Sh. Ibn Baz said,

Tabarruj (woman’s public display of her adornments and charms) does not only mean that a woman has discarded her Hijab but rather she no longer abides by the Shari'ah of Allaah, infringing His Orders and calling to immorality.

Fatawa of Ibn Baz (vol. 05, pg. 226)

Lo spirito vincolato accetta la sua posizione non per ragionamento, bensì per abitudine; è per esempio cristiano, non per aver esaminato le varie religioni e per aver scelto fra esse; è inglese, non per essersi deciso in Inghilterra; egli semplicemente si è trovato davanti il Cristianesimo e la qualità di inglese, e ha accettato le due cose senza ragionarci sopra, come uno che nato in un paese vinicolo, diventa bevitore di vino. Più tardi, quando già era cristiano e inglese, sarà forse anche riuscito a trovare alcune ragioni a favore della sua abitudine; ma per quanto si demoliscano queste ragioni, non si demolirà nulla della sua posizione. Si costringa per esempio uno spirito vincolato a esporre le sue ragioni contro la bigamia, allora si vedrà se il suo santo zelo per la monogamia è basato su ragionamenti oppure su abitudine. L’abitudine a princìpi intellettuali non ragionati si chiama fede.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche - “Umano, troppo umano”

[Vol. I - 226. “Origine della fede]

mellarkment  asked:

hey so i recently got into comics and i've been using your marvel rec list to kinda pic what to read but i really want to get into dc and i don't know where to start so I was wondering if you could make a dc rec list because I trust your taste and you seem like a pro at this stuff.

oh noooo I’m really still very much a baby at dc stuff!!! and I have read like one new 52 title so far, so I don’t know anything that is happening in the current dc universe. really I’ve just been picking characters I like and reading everything with them, which is a good method for me. but hmmm some good titles to read that are new-reader friendly and that I loved to bits lessee

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you, but could you recommend any comics with strong female characters which aren't mostly violence and/or bloodshed and have a good plot line ? ( I'm already reading black widow and the young avengers ) thanks!

hmm well there’s gonna be at least some violence in almost every superhero comic and I tend to gravitate towards action-oriented series in general but I’ll try my best.


*the first arc, #646-650, is kinda violent tbh since the theme of the story is sif dealing with her instincts and what drives her and kind of accidentally going berserker for a bit, but if you want you can skip that and just start from #651 it’s fine!


*these are written by greg rucka, who is one of my all-time favorite writers. he writes really good female characters in literally everything. but his books do tend to skew towards the more violent, which is why I haven’t listed more of them. but he’s an amazing writer, and his new series lazarus, while heavy on the violence and probably not your cup of tea, is really really good.


*rat queens is pretty violent but it’s more of a slapstick type violence? I guess? the humor and characters make up for it, imho, but just fyi. ETA: ok be very cautious of rat queens because it is bloody and violent I just don’t have the best filter for this shit I’m sorry

**god ok I am really. REALLY hesitant to rec mara, not because of the series itself but because the writer, brian wood, is known for sexually harassing women in the industry. mara is a really interesting take on the superhuman genre, and ming doyle kills it on the art, but again. brian wood is an asshole. so. yeah. good comic, created by a horrible person, it’s a dilemma.