For you Vol´jin, we miss you a lot, the horde´s best warchief.

Vol’jin: Once again I be humbled by da honah ya give me. I t’ank ya, mon, fo’ ya devotion an’ ya kindness.


I have never trusted you… nor would I have ever imagined in our darkest time that you would be the one to save us. The spirits have granted me clarity, a vision. They whisper a name… Many will not understand, but… you must step out of the shadows and lead.

You must… be… Warchief.

World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic | Vol’jin’s Death

Attending Vol’jin’s funeral

The Trade Prince Gallywix


That human from that well-written novel who taught Vol’jin the valuable lesson that peace and cooperation is possible despite differences.

That dead shadow hunter that danced around the garrison as a ghost before coming back to life.

Not at the funeral: Vol’jin’s best friend, Thrall.


Hey guys!It’s been long. /w\  I was struggling with final exams and,in the meanwhile,making a free Warcraft-AU-themed AVG game for Chinese wow fans.It takes place in Azeroth University,in which Varian(player) develops relationship with one of 5 characters. The pictures shown above are examples of what I drew for that game.Hopefully it will be released in 2 months.    So,may I know are you guys on Tumblr interested in this game?If so,please click like,I’ll also make an English version,according to if it’s needed.   :>