An adorable PJO commission for @mel-chan366! Now I really want icecream… some ‘sweet’ Percy, Jason, Will, and Nico for today! (Ha-ha, see what I did there? xD)

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Did somebody ask for Solangelo headcanons? …No?

1) Nico never really gets completely used to food again after the jar

2) He, like, goes a couple weeks or months with a normal eating schedule and then it hits him, and he almost can’t eat for days

3) He hates being like this and feels extremely guilty

4) But Will’s always there with cuddles, kisses and something that Nico may be able to drink

5) Smoothies has always been the easiest for Nico, so that’s what Will usually have

6) And Wil is happy that his boyfriend gets some food through it

7) But when Nico goes back to eating normally, he loves food

8) He’s also great at making it

9) Will’s also pretty okay

10) He cooks a lot of Italian food he remembers from living in Italy

11) And Will loves it

12) I mean, he just loves his little Death Boy, okay?

On the phone

Annabeth: where are you?

Percy: i told you i’m at work

Annabeth: swear you’re not at Chuck E. Cheese again?

*skee ball machine alarm goes off in the background*

Living Together

Does anyone mention enough what happens if Will and Nico move in together? I personally feel that Nico will be the sassy mother and Will would most likely be the over worked father. 

*Will comes home after a late shift*

Nico: Where have you been ?!

Will: I had a late shift so-

Nico: You could have at least let me know! I ordered McDonalds and now yours is cold!


Nico: (-_-)

Will  …… :)