voldemort hug gif

-I love this hug because it reminds me of those awkward hugs you get from a relative that you’ve only just met at someone’s funeral.

-I also wonder what’s going through Voldemort’s head. ‘Well I haven’t done this in a while’.

-‘Hug me I’ve just sent thousands of people to their deaths and no one blinked an eye that most were children. At 16 this was exactly what I wanted to stop!’

-'I’ve just said there will be a place for all and I’m basically sorry for spilling magic blood I have to look at least a bit caring!’

-'Awww look he looks like a
kicked puppy. I must hug.’

-'I literally just had a bit of my soul ripped from my body killing that brat I think I deserve this one small thing.’

OK I’ll stop with wondering what’s going through his head.