volcano agua


Watch a lenticular cloud halo grow over Agua volcano, Guatemala

theauthor97  asked:

What about a crossover with ATLA and Blue Exorcist? I had this in a dream once...

jadkljfad I HAD AN IDEA LIKE THIS. I haven’t decided whether to call it Young Volcanoes or Agua et Igni. 

Izumo is a water bending healer living in a peaceful earth village. She’s fairly talented in that regard and had been taught by Shura, another water bender, who disappeared years ago. 

One day, while Izumo was working in the infirmary/clinic, she heard a bunch of shouting and it turns out there was a fight ensuing between one of the resident earth benders and a fire bender with blue flames. 

Much to her shock, the fire bender gave out first but according to the earth bender, flamo attacked first and was looking that beat up upon provocation. 

Since Izumo had taken a Hippocratic oath before becoming a healer, she wound up checking out the blacked out fire bender and taking him to the clinic while her superior tended to the lightly wounded earth bender. 

Flamo woke up two days later, woozy and almost delirious but finally coming back to the land of the living. He was a bit panicky at first but Izumo learned his name was Rin and that he used to be in the Fire Nation Army before something happened (a repressed memory, is all Izumo can think it is when Rin claims he can’t remember.)

Izumo takes care of Rin for about a week after, deflecting vindictive earth benders from the clinic. They talk quite a bit, breaking the ice and learning more about each other in that time. 

Turns out Rin is quite unstable with his flames and still learning some important even basic things about his own bending. And Izumo wants to leave the village to search for her missing teacher. On a whim and a prayer, the two end up leaving the village at the same time, and off on an adventure they go! 

Still figuring out the rest.