agreed on Harry.

He couldn’t stop shaking when they baby was born.

She couldn’t stop cradling her son.

He and his friends stayed up four nights in a row with the baby, just to play with him.

She had her friends over for a weekend, just to coo over him.

He was told his friends couldn’t come any more. But it kept his child safe.

She was heartbroken people could come to visit, but it kept her family whole.

When they were 21

He enjoyed the quiet days with his wife.

She enjoyed the long mornings with her husband.

He enjoyed practising magic with (sometimes on) his son.

She enjoyed pretending not to notice, or outdoing him on a particularly pretty spell.

He was scared, but he loved her and Harry.

She was terrified, but he and Harry mattered more.

He decided to celebrate 1 year old in style.

She baked a truly magnificent cake.

He decorated the house.

She decorated her son. 

He smiled as a small fawn blew out his candles.

She laughed as her husband transformed to match his son.

He loved her more than ever.

She loved him more than she could say.

He carved pumpkins.

She hung fairy lights.

He made puffs of smoke come out the end of his wand.

She heard the door open.

He threw his child in to her arms.

She ran up the stairs.

He looked for his discarded wand.

She barricaded the door.

He dropped like a marionette who’s string were cut.

She refused to step aside.

He was dead.

She fell just like her husband.

They loved Harry.

They died for their son.

but he lived.

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“He doesn’t trust me!” 

“Tom, it’s late.” You said, rolling your eyes at his moodiness, putting down a book you’d been reading for a while now. “You’ll wake up the others.” 

“I don’t care.” Tom yelled, but this time more quieter, sitting down on the couch oppossite of you. “Dumbledore is suspicious of me.” 

“Well, that happens when you ask around about dark magic.” With a huff you threw the book on a table. “You know I would follow you through everything but you have to be careful. And I don’t mean Dumbledore, I mean the Horcruxes.” 

“You think I can’t do it.” Tom stated angrily.

“We both know you’re the most capable wizard in Hogwarts.” For a moment you stared into his dark eyes, thinking about what your friend might do in the future. This idea, this dangerous idea of creating a horcrux got to Tom’s head and you had to watch him going mad. “I just don’t want to lose you. Who knows what that Horcrux could do to you.” Who knew what your friend had to do to create a horcrux.

“I won’t change if you think that, [Y/N].” 

You stood and sit down beside your friend, leaning against him. To your surprise he leant his head against yours and closed his eyes. You smiled. That was the Tom Riddle you liked the most. The soft spoken, very smart boy. “Just… Just promise me that you won’t do it if the price’s too high. It’s not worth it when your life will turn out to be miserable.” 

Tom did not hestitate to answer. “And you promise me that you will let me make a horcrux for you, if everything turns out well. We’ll life forever.” 

“I promise.” You murmured and looked into his eyes which held so much power and promisses in them.

“So do I.”

Sweet as sugar

“… hard as ice, hurt me once & I’ll kill you twice.” - Said every Slytherin ever.

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A Part of Him (Tom)

Requested- Hello! Could you write another Tom Riddle imagine? I just found your blog and I absolutely adore your writing!

- - -

“I know what you did.” You said the second you stepped into Tom’s dorm. 

He was the only person in the room at the time you went, sitting on the side of his bed. He just simply lifted his head up from a scroll of paper and raised an eyebrow at you. “And what is that?”

Of years and years of friendship between the two of you since the day you placed your feet in Hogwarts, you always had seen through him. This friendship didn’t look like one in the eyes of others as you two were almost always bickering and being mouthy with each other. “I’m not an idiot, I know you’re a Parseltongue, and the Chamber didn’t open by itself.”

“This might come off shocking, but I never said you are an idiot.” He answered nonchalantly with grace.

“Oh, right, thanks for the clarification.” You rolled your eyes and replied with sarcasm. “I’m serious, Tom.”

His eyes darkened as he heard the mention of his name. “I told you not to call me that.”

“I know, and I’m still calling you that, Tom. There’s nothing wrong with having the same name as your father!” You walked closer to him, stopping right in front of him.

“It matters if belongs to a filthy Muggle man, y/n!” He snapped, his piercing eyes filled with anger.

You whispered, “and this is what it’s about. Blood purity.”

“What do you want from me? If you want to tell Dumbledore, then do it already!” He argued back, but his expression visibly softened.

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Imagine Tom Riddle taking a liking to you, a Hufflepuff.

“Will you be going to Professor Slughorn’s party, [f/n]?”

You considered the Slytherin boy’s question and gave a small shrug in reply, “Maybe, though it seems more like a dance than his usual gatherings.”

Tom dipped his head in agreement, “Yes, I believe he called it something like a ‘prom?’”

You laughed softly, readjusting your grip on your book-bag, “That sounds about right.”

“So will you be attending?”

“Like I said, I’m not sure. It looks like the Professor will be enforcing a ‘come in pairs’ mentality.”

“Is that such a bad thing?”

You raised an eyebrow, amusement playing over your features, “Are you asking me to go with you, Tom Riddle?”

A sly smile tugged his lips, “That is entirely dependent on your answer.”

“I thought you only liked pureblood Slytherins.”

His smile turned to a smirk as he tangled his fingers with yours, “I’d be willing to make an exception.”

Gif Credit: Tom


Continuation of: http://asongofmanyfandoms.tumblr.com/post/136746948979/more-you-know-who-vanished-the-head-of-the

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Just Admit it - A Tom Riddle Imagine

Request:  Could you please do a Tom Riddle imagine where he falls in love with Y/N while they are at Hogwarts. And she doesn’t believe him because she doesn’t want to get hurt, but she ends up admitting her feelings.

There was something off about him and you knew it but you couldn’t help but be intrigued by him. He was different, there was no doubt, and intelligent and handsome and you didn’t know when you fell for him but you did and you fell hard.

He didn’t know how and why he fell for you. You weren’t exceedingly beautiful, or smart but you could make him laugh more than anybody else could. You were different and he found it oddly compelling.

“I know” Tom whispered as he sat down next to you in the library, you had been doing you potions homework but looked up at him when he plopped down gracefully next to you.

You frowned in confusion “Know what?” 

Tom smirked and you wanted to hit his perfect face in order to wipe that smirk off of it “I know how you feel about me”

And with those seven words your heart stopped beating for a moment and you stared at him blankly before you managed to eventually snap out of your daze and put on a fake laugh “What are you on about Riddle?”

His smirk didn’t falter but grew “I know that you like me.” He said

You were no longer laughing as you snapped your book close and scraped your chair back “No I don’t.” You spat and stormed away from the perfect specimen that is Tom Riddle.

“Arrogant arse, who does he think he is?” You mumbled and muttered to yourself as you took a seat under the tree by the Black lake

“Y/n.” Tom said and you wanted to get up again but you really didn’t want to; you wanted to know what he wanted to say. “Why would you run off like that? i was looking everywhere for you”

You shrugged in response. “What do you want Tom?”

“I want you to go on a date with me to Hogsmeade” Tom said smugly


“Why not?”

You shrugged again and you were satisfied to see Tom’s face twitch in annoyance.

“Answer the question” He demanded and you raised your eyebrows in response “… please” He added

“You will hurt me” You said simply

Tom seemed surprised by the fact that you answered and even more surprised when he realised what you said “Why do you assume that?”

You shrugged again and he glared at you “Look- Tom you have girls practically throwing themselves at you and I know that if we start dating that you are just going to cheat on me with or leave me for one of them and I don’t want to go through that so despite the fact that I am wildly in love with you I-” You were abruptly cut off by Tom’s lips on yours, there was an undeniable spark yet also a chill that ran through you and you responded to his kiss immediately, your hands wrapping around his neck to bring him closer. You were both breathless by the time he pulled away and his forehead leaned on your as you eyes met

“I love you too” He said “You can trust me”

Mini #2 // Nothing (Tom)

inspiration: “I wanted to change you but I didn’t realise that in the process you were changing me.” // for the mood: The 1975 - Robbers // requested by @riddle-holmes

request a mini

- - -

Tom Riddle is standing right here when you catch him with a tinge of panic on his face for the first time. His white shirt is half untucked, and a green Slytherin tie hangs loosely around his neck. You grab his wrist so that he can’t walk away from you. There is something in his eyes that you can’t quite understand, something mixed with remorse, shock, but also excitement. Your lips are trembling when you finally utter out, “What did you do?” He avoids your attempt to look into his eyes once again. “Tom,” you urge. Tom runs his hand over his face slowly. His wavy black hair falls onto his forehead.

“Why would you care?” He asks, his voice breaking. “You said it yourself that I’m everything you don’t believe in.” His words sting, and you feel like a part of you shattered into a thousand pieces, for it hurts you to hear him say so, to see him close to surrender. You lower your eyelids, “I care. I care so much that I wish I don’t.” He settles his hands by his sides, finally meeting your eyes. He sees the torment in them and furrows his eyebrows. You continue, “I wanted to change you, but I didn’t realise that in the process, you were changing me. I’m not me anymore. I’m not sure that I recognise myself.” There is something salty that streams down to your lips. Tom wipes it off your face gently with his thumb, and you realise it’s teardrops. Your voice is shaking, “I defended you!” He pulls you to him so that you are resting against his chest, his heartbeat is surprisingly steady. He kisses the top of your head, “You’re wrong, y/n. You will always be who you are, and you’re nothing like the monster I am.” You look up at him and find him staring back at you. He leans in, pressing a firm kiss on your lips. “It won’t change the fact that I’ll always choose you over everything.”

word count: 338


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“You have served me well, Y/N…” The Dark Lord spoke softly.

“Of course, my Lord, I have followed you since the beginning.” You spoke, pride blossoming in your chest at his praise.

“Yes… yes, you have.” Voldemort seemed to muse over this for a moment before his red eyes connected with yours, “I have a job for you to do, will you accept?”

Bellatrix shuffled behind him, shock on her face as he ignored her presence.

“Of course, my Lord.”