we are seranades // birds (passion pit rmx)

friday beats, vol. 49 [the farewell edition]

So, kids…

This will be our final weekly release, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We even threw in a few more tracks than normal. :)

Thank you all for the support you’ve given us over the years.

farewell and happy new year, from the friday beats crew:
oo / maria / sid

Cue up the farewell playlist: http://play.fridaybeats.com/volume/49

slow magic // corvette cassette

pompeya // wait (nsfw)

we are seranades // birds (passion pit rmx)

cherokee // take care of you

jessie ware // sweet talk

rhye // the fall

chromatics // at your door

the submarines // 1940 (amplive rmx)

chrome sparks // marijuana

giraffage // feels

major lazer // get free (ft. amber of dirty projectors)

ash ra // bring back the 90s

danny brown // grown up

benga // icon

bondax // it’s you (ft. kilo kish)

the-dream // shawty is da shit (giraffage rmx)

santigold // disparate youth

purity ring // fineshrine

vacationer // good as new

chromatics // cherry

flight facilities // clair de lune (ft. christine hoberg)

rhye // open

mister lies // cleam

joe walsh // in the city



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