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“How do I look?” Hermione asked, brushing her shorn hair back from her ears and frowning at her reflection from the stream.

“A little dirty,” the hat replied, and Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I meant,” she said emphatically, “do I look like a boy?”

“Oh, that,” the hat drawled. “Do you look like boy? Yes,” it confirmed, sounding deeply uninterested as she adjusted the tight binding over her breasts. “Do you look like a man fit for combat? Perhaps less so,” it muttered. “Do you even know how to fight?”

“I’m a quick study,” Hermione assured the hat, which grunted its disagreement. “And in any case, the Army reserves can hardly afford to be so picky,” she reminded it, throwing her belongings over her shoulder and taking off towards the recruitment grounds.

“Are you certain you’re ready for this?” the hat asked her, its voice dripping with skepticism. “It’s not too late to do something, oh—entirely different, you know.”

“Well,” Hermione sighed irritably, “as I mentioned, if you would just tell me how to find the Court of Miracles—”

“And as I mentioned, I can’t,” the hat cut in. “It’s not that kind of place.”

“What, the kind of place that exists, you mean?” Hermione asked, glaring up at it as it once again sulkily refused to answer. “You do know you’re entirely infuriating, right?”

“Well, seeing as I’m pretty sure the army will have you executed if they find out you’re a girl,” the hat informed her stiffly, “in the grand scheme of things, I could really be worse.”





Snape Appreciation Month Day 26: Favourite AU

- muggle au: he’s born without magic and lives his life like his father/manages to make it out of cokeworth and tries to became someone of worth/remains in spinner’s end and becomes someone of worth regardless

-female snape au: cis or trans woman snape. the sexism, the transmisogyny or none of that. ambition so sharp it cuts down everyone standing in her way/ ambition stifled by muggle father/ voldemort has no use for women unless they’re as fanatic as bellatrix

- soulmate au: severus is someone or several people’s soulmate. he rejects them long before they reject him/he wants to belong somewhere but they’re repulsed by him. he seeks to undo the ancient magic that makes this possible

- no voldemort au: many argue that without voldemort, severus wouldn’t have risen as high as he did. i want to read that. i want to read the story where he struggles and crawls his way to a life starkly different from the one he led in cokeworth. i want a story where lucius has no use for a halfblood. i want a story where he does have a use after all

- snape lives au: he leaves britain and finds peace in a foreign land doing experiments, healing the sick, giving council to young wizards/ he stays in britain and faces scorn and admiration and loathing. harry dogs his steps. there is a trial. rita publishes her book, he publishes his

Liar 1/? (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine)

Tom Riddle was your superior, or so everyone said.

Sharp, handsome features shaped by dark waves of silky hair had women swooning left and right, his straight and healthy posture bringing him to his full height at six feet tall. When he walked he took long, graceful strides with purpose, head held high to flash either a dashing smile or a cold glare at his fellow students as he passed.

“Riddle is so handsome,” and “Tom is so smart!” had you cupping your ears with frustration - you were tired of hearing about Tom fucking Riddle and how much better he was at everything than you.

Scoffing softly, you stuck your nose back into your dinner at the very end the Slytherin table - with the first years. How humiliating.

Pushing your food around carelessly with your fork, you glanced distastefully towards the enormous doors to the Great Hall, contemplating whether or not you could cut announcements and go to your dorm.

“Professor Slughorn said that he’ll even tutor me in potions class. I can’t believe how lucky I am.” One girl said, and the girl next to her snorted, shoveling mashed potatoes into her open mouth. “No amount of tutoring will ever be enough to get into sixth-years’ potions class. It’s just not possible.”

You bit your lip as you continued to ponder leaving dinner early to escape the infuriating prattle of these first years and their plans to join the dreamy Tom Riddle and his handsome friend
Abraxas Malfoy.

You felt your blood boil at the mention of that rich, spoiled brat’s name - if there was one person you hated more than Tom, it was Abraxas. The bastard had deemed you dirty by blood despite being a half-blood Slytherin. You were socially exiled from any circle within your house and since you were a Slytherin, people often misjudged you and steered clear whenever you passed.

Having heard enough of the girls and their plots to win the devilishly handsome Slytherin’s heart you stood up, a few first years flinching at your abrupt movement. Straightening out the wrinkles on your grey slacks and gathering your books you turned with a hard scowl and stormed out of the Great Hall.

You grumbled to yourself as you made your way through the first floor of the magnificent castle, paying little mind to the students that cowered away from you. You did find it curious, considering you were never overly aggressive or cruel, there was a stereotype attached to Slytherin house but you never received such submissive behavior from anyone.

Brushing off the odd behavior of your fellow Hogwarts students, you continued your journey up four flights of moving stairs and as you lifted your right foot to step off of the last set, the familiar nauseating sway of the staircase had you groaning.

You were so busy off in your world and reacted too slowly, as usual. As if some cruel God was having too much fun with you to stop now and was choosing to continue with your torment, a soft velvety chuckle could be heard just behind you. You craned your neck lazily expecting to see some painfully dull ghost or poltergeist but they would’ve been too easy to share a staircase ride with. You turned your head away with a huff as you caught a glimpse of his soft lips and dark eyes.

“Miss your stop?” The brunette asked, and you simply grunted in response. “You hardly venture this far into the castle.” You raised your brows at the sixth-year prefect as he approached your side, fingers tangled together behind his back like a child shielding something scandalous.

“How would you know how I spend my spare time, Riddle?” You scowled at the teen’s growing smile, he turned away momentarily to wipe the amused smirk away before turning to you again with that annoyingly charming gaze.

“Well, you can’t possibly be coming here on some sort of routine because I always come to the library after dinner and announcements.“ Riddle raised a brow at you, the faintest of smirks lingering on his lips. Smart ass. You gritted your teeth and gripped the spine of your book harder, hoping that if you glared hard enough his face might start to melt. It didn’t and so you just looked foolish, standing there and scowling at the boy at your side.

“Announcements aren’t over yet, Riddle, which means you’re technically skipping a class, which means you’re technically breaking a rule. Aren’t you supposed to be setting a good example for the new first years?” You smirked and your eyebrows danced mischievously at the prefect who’s own smirk was beginning to falter.

Tom turned his gaze from you to the new floor the staircase abruptly halted at and with his arm, motioned for you to move ahead. “I would be if I wasn’t already about to catch another student red-handed.”

You bit your lip and shook your head as you walked side-by-side with Tom, “You’d be taking points from your own house, Riddle.” He scoffed and brushed a lock of hair from his forehead and glared from the corner of his eye at you, “Do you really think I care about house points? Honestly.”

You sneered at the back of his head as he sped past you and into the library entrance. It was dimly lit and you could hear the crackling of a nearby fireplace and the murmuring of several paintings that covered the stone walls. You practically dove across tables, narrowly avoiding death from several loose chairs on your way over to the receptionist’s empty desk and shoved your books into a small slit by it where dark bold letters spelled ‘return’.

Glancing over your shoulder one more time, you were both ecstatic and disappointed to find the room empty, Riddle had gone. Brushing away any feelings that arose you turned briskly and left the library, the walk slow and boring without someone to keep you company. Frowning, you couldn’t help but scold yourself for even wanting that curly haired git anywhere near you. Running your fingers over your face, you passed the Great Hall and were about to take another flight if stairs into the dungeon when you were firmly yanked away from the entrance. “There they are, Professor,” a smug yet familiar voice said, “trying to skip dinner. Again.” You turned and squinted in the dark at two figures in the dark and while the grip on your arm loosened, it didn’t let go. “Y//N, what do you have to say for yourself?” You cringed and rolled your eyes, “I feel ill, Professor Slughorn,” you lied to your potions instructor,

“A lie, Professor. I’ve been catching them left and right trying to cut evening meals.” You gaped at Riddle and he seemed to catch that in the dark, you could just sense that cunning smirk and you raised your hands defensively, “That’s not true! I was returning books!”

“I thought you were ill, Y/N?” Tom taunted from over Slughorn’s shoulder. “I tried to let them off with a warning but they just won’t listen, Professor.”

“Detention it is then,” the old man said with a somewhat authoritative tone, “all week, with you, Tom. I don’t want anyone else on duty.” Slughorn turned back to you and frowned, “It’s time we taught you how to respect the rules, Y/N.”

Without another word, the potion master turned and left you standing dumbfounded in the dark hallway. A long moment passed before Tom spoke up.

“I’m sorry, but as a perfect I have to inform a teacher if a student is breaking a rule.” The brunette apologized sarcastically. Your blank stare twisted into an annoyed scowl and Tom laughed in your face. “Detention starts tomorrow, Y/N. You heard Slughorn.”

“You lied.” You clenched your teeth and blinked away tears, growing increasingly frustrated with Riddle’s taunting.

“Hm? Did I?” He hummed from over his shoulder, his back now turned to you as he began his walk back to the Great Hall, only stopping to shoot you a demanding look. You raised your brow at him from your place in the shadows and Tom jerked his head, growing impatient. “You haven’t eaten.”

“Yes, I have.” You argued, crossing your arms and turning away from his penetrating glare. “You haven’t, I saw you. You didn’t touch your plate.”

You scoffed at him, “You wouldn’t even be able to see me from that far away, Riddle. Don’t lie.” His glare simply hardened and his long arm reached out to grab your shoulder, “You will eat, and I will watch you eat.” He ordered as he quite literally dragged you down the hall and to the Great Hall which was buzzing with noise.

You were about to stop at your usual place at the end of the table but a firm yank from Tom was enough to keep you moving. Up and up you climbed until you were there - right at the front of the table. Quizzical eyes watched you as you sunk into your seat between Tom and several of his pureblood Slytherin companions, none of which you liked. Your eyes met with Tom’s briefly and you felt your lip quiver, which he definitely notice, eyes falling to your mouth before he picked up his own cutlery and motioned for you to eat.

You mirrored his actions slowly and ate, occasionally stealing glances at the prefect who seemed all too content with your presence. Eventually the table settled and conversations started up again, you of course joined none - nor were you invited to. Strangely enough, despite his popularity, you noticed Tom was just as uninterested as you, not even lifting his gaze unless it was to inspect your plate.

You took this time to properly inspect him up and stabbed aggressively as you noted just how handsome he really was. “Riddle is so handsome,” you cringed, “Tom is so smart.”

You remembered those girls and wondered if they’d be envious of you now. That alone was enough to make the rest of the evening tolerable.

You smiled as you ate your dinner.

When magic came out of the shadows, there had been many worries about the future but magicals and non-magicals came together. Now, with the wonder of magic and the ingenuity of technology, the world is safe - never before had the world been in such a state of absolute peace.

That’s what they tell us and it’s even true.

At least it is for humans.


Voldemort: Origins of the Heir [CONCEPT Trailer] HD

This looks interesting.

  • Voldemort: The Boy who Lived... come to die
  • Harry: Die?😉🔥 Only quitters let death catch up!😤🏃🏻 Chosen One⚡️👐🏻 Rip Dumbledore💙😭 Keep fighting!😵 Gryffindor quidditch 🔱❤️ Captain😅😅 The Prophet is for Pussies 😤😤 Merlin #1✌🏻👐🏻 Friends💛
  • harry: i'm sorry ginny...i've got to go and hunt horcruxes to stop voldemort...i have to break up with you because you'll be in danger too...
  • ginny: i mean, first off, dude's probably gonna take over hogwarts so technically i'll be in less danger if i go on your little soul-searching bff camping trip
  • ginny: second of all, i don't think voldy's gonna give a shit if we're dating or not when he murders me for being a 'blood traitor' or whatever bullshit reason
  • ginny: and thirdly, i am better at magic than you and ron combined so like, move over scrub, me and hermione are gonna be killing us some dark lord
The Battle of Hogwarts.. May 2nd 1998

19 years later is here. May 2nd 2017

How did I miss this?

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What if Atlantis is just a Greek wizarding school.

Muggles originally knew of the island in Ancient Greek times, but then as new spells and magic was created, muggles thought it sank/mysteriously disappeared, after anti muggle spells were cast on the island to hide the school.

Slytherin Headcanons

• saying ‘shut up’ while laughing
• being extremely nice and understanding towards their friends but unapologetically sarcastic towards others
• speaking of sarcasm: they speak it fluently
• ‘I love you but I love myself more’
• going on long hikes by themselves
• they either go to bed early or don’t sleep at all
• they sleep with stuffed animals but deny it
• they never give up
• challenges are a great pastime
• saying ‘Tragic.’ way too often
• not everyone of them likes Snape
• 'No I am NOT good at potions and you can NOT copy my homework’
• falling asleep to rain
• nearly everyone of them has referred to Draco as a 'wimp’ or 'sissy’
• they will kill you if you insult their pet
• being proud of their background no matter who they are
• yes, there are muggleborn Slytherin’s
• they inniciate snowball fights
• complaining about small things
• 'I AM NOT YELL…I am not yelling.’

Gryffindor Headcanons

Hufflepuff Headcanons

Ravenclaw Headcanons