Blizzard product I would buy in a heartbeat:

A WoW expansion that is Literally Legion again in which a Bronze Dragon takes you to the past to the Broken Shore scenario and all you need to do is to push Sylvanas against the Felguard that stabbed Vol’jin and it steamrolls her.

The rest of the expansion resumes normally except you help Vol’jin in the Broken Isles while he kicks major butt, you know, the way it was supposed to be. 

10/10 expansion would play the living heck out of it

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question/request: Do a makeup for your character!

To be honest I have never showed interest in my ex-wife’s makeup tools.And that’s why I have no idea how to use it . But my friend Vol'jin could help me with that. Well, judging by his endless hours in bathroom and thick layer of white face paint  after visiting it he seems to be more experienced than I am. I’m sure he’ll do me one favor