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Smith Rock in Oregon. Smith Rock is a world-class climbing destination, partly due to the rigid nature of its rock. It is made of volcanic tuff, or fallout from volcanic eruptions. It also, by chance, forms the northwestern corner of the Prineville Caldera, a “super volcano” (God I hate that term) some twenty miles across east to west, that formed here between twenty and thirty million years ago. The valley and plains that surround the city of Prineville are all part of the center of this volcanic caldera, and the hills around it are craggy from the tuff produced by this eruption.

Panzerlied: Tanks are awesome, we’re awesome

Battle Hymn of the Republic: God is on our side and He’s so going to kick your ass

Katyusha: Some girl misses her soldier boyfriend, how sweet

The British Grenadiers: Demoman is the Best Class

Funculì, Funiculà: Hey gurl let’s go climb a volcano and get married, this is totally not a euphemism

Säkkijärven Polkka: Let’s have a nostalgic dance party

Yuki no Shingun: Hahaha we’re gonna die cold and starving :)

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Perseid Meteors and the occasional plane, plus lights from cars and hikers, Mt. Rainier last week.

Costa Rica!

Lo siento por mi ausencia en el blog, he estado en San José, Costa Rica por dos meses. Estoy estudiando el medio ambiente, justicia social, y por supuesto español, y ahorita estoy trabajando en la oficina de un NGO que ayuda refugiados y mujeres. 

Sorry for my absence on the blog, I’ve been in San José, Costa Rica for two months! I’m studying the environment, social justice, and of course Spanish, and right now I am working in the office of an NGO that helps women and refugees. 

I’m only in Costa Rica for another month and a half (ahhhhh!) so in the meantime I’m going to try and start scheduling some posts about the things I’ve learned about Spanish and Costa Rican daily life while studying abroad! 

Climbing El Cerro Negro in León, Nicaragua during a 10 day trip there with my program. (I actually turned 21 the same day we climbed this volcano!) 

luke’s fav is problematic: yavin 4
  • has active volcanoes that children climb into for rocks
  • the trees are sentient and also jedi (yes.)
  • the trees have totally killed a guy
  • populated with invisible snakes
  • and something called The Night Beast
  • also populated with sith corpses inside of various sarcophagi
  • which spring up with evil spirits like the worst version of pop goes the weasel
  • the spirits regularly possess children
  • has a guy named qorl who lives out of a ruined TIE fighter and kidnaps children (aka worst hagrid)
  • has a golden globe that only exists to hold the captured souls of children
  • houses several temples where the sith conducted ritualistic sacrifice
  • luke skywalker’s immediate choice for hosting jedi hogwarts
Crazy Invention!

After an endless stream of failures, Gotticia has finally invented something that will enshrine her name in the annals of history!

  1. Lightning paste:
    Magic for the common man! One barrel of this plant-based paste will generate enough lightning to illuminate a room for a night, or to kill a healthy adult!
  2. The foot-cart!
    This lightweight, three-wheeled cart is driven by the rider’s own foot power! Makes light work of heavy loads.
  3. Firestones!
    These stones fit comfortably in a pouch or the palm of your hand, but when you ignite the wick, make tracks! In under a minute the stone will erupt like a tiny volcano!
  4. Bird-carriage:
    Climb aboard the chariot of the sky! With a full complement of six passengers pedalling, the bird carriage takes flight! Its powerful wings lift the carriage aloft. Simply discontinue pedalling to return to the earth.
  5. Horse-aid:
    Does your horse become blown too easily? Try Horse-Aid! Keeps horses running indefinitely!
  6. Power-bow:
    Operates like a regular crossbow, but employs fire for some added “oomph”! Refills available for a small fee!
  7. Fire-tinders:
    Tired of the flint and tinder? Want fire NOW? Fire-tinders are coated in flammable powder that ignites with a single strike against any abrasive surface! The tinders burn merrily, ready to ignite a camp fire or smoking pipe!
  8. The Bread Machine:
    expose the turbine to a stiff breeze, fill the drum with flour, water, and some beer must, and let it do its thing. Leave for 24 hours.
  9. The Chill Bin:
    Place wheel and hoses into swiftly moving water to keep the bin’s contents cold. Keep hatch fastened to keep cool air in.
  10. SoundWheels!
    These blank wax circles can be embedded with PURE SOUND! Once cut, you can insert the disc into the vibrograph machine to play back the recorded sound with perfect clarity!
  11. Sunburst:
    When exposed to fire, this white powder erupts into a flash of dazzling light. Perfect for night ambushes, spelunking, and many other uses.
  12. CrazyBones!
    Grind up these bones and put them in food. When you ask your victim what they think the secret ingredient is, they’ll go crazy trying to guess. LITERALLY CRAZY. DO NOT CONSUME.
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Climb to the top of a volcano, take a panorama including small glacier remnants, valleys, and clearly blocky rhyolites, get blogged.


#mypubliclandsroadtrip Climbs Boulders at the Volcanic Tablelands!

Get your rock on at the Volcanic Tablelands in California!  The Volcanic Tablelands is a vast volcanic landscape that was formed over 700,000 years ago by materials spewing from the Long Valley Caldera, located to the northwest. 

The rugged terrain and interesting geologic formations make for great recreation opportunities, from rock climbing and hiking to bouldering and OHV riding to horseback riding and wildlife viewing.  The Volcanic Tablelands offers something for everyone – and with a view. Explore #yourlands!

Photos by BLM California employee.

I want you to kiss me all over,
Then let a deep breath out,
Until you’re wordless, and there’s
Nothing more to shout. 
When you’re angry, my world shakes
Worse than earthquakes, and
I’m aware you’ve left me 
In a safe space, while your world
Turns to chaos and blind rage.
I used to beg you,
“Let passion consume you”, 
Little did I know, you were
Already burning inside.
Stone faced, rock solid,
So calm, so unbreakable.
How foolish I felt,
When I discovered
This mountain was a volcano,
And I’d climbed to the top.