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Area 51 AU (Galra!Keith)

So this AU takes place on Earth, and the other four Voltron members are just living normal lives. I’m thinking Shiro and Lance are freshman at college, and Hunk is a senior at high school, while Pidge is a sophomore. The reason they know each other already, despite the age differences, is because all of their parents are very close childhood friends. Naturally, they see each other as siblings. Basically meaning they’ve all got a lot of siblings, considering Lance’s huge family and Pidge’s brother.

Now onto Keith. I’m thinking maybe he has some control over his forms. Like growing up he was an orphan going from foster home to foster home, trying to hide his Galra form, but struggling to control it. He’s been caught before, but not in his complete form, just with random purple break outs, or hints of ears, or whatever. That’s why he keeps being sent to different foster homes. When he has these “strange” moments, the parents just kinda freak out or don’t want to deal with him being “sick”, and send him somewhere else.

It takes Keith years to learn to control his forms, but even then he is unable to control it under extreme circumstances, like severe anxiety or fear or even anger.

He’s discovered and taken into custody when he gets into a fight with a kid at school and turns Galra. (This is when Keith is around 15, and in this I’m saying he’s 18, so he’s spent about three years in custody before he escapes.)

After Keith escapes, he’s on the run from them for several weeks, until he finds Shiro.

So one night, Shiro is walking out of the library, heading for his car, when he bumps into Keith, who is running from “something”. (The people from Area 51 who are hunting for him are hot in his trail, really not that far behind him.) Desperate, Keith asks Shiro to help him, to get him out of here. Shiro, being the caring sweetheart he is, would do so, no questions asked. (Yet.)

So Shiro tells Keith to hop in, and they manage to lose the people chasing Keith (Keith was at least far away enough from them for them not to see him get into Shiro’s car).

Shiro stops somewhere, both of them feeling safe enough to stop. Keith thanks Shiro, and is about to step out of his car, when Shiro asks him if he wants a ride home. Keith obviously doesn’t have a home, and he just says no. Shiro looks Keith up and down, finally having a moment to really look at him, and sees how rugged Keith looks. His hair is a disaster, his clothes torn and filthy, and his jacket looks like it’s nowhere near warm enough to fight off the late November weather.

(Fun fact, this jacket is the same one from the show. Keith probably plucked it and his other clothes from either some lost and found box or Salvation Army. There’s a warehouse for the Salvation Army donations, so it’s very easy to go in unseen and take what’s needed, especially for someone as agile as Keith.)

So Shiro flat out tells him that he looks like crap and offers him a place to sleep for the night. Keith refuses at first, but Shiro insists, explaining that his roommate won’t be home for a few days. He also offers him food and a fresh set of clothes.

Keith can’t turn that down, because he’s starving more than anything.

So he accepts, and lets Shiro drive him back to his dorm. Shiro doesn’t have a whole lot of food (living the college student dream haha), but there’s some leftover take out food. Shiro apologizes for the junk, but to Keith this is beyond amazing, and just starts eating it right away. Shiro can’t help but notice how almost defensive Keith is over his meal, looking as if he thinks it’s going to be taken away at any moment.

While Keith is eating, Shiro grabs some clean clothes, although they’re a bit too big on him. (Maybe later he could shoot up a quick text to Lance asking him if he could buy some clothes off of him for Keith.) He sets them up in the bathroom, and tells Keith he’s free to use the shower. Keith is already almost finished with his food. But fom the way Keith keeps glancing up at the fridge, it’s obvious he’s still hungry, so Shiro makes a thing of Ramen for him. (Again, living the college student dream.)

Shiro tries to ask Keith who he was running from earlier, but Keith dodges the questions. When Shiro realizes this, he backs off.

At some point he manages to get Keith to stay for a few extra days.

That’s all I’ve got so far for specific scene ideas, but I do have a few other headcannons, which include:

-It doesn’t take long for Keith’s secret to be discovered by Shiro. After a few days, Shiro wakes up to Keith having a really bad nightmare. Shiro wakes him up, and when he turns the lights on, he sees Keith’s Galra form. Shiro of course is momentarily caught off guard and kinda freaks out. Keith tries to run out of the dorm, but Shiro manages to stop and calm him down. Keith doesn’t tell him everything, but tells him that people are after him because they know his secret.

-When Lance gets back to the dorm, Keith and Lance do not hit it off, and from this point on will struggle to get along, especially after he realizes Keith’s Galra form. Before he finds out he’s an alien, Lance already doesn’t like the idea of this suspicious, ragged looking “kid” (even though they’re literally only one year apart) staying in his dorm. He tells Shiro that he can’t just take home every stray animal he sees (as Shiro has taken home lots of stray animals growing up). When Keith overhears Lance compare him to an animal, Keith threatens to kick his ass. (Keith would be sensitive to being called an animal because of the fact that he’s been called one so many times at Area 51.)

-Pidge is transgender, male to female. Her friends know she’s trans, but she’s mostly in the closet. The community the kids grew up in is heavily Christian, and Pidge is scared outing herself for those reasons.

-I want Allura and Coran to be in this, but I have no idea what their connection to this will be. I’m thinking maybe they’re professors at Shiro’s and Lance’s university, but I’m on the fence.

-Hunk and Pidge are huge science geeks and have done lots of sciency stuff together at like science fares and stuff. (I don’t know science I’m sorry.) I’m on the fence between them being biologists or engineers. Maybe a bit of both?

-I’m thinking the college isn’t too far away from home, so Hunk and Pidge visit often. When they discover Keith’s secret, they literally don’t leave him alone until they’re threatened to be kicked out, because they’re just so fascinated by him and need to know everything about his Galra form. Keith is obviously uncomfortable about this, and basically ends up locking himself in the bathroom until he calms down long enough to get back into his human form.

Aaaaand that’s it. Thoughts? I’m open to suggestions, or if anyone has their own ideas, throw them out there! :3

Edit: My friend and I were talking about this, and we came up with some funny ideas. Lance introduces Keith to catnip. Keith gets high AF. Lance videotapes Keith acting really stupid and high as blackmail. Keith totally gets hooked on this stuff, like as if it’s like really good food or something. Unfortunately, Shiro decides it’s time to take that stuff away and ban Keith from taking catnip while he’s in the dorm room. Mostly because he doesn’t want people to complain about all the noises Keith makes from stumbling around and giggling like an idiot. Better not to draw any attention. So of course, Keith acts like an asshole about this for a week. Even though he knows Shiro is right, he still gives Shiro dirty looks, or knocks his drinks off the table. Also, we discussed the possibility of Coran and Allura being aliens too, but looking human enough to pass as humans to a point where nobody would notice unless they really took a moment to look at them. When they see Keith (not sure how they’d meet just yet), they realize immediately that he’s an alien and provide as much comfort and support as they can.

You’re adventuring in a Vault. There’s no one around, and your Pip-Boy’s dead. Out of the silence, you hear him–


He’s around the corner, about 30 feet back, he gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint – he’s gaining on you!


You’re looking for the exit but you’re all turned around, he’s almost upon you know and you can see there’s blood on his Vault Suit, my god there’s blood everywhere!

Running for your life!
He’s brandishing a knife!
Lurking in the darkness–
Failed Vault Tech experiment Gary!
Living in the Vault!
Cloning for fun!
Killing all the others!
Failed Vault Tech experiment Gary!

It’s dark, and you seem to have lost him, but you’re hopelessly lost yourself.
Stranded, with an insane clone.
You creep silently through the vault.
Aha! In the distance! A lab with a light on, hope!
You move stealthily toward it but your leg! Ah!
It’s caught in a Yao Guai trap!

Gnawing off your leg!
(Quiet, quiet)
Limping towards the lab!
(Quiet, quiet)
Looking through the window!
Sitting inside!
Sharpening an axe!
(Gary, Gary)
But he doesn’t hear you enter!
(Gary, Gary)
You’re sneaking up behind him!
Strangling Vault Tech Experiment Gary!
Fighting for your life with Vault Tech Experiment Gary!
Wrestling a knife from Vault Tech Experiment Gary!
Stab it in his kidney!
Safe at last from Vault Tech Experiment Gary!

You limp back to the entrance, blood oozing from your stump leg.

You’ve beaten Vault Tech Experiment Gary.

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Sick and miserable Keith being taken care of by his s/o please? Your writing is amazing and reading it makes my day!! Keep up the great work <3

“I realize you haven’t been sick that much, but seriously, just sit down,” You ordered, pushing Keith back onto the bed.

“It’s not even that bad,” Keith argued, wiping his nose.

“Just, sit,” You said, rubbing your temples, “Why are you so stubborn?”

“Human nature,” Keith said innocently.

“That’s a terrible excuse,” You sighed, handing Keith a cup of tea.

Keith mumbled thanks and took a loud sip from the cup.

Savory Sunset Vol-au-vents

”What’s a Vol-au-vent?”

A Vol-au-vent is a small hollow puff pastry round filled with all sorts of treasures! This Vol-au-vent is stuffed with a creamy cheese sauce and sauteed sun ripened tomatoes, shallots, and spices. It’s warm rich and satisfying just like a shimmering sunset!

What you’ll need:

6-8 puff pastry shells

You can buy puff pastry shells already prepared for convenience or make your own! To make your own roll out puff pastry and cut it into several equal circles using a round biscuit cutter. Using a smaller cutter make a hole in the middle of half the circles to turn them into rings. Set the tiny circles aside if you want to repurpose them then lay one of the rings atop each of the regular circles with some egg wash to help hold in place.

For the filling:

2 Tbsp. butter
2 shallots, diced
1  1/2 pints cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
6 Tbsp. creme fraiche
¼ cup shredded pecorino cheese
1 garlic clove, minced
1 Tbsp fresh marjoram, chopped
Salt and pepper


  1. Bake the puff pastry shells at 425° F for 18-20 minutes or until golden. Use a paring knife to cut out the top round and hollow out the shell, then let cool as you prepare the filling.

  2. In a large pan sautee the halved tomatoes and shallots in butter over medium heat for about 3 minutes or until soft.

  3. Add the creme fraiche, pecorino, and garlic. Cook, stirring, for another 3 minutes or so until the cheese and creme fraiche get all mixed and bubbly.

  4. Mix in the marjoram and a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

  5. Spoon generous amounts of hot filling into the baked puff pastry shells and garnish with extra shredded pecorino and marjoram leaves if you like.

  6. Eat immediately and enjoy the savory taste!

- Bouquet Garni

İşçi sınıfının çalışmakta olan kısmının aşırı çalışması, işçi sınıfının yedek kısmını büyütürken, diğer taraftan, yedekte bulunan kısmın rekabet yoluyla çalışmakta olan kısım üzerinde yarattığı baskının artması, çalışmakta olan işçileri aşırı çalışmak ve sermayenin diktasına boyun eğmek zorunda bırakır.

Karl Marx - ‘’ Capital, Vol 1: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production ‘’

when you ask her her favorite hero and she says superman