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“Witnessing Dustin do this neck high noseslide many many years ago while on a Thailand @volcomskateboarding-blog trip was truly amazing. He had tried the trick for a long time whilst under pressure from security armed with guns kicking us out, then some random workers walked past the run up carrying a ladder. Dustin took his run up ducked under the ladder for bad luck and landed the trick.“ —Andrew Mapstone

Photo: Mapstone

As your attorney I advise you to cancel all your appointments for the next two days because Daan Van Der Linden’s @volcomskateboarding-blog Holy Stokes part is live on @thrashermag’s site for the next 48-hours. At nearly 3-minutes long that means you can watch it 960 times in a row! What are you waiting for??? Go to Thrasher’s site now!

Thank you, Skateboarding for always finding new ways to leave us speechless. What can you really say about Jackson Pilz’s record-setting feeble grind around the bend from the new #HolyStokes issue of The Skateboard Mag other than, “Start counting,”?

 📷: Dave Swift

Kyle Walker FS 180’s over the rail at one of the funnest skate spots in the world just over the Vasco De Gama Bridge from Lisbon, Portugal in Setubal.  

Watch Kwalks’ @berrics​ ‘Stay Stoked’ remix edit now then head to vans.com/kylewalker to check out his new pro model @vans.

Photo: @artosaari


Daan Van Der Linden warms up with a little cold activated carve around the bench at the infamous China Banks before his top rope 5-0 as seen in the new #HolyStokes! issue of Thrasher Magazine (The one with Daan on the cover). 

Dean’s Vans Europe exclusive color way of the 112 Pro is now available on vans.eu/skate.

Photo: Joe Brook