volcanion attacks


An ancient legend tells of an Araquanid trainer centuries ago who saved Alola from a rampaging Volcanion, enduring attack after attack and poking at it with bubbles until it was finally slain.  This legend, of course, can not be taken at face value; if any volcanic fire-type pokemon ever rampaged in Alola, it was only generations later that it became equated with Kalos’ Volcanion, which is anyway impervious to water.  

But the legend does speak to a truth about Araquanid, for although it is far from Alola’s toughest or most powerful pokemon, skilled trainers have always made note of its one unique quality; a complete immunity to fire pokemon. And while perhaps it has never slain Volcanion – or Heatran, or Ho-oh, or Moltres for that matter – local bug catchers have long prized it for its ability to stoically endure attacks from fire pokemon like Incineroar and Turtonator, who have long burnt through the rest of their teams.

For all the stories told about it, however,  Araquanid’s true value does not lie in battle. In the wooden houses of old Alola, like in much of the world, fires are an omnipresent danger.  But Alolan fires rarely come with significant loss of life, for the region contains a pokemon that can scale walls, douse flames, and endure intense heat, and can do these things even while carrying a fully grown human.  Firefighters in Alola (and, increasingly, in fire-prone regions elsewhere), in fact, are even more like pokemon handlers than is typical in their profession.  For not only do they direct ground and water pokemon as they douse or contain fire, but they rarely if ever venture into burning buildings, and when they do they come only as guides; it is their Araquanid partners who carry the survivors to safety.