We fell in love with this song by Volary and chose to cover it in the hopes of cheering up Sam. Follow her journey here: http://unfamousblog.tumblr.com/

i tire of my teeth. the way they cage this naked venus
of my mothertongue. their volary of birds shaped like barbiturates,
against me,  the crooked of my limbs, their gold turning to greed
two flutes full of lazy placebo. the voltaic drug vomited in a riviere
of honeybees. my mouth full of buzz & sting. all of this language
in its psychiatric ashlar, the sapphic wetness of its lips, delinquent,
triptychs. the sufis have three suns and i wear each as a moodring
i corner the pulse of words, medicate their pallor and grim
make altars inside my throat, shove sprigs of rosemary & saffron
my body moves through this house like a finger on an ouija board
some hematic electricity triggers me, watches me spit
an avalanche of apologies. to myself, i say - i am sorry
for this sleeplessness, this poem i make of paranoia
i am sorry i have lived here and still i haven’t been home
in years & the rooms are grey with amnesia. i am sorry
that when they took away all the sharp things, i learned
how to whet blades from the soft music of bodies other than mine

Scherezade Siobhan

Letting Go of Perfection

As I come to the end of a four-year recording project, I look back on vocal tracks I did two years ago versus a month ago. The difference is striking. After trying so many versions of the same song, I have come to understand something so fundamental but which has eluded me for years:

A good vocal track is not about being perfect.

I am a classically trained chorus girl ‘til the end. I’ve spent my entire musical career aiming to sound as perfect as possible. And while I have managed to make an impression on many, I know now that this attitude held me back from truly finding my voice and delivering my message.

To let go of perfection is to let go of fear.

I recently played at Volary’s (@unfamousblogmusic video release party. Keeping in mind the things I had learned during the recording process, I didn’t push my voice too hard, but instead let it settle into its “sweet spot”. I used my eyes to communicate with the audience, which instantly translated through my voice. I playfully played with dynamics, which kept my listeners’ interest.

Enveloping myself in the song’s message, my voice became expressive in a way that it never could if I simply thought “sing expressively”. I don’t know if I sang any wrong notes because there were no wrong notes.

The biggest difference though, was how firmly I now believed in the songs. In the past, I have often rushed through my tunes with the mindset that I have to fit in as many as possible before people get bored. But after recording them and hearing them with lush string arrangements, I knew that, as long as I hear those parts in my mind, the pared down versions would hold up. And they did! The trick was to not be impatient with them and to give them room to breathe.

True, many other factors came together to help create this magical set. The audience was extremely receptive and patient (there were plenty of technical delays which they happily drank through), and I had received a great introduction. But I would like to think that, should circumstances not be so forgiving, I would be just as confident in my delivery having learned these lessons.


(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K3oiepWlHg)

Primeros Sueños

Así que decidí escribir algo nuevo relacionado con Nivalis. Básicamente tiene que ver con un personaje que aparece en el primer libro, cuya especie suele tener sueños proféticos y cosas así. No tengo nada concrecto y no prometo que lo escriba en serio pero planeo/quiero que sea narrativa interactiva, que explique lo que no puedo en los libros, que hable sobre los planetas, la cultura y similares.

¡No mostraré nada hasta que sepa que es definitivo! No quiero decir algo y cambiar de opinión después, pero algo es seguro, el final que planeo para la saga va a ser bastante triste.

Also, los nivalier se han vuelto más complejos durante mis bien merecidas(?) vacaciones, los fein también, se están volviendo especies interesantes.

PD: Mass Effect me ha demostrado lo muy poco que sé sobre ciencia por lo que algunas cosas de Volarie están siendo cambiadas para que no parezcan tan estúpidas/ignorantes. Una de ellas es Vitae, que pasará a ser un conjunto de cuatro anillos (El primero es el comercial-residencial que es el más largo, el segundo es un poco más “humilde”, el tercero está completamente dedicado a la seguridad, entrenamiento de soldados y desarrollo de tecnología, y el último es el “corazón de Vitae” donde Valerie y la gente importante viven). También pasaré a usar portales funcionales solo a ciertas horas para la transportación pero eso ya lo hablaré después.

Esperen actualizaciones en la enciclopedia en algún momento del año.Quizás. No lo sé.

El día de ayer lleve al cliente más importante de toda mi vida!… mi Madre!… Mi Cocol!!! =) #mom #bestfriend #volaris #GDL - #PDX #crewlife #flightattendant #mymother #myfamily #portland #guadalajara #instamoment #instahappy #amazing #bestoftheday #happytime #lovemyjob #lovemylife by betocastrocortes http://pac.re/1EkAY5T