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Letting Go of Perfection

As I come to the end of a four-year recording project, I look back on vocal tracks I did two years ago versus a month ago. The difference is striking. After trying so many versions of the same song, I have come to understand something so fundamental but which has eluded me for years:

A good vocal track is not about being perfect.

I am a classically trained chorus girl ‘til the end. I’ve spent my entire musical career aiming to sound as perfect as possible. And while I have managed to make an impression on many, I know now that this attitude held me back from truly finding my voice and delivering my message.

To let go of perfection is to let go of fear.

I recently played at Volary’s (@unfamousblogmusic video release party. Keeping in mind the things I had learned during the recording process, I didn’t push my voice too hard, but instead let it settle into its “sweet spot”. I used my eyes to communicate with the audience, which instantly translated through my voice. I playfully played with dynamics, which kept my listeners’ interest.

Enveloping myself in the song’s message, my voice became expressive in a way that it never could if I simply thought “sing expressively”. I don’t know if I sang any wrong notes because there were no wrong notes.

The biggest difference though, was how firmly I now believed in the songs. In the past, I have often rushed through my tunes with the mindset that I have to fit in as many as possible before people get bored. But after recording them and hearing them with lush string arrangements, I knew that, as long as I hear those parts in my mind, the pared down versions would hold up. And they did! The trick was to not be impatient with them and to give them room to breathe.

True, many other factors came together to help create this magical set. The audience was extremely receptive and patient (there were plenty of technical delays which they happily drank through), and I had received a great introduction. But I would like to think that, should circumstances not be so forgiving, I would be just as confident in my delivery having learned these lessons.

Volaris to introduce the new Airbus A321 on June 1

Volaris to introduce the new Airbus A321 on June 1

Volaris (Mexico City) will introduce the new Airbus A321-200 initially on the Mexico City – Cancun route on June 1. This will be followed by the Mexico City – Moneterrey route on August 17 per Airline Route.

Copyright Photo below: Gerd Beilfuss/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A321-231 D-AZAN (msn 6558) became XA-VLH when it was handed over on April 20. A second A321 will follow.

Volaris aircraft…

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“Vuelo con Volaris”

Un selfie, doing a shoot for Mexican airline #Volaris in #Guadalajara. Great things to come. Thanks @viajavolaris for the great service and for this opportunity.

See you soon in Mexico City.

Dale! (at Guadalajara International Airport)

Volaris inaugura nueva ruta Tijuana - Durango

Volaris inaugura nueva ruta Tijuana – Durango

Volaris, la aerolínea de ultra-bajo costo con más rutas en México y Estados Unidos, anuncia la apertura de su nueva ruta que conecta a Tijuana, Baja California con Durango, en vuelos directos los viernes.

La aerolínea ha decidido agregar a Durango en su oferta de destinos de excelencia como parte de su estrategia de punto a punto con el objetivo de que sus Clientes eviten trayectos de hasta 12…

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Volaris takes delivery of first two A321s

Volaris, a Mexican low-cost carrier, has received its first two Airbus A321 aircraft, the latest being received during a ceremony at the Airbus Delivery Centre in Hamburg, Germany. Volaris’ aircraft will be the first A321s to operate in Mexico and will be deployed on the carrier’s domestic routes to and from Cancun.

Volaris to expand into Costa Rica

Volaris to expand into Costa Rica

Volaris (Mexico City) announced today their expansion into the Costa Rica market with the launch of two new flights from Cancun, Quintana Roo and Guadalajara, Jalisco to Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose, starting on September 10 with two flights per week.

Volaris is expanding its presence to Costa Rica as part of the carrier’s international growth plans, seeking to increase the country’s…

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Cómo conseguí vuelos baratos para visitar a mi familia

Cómo conseguí vuelos baratos para visitar a mi familia #TarifaLimpia

Muchos saben que vivo en el Distrito Federal pero toda mi familia está en otro estado muy lejano. Estar lejos de mis padres, sobrinos, hermano y abuela no es fácil, he tenido que aprender a estar por mi cuenta, extraño  mucho la ciudad que fue mi hogar y lo peor es que  no puedo visitarlos cada fin de semana y viajar en autobús sería un éxodo de 3 díascon sus noches!, ¿Se imaginan estar en…

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The Face-to-Face Interview

Hey guys! Sorry It’s taken me so long to post, but keeping up with school while trying to live the dream isn’t as easy as you’d think. But anyway here I am with everything you need to know for your face-to face interview. 

First of all, congratulations!

By now you must know that neither the Walt Disney Company nor EG International Recruiting are responsible for covering any of your travel expenses to get to the interview, that’s all on you. (“Like” Volaris or Interjet on Facebook and you can find some great discounts sometimes).  Make sure you get there in time for the “just in cases”. What do I mean by that? I mean: Airline lost your luggage, airport traffic, bus terminal traffic, traffic, and more traffic. These interviews are held in big cities so you can expect some BIG traffic. 

Dress to impress! Remember: you’re impressing BUSINESS PEOPLE from one of the highest regarded companies IN THE WORLD. LADIES: Please, please, please! DO NOT dress like you’re heading out to the club, or about to be pimped out. I saw this WAY too much at my interview. Here are some guidelines:

*Closed-toe shoes

*Maximum heel height: 3 inches /5 cm

*Dresses/skirts must be knee length (not too tight, no stretchy material)

*If you wear tights: MUST be opaque

*Button down blouses not showing cleavage

*Dark neutral colors/Blouses paired with suit or skirt must be conservative color and prints

*Pant suits are totally acceptable (and cool if you find the right cut)


*NO perfume

Guys: keep it simple, keep it classy

*SUIT UP! (Dark neutral colors)

*wear a tie (don’t be a doofus)

*WEAR DRESS SHOES (who told you guys it’s ok to wear tennis shoes/mocassins to a formal interview???) 

Now, the most important element to the interview process is: SMILE! SMILE, SMILE, SMILE, SMILE from the minute you walk into that building. Trust me, you never know who is watching. 

The interview doesn’t last more than 10 minutes and they’re looking for you to be calm, cool and collected with a casual smile on your face. (Don’t overdo it, you’ll look ridiculous). Some questions:

*Tell me about you extra-curriculars

*Talk to me about why you applied for this program

*Tell me about yourself

*What were your top 5 position choices?

*Out of the 500 people I’ve interviewed, why should I remember you? 

Volaris takes delivery of first two A321s

Volaris takes delivery of first two A321s

Volaris, a Mexican low-cost carrier, has received its first two Airbus A321 aircraft, the latest being received during a ceremony at the Airbus Delivery Centre in Hamburg, Germany. Volaris’ aircraft will be the first A321s to operate in Mexico and will be deployed on the carrier’s domestic routes to and from Cancun. The Volaris A321 seats 220 passengers, is equipped with Sharklet fuel-saving wing…

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Waiting for my maleta like… #volaris #volarismx