Altered Soul Experiment - Interview

Its rare that a new label makes you sit up and take notice with their first release but thats exactly what the guys at The Altered Soul Experiment have managed to do. We caught up to get more info on this exciting project centered around physical mixtapes released on cassette.

What is the Altered Soul Experiment?

The original idea for the label came about in a moment of deep frustration with friends here in Berlin. We had these little events called The Altered Soul Experiment where we would avoid playing the generic electronic music you normally hear and focus on jazz, funk and soul instead. We didn’t really get the chance to push it forward due to it being difficult to find a club with a decent sound system willing to give you the freedom needed to built something meaningful. We decided to keep that same ethos but around a label instead so we could push what we think deserves more attention.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your first release?

Yeah, its a 90 minute mixtape put together by Volcov and is available now on chrome cassette. We are trying to focus on the DJ’s, producers and selectors we love and who we feel constantly inspired by. Enrico has always been someone we look up to whether its his curation, music, label or DJ sets. I met him in Berlin last year (special mention to Yuval for the introduction) and since then we knew we wanted to open the series with one of his mixes. He sent us a 90 minute blend of smooth and groovy 80’s boogie as a follow up to his classic VSV mix released on CD a few years back.

A lot of people were involved in the production of this tape, how did you go about putting it all together? Its great to see a DJ set actually being released on cassette!

The label is run exclusively by Aurelien and myself. We share all the tasks and decide together who we are gonna put out. We try to connect with artists through mutual friends avoiding being another lost request in a full mailbox. The process is in theory quite straight forward once we have the music and artwork. With that said, it took us a while getting this one sorted as we wanted to duplicate everything on Chrome tape and that turned out to be a nightmare going back and forth with the company.

Do you miss the days of pre-internet mixes? CD’s or tapes are way more appealing that Soundcloud links eh?

Yes! Mixes have definately lost a little bit of character over the years. The quantity available online is overwhelming and I feel that physical mixes kinda lost their value as CD is a bit of an odd media nowadays. The fact that everyone consumes so many mixes on the internet regardless of quality is an issue we tried to tackle by releasing this on a physical format. Even an amazing set wouldn’t stand the test of time online if released today, people would talk about it for a few days and then move on to the next one. With cassette you have to make more effort to get it and then play it so you probably make sure to listen that little bit more carefully.

Some sets manage to capture a time or movement perfectly, I still play Rebel Soul From A Deep Galaxy mixed by Domu and Volcov back in 2003 as it is a great representation of the whole Co-Op philosophy. What are some of your favourite mixes or DJ sets?

That is a really good example as on top of being amazing sets (I’m also a big fan of the Co-Op period) they epitomise an era perfectly. I don’t listen to a lot of mixes online anymore but in the past couple of years I can say that Volcov’s Terraforma and Plastic People sets were true inspiration. I’ve also enjoyed Hunee’s LN-CC podcast, especially as it got me looking for a couple of records for quite a while. One thing I always go back to are the mixes on Independent Movement - you can spend weeks looking for records played on those mixes.

What else do you have planned for A.S.E?

We are planning to release 2 or 3 more tapes before the end of the year, we just need to find another duplication company as the one we went through the first time was an absolute nightmare. We are still curating upcoming projects and we continue to get in touch with people from all backgrounds but our second tape should be ready just after the Summer. We aim to spread more good music and re-invest all profits (as if you would make any selling tapes! Haha!) into different projects for the label.

Links: Soundcloud / Store


Dans une semaine, on sera au Djoon aux cotés de Volcov! Can’t Wait!!!!


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Exclusive live & DJ session al Discovolante: Paul Randolph & isoul8 (volcov)

Sabato 18 febbraio

Paul Randolph

Bassista e Produttore di Detroit 

Paul Randolph (cantante, bassista) Nato a Philadelphia, ha iniziato il suo studio formale della musica all'età di 6 in Sao Paulo, Brasile.,
Co-autore con Jazzanova dell'album" Of all the things" in cui è vocalist e bassista.
Frontman da 4 anni della band Jazzanova Live.
Da solista,,ha prodotto e pubblicato recentemente un doppio CD dal titolo “Echoes Of Eden” .

Un Vocalist unico e versatile / Songwriter / Musicista / Produttore, Paul ha collaborato con una serie eclettica di artisti notevoli, un elenco che include come Tony Allen, Zed Bias, Carl Craig, Odetta, Waajeed, e Makoto.

Continua ad esplorare le possibilità musicali e artistiche alla ricerca di “That Sound”….



Produttore per etichette quali Sonar Kollektiv, Still Music, Rush Hour con gli pseudonimi di Volcov e Isoul8, ha remixato artisti del calibro di Jazztronik, Frankie Valentine, Azymuth, Taylor McFerrin, Paul Randolph, Tokyo Black Star.
Ha all’attivo l’album RIMA ‘This World’ [assieme a Domu] per la Jazzanova Compost Records nel 2003 e nel 2006 il suo debutto da solista Isoul8 ‘Balance’ per Sonar kollektiv.
Ha fondato Archive records nel 1997, Neroli nel 2000, SJNRL nel 2003 e ha creato un paio di anni fa l’etichetta Reincarnation [con Slam Jam].
Dj, collezionista e music lover ha suonato in tutta Europa, Stati Uniti e Giappone [paese dove continua ad a realizzare progetti vari].
Nuovi progetti includono un singolo per Especial Japan con Paul Randolph, un singolo in collaborazione con Theo Parrish di cover del classico italo disco ‘Stop Bajon’, un ep assieme a Jenifa Mayanja per Bu-Mako e un nuovo album con Gerald Mitchell [Los Hermanos/Underground Resistance] e altri artisti di Detroit come Randolph e Pirahnahead previsto nel 2011.


Spread the word, Isoul8 is coming… https://www.facebook.com/events/412058588924487/


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