volcanic ashes


Syracuse University scientists wanted to study the odd combination of ice and lava up-close. So they poured over 600 pounds of molten lava on this ice bed. What they discovered may surprise you. The lava didn’t melt the ice. In fact, lava can travel on top of snow. It can even flow underneath ice layers. Here’s why: Volcanic ash prevented the lava from melting the ice rapidly. The lava was also lubricated by a layer of steam.

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photos from a glacial cave under the breiðamerkurjökull glacier, which is an outlet glacier to the larger vatnajökull glacier at the northern end of jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in southern iceland.

as air bubbles, which would otherwise interfere with the passage of light, become compressed from the pressure above, the denser ice which forms the cave is better able absorb yellow and red light, giving it this vibrant blue colour. 

volcanic ash, however, does become trapped in the ice, streaking certain areas of the cave with black. the glacier sits atop a volcano, whose geothermal heat carved out the cave. 

photos by nicolas broussearon franklin, erez maronaron franklin, iurie belegurschi and hougaard malan


Snowy New Years’ Eve Panorama in Cappadocia, Turkey

In which I am back

And we’re back! Gosharoon I missed this comic. Time to see if my past predictions of everyone running like heck before TITAN can kill them all brutally for their actions is correct. Assuming Ava has burned herself out by now, but surely she must have right? Right?

Oh wow, this is real cool looking. A horrible reminder of the deaths of scores of mostly innocent people, sure, but also cool looking. And Odin still has no idea what the heck happened.

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Cancer is a storm, those storms when rain spills from the sky at the speed of bullets and lightning wakes everyone from their safe and peaceful slumbers. Everything is gloomy for a while, and it is midnight so loneliness befalls the soul. The skies are a dark sinister violet, with dust-colored clouds stretching for miles. Some things are damaged, such as fallen trees or broken power lines. The mood of the storm causes old melancholy to surface, reflection of the past. Nevertheless, water does what water does best, it sustains. It heals too. The calm after a storm… Cancer lies resting in the clouds, safely tucked away until disturbed again. The skies have had their mood swings. The sequence continues constantly, never quite the same as the last. Although it leaves ruin in its wake, it has cleansed the lands, nourishing them with purified waters, a necessity of life.

Scorpio is a volcano, destroying and burning the earth, but bringing forth new creations. The volcanic ash creates fresh and fertile soil for new life to blossom. The process repeats, always out with the old and in with the new, a soul purification. The time of eruption is never known, sometimes it’s spontaneous, impulsive, but other times it’s bubbling inside the earth, waiting to emerge…It isn’t always explosive and theatrical. Lava can flow slowly from the earth. It eventually cools once touched by air and then solidifies and hardens…representative of Scorpio’s silent, seeping and long-lived bitterness, but also the building of resilience. The hardening of the heart, a protection and strengthening method. Frightening and shadowy at first; the skies are ashy and daylight is engulfed in darkness, the colors of death, yet full of vibrant, sometimes loud and fleeting colors once it erupts, the colors of life. Scorpio suffers with internal wars yet finds peace through the purging of inner corruption, harbored anger, and toxicity; Rage gives birth to Serenity, or Darkness to Light, Evil to Good…neither can co-exist without the other, and similarly, no one can exist without the cycle. It is an end that brings beginnings.

Pisces is equally the oceans depths and its waves, at dawn preferably, moving back and forth in uncertainty. Is it safe? The waves move forward tentatively. No wait, it’s not safe. And so, the waves retreat. The vast emptiness is the subconscious womb in which one retreats for protection. When the waves are finally calm–but not truly, the waves of the sea are never asleep—Pisces is lost in thought and sheltering themselves privately in the abyss until it’s safe to surface again. Pisces uses seclusion as rejuvenation of the soul, yet the Piscean soul needs 12 eternities to recover. Who knows when that will be?

Vulkanasche bedeckt die Eisberge in der Gletscherlagune Jökulsárlón an Islands Südküste. 

Volcanic ash covers the icebergs in the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón on Iceland’s south coast.

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The large volcano Grímsvötn in eastern Iceland is mostly covered by the Vatnajökull ice cap. When this volcano erupts, the eruptions are often phreatomagmatic - the heat of the lava interacts with ice, causing it to expand to steam and shattering the lava into ash and glass. This video taken during its last eruption in 2011 shows the ash cloud rising into the sky from the eruption, including ash falling back to the surface as it becomes too dense for the air and nice shots of Volcanic Lightning.

Why Volcarona is such an Important Pkmn:

• It’s the Sun Pkmn, and it is said to replace the Sun when volcanic ash takes over the sky

• Invented Quiver Dance!

• Works in Sun & Rain (Hurricane yes)


• Should be legendary, let’s face it!

• Owns an entire castle in Unova

• Six wings :o

• Smol arms

• Only bug with wings that can learn fly!!

• Amazing helper in Pkmn breeding, it can keep your eggs warm and it can transport you anywehere around the region (Talonflame copied it)

• Used by a champion

• Also used by a Villain Boss in the manga (Ghetsis - Team Plasma)

• It appears in cold winters to save the pkmn from freezing ♥

• It can cloak itself with fire and dance gracefully to use its signature move: Fiery Dance.

• No, no one cares about its x4 weakness to rock so don’t even try

• Pretty af & should be legendary!

hc that nightwings who have lived on the volcano absolutely hate the heat and but cannot stand the cold. The nightwings who have been most scarred by the volcano refuse to breath fire for more than a few seconds and almost go into panic attacks when they smell volcanic smoke/ash. A few of the rainwings have similar problems and sometimes talk to the younger nightwings about it.