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Questions I got from catsandpolaroids-

What job would you love to have and why?

Well i’d really love to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist because I want to help people (I’ve been told that i’m a good listener) but i’d also like to work with children and even adults as well with autism, aspergers and things like that because i find them very interesting. 

What are your top 5 favourite films ever?

This is going to be a hard one, aaaah
First off, the Harry Potter series because i’m a potterhead and they’re the best. 
Second probably Like crazy because it really gets to me.
Third, hmm.. 10 things i hate about you
Fourth The Breakfast club, classic 
And then it’s a tie between The Perks of being a Wallflower - Girl, interrupted - Gia - When Harry met Sally and The pursuit of happyness (I’m probably forgetting a lot of movies but these are the first to come to mind)

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do? 
Sneak up on people and listen in to their conversations, break into all sorts of places, go into they guys locker room (just to hear the lockerroom talk) and some other stuff I can’t think of 

Do you have any strange habits? (If so, what are they?)
I have a thing that’s called Echolalia which means i repeat what people say and the questions i ask and the answers i get and stuff like that. It’s not extreme, only mild and sometimes it doesn’t happen for days but i do get days were i don’t notice it (neither does anyone around me for goodness sake)

If you could master any skill overnight what would it be? (e.g- play an instrument really well)
I’d like to be extremely good on the piano and being able to sing. I’d also want to be good at dancing, sports, etc. 

Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?
woah, 27.. aah, idk. Hopefully somewhere exploring the world. 

You can only wear 1 outfit for the rest of this month (don’t worry no one will judge you) what outfit would you choose? And any reason why?
Hmm, i think i’d go with jeans, my New York tee and a jacket along with black converse shoes. Because it’s both simple, cute and comfortable. 

What’s your go-to happy song?
Easy, I’m yours Jason Mraz

Any guilty pleasures?

I know people hate them, but i seriously love the Twilight Books. And I also enjoy the guys from One Direction although i do not like their songs at all. 

What tattoos would you like to get? If any.
Me and my sister are planning on getting the outline of a sun and a star, i’ll get the sun and she’ll get the star. The story is, when I was around 5 and she was almost 8 she said that when she was going to be a star when she was big. I answered ‘i’m going to be the sun’

What will you be doing/what have you done today?

Not long from school, soon i’m going to take shower and then study. Then I’ll be going to spend the weekend with my boy :)


My questions for you-

If you could chose between a life supply of gas or a life supply of tickets to the movies, which would you chose? 

What is your favorite smell?

Do you prefer summer or autumn? 

What are your favorite movies? Name 5

Favorite music genre?

Coke-cola or pepsi?

If you’re watching a movie, are you more likely to be eating chips or fruit? 

Do you play sports?

Where do/did you go to school?

How many times have you moved? Name the places

Do you have siblings? If so how many?


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