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In honor of today’s world premiere of Vans first full length skate video, Propeller, here is a clip from Chima Ferguson’s first full length video part from Killself in 2005. Chima was just 16 years old when he filmed this part in less than a year. First try kickflip down 17 stairs. Watch Chima’s whole part from Killself.

Video choisuyoung

“Witnessing Dustin do this neck high noseslide many many years ago while on a Thailand @volcomskateboarding-blog trip was truly amazing. He had tried the trick for a long time whilst under pressure from security armed with guns kicking us out, then some random workers walked past the run up carrying a ladder. Dustin took his run up ducked under the ladder for bad luck and landed the trick.“ —Andrew Mapstone

Photo: Mapstone

As your attorney I advise you to cancel all your appointments for the next two days because Daan Van Der Linden’s @volcomskateboarding-blog Holy Stokes part is live on @thrashermag’s site for the next 48-hours. At nearly 3-minutes long that means you can watch it 960 times in a row! What are you waiting for??? Go to Thrasher’s site now!