volcanic feature

Look at these little guys! These are mudpots~ They’re like hot springs with less water and more acid. The acid dissolves the rock or soil around the spring, creating thick clay mud that bubbles as steam rises from underground. The stickiness/viscosity of the mud can change seasonally, and if there are lots of splatters, they can form small mud cones, like mini volcanoes. 

Mudpots are ADORABLE and deserve lots of love. But please don’t hug them or step in them! Like hot springs and other geothermal features, they can reach high temperatures and burn you badly!

They’re also all over the world! The above are in Yellowstone, but here are some from:
- Yellowstone again
- Calipatria, California
- Seltún Krýsuvík, Iceland
- Tuscany, Italy
- Uzon Caldera (Valley of the Geysers), Kamchatka, Russia