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Guardians of Notra pt. 1
  • Random New Blood, sets their hand on Cal's: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Cal: that's nice.
  • Random New Blood: You feel love.
  • Cal: yeah, I guess yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for just about everybody-
  • Random New Blood: No... sexual love...
  • Cal: No, no I dont-
  • Random New Blood, points to Mare: FOR HER!
  • Cal: NO!
  • Cal: Dude come on, I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Mare: blushing a lot
  • Kilorn, bouncing up and down and grabbing the New Blood's hand: DO ME! DO ME! DO ME!
Fake Chats #181
  • Jungkook: we should go see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
  • Taehyung: we should. Jimin?
  • Jimin: I'm down. Should we invite the others?
  • Hoseok: sure, it looks awesome.
  • Namjoon: yeah, of course.
  • Seokjin: all going together? Great!
  • Yoongi: why do we need to see this movie?
  • Taehyung: how- how can you ask that?
  • Jimin: hyung, didn't you see the trailers?
  • Namjoon: it does look really good.
  • Hoseok: and since you kinda relate to Drax...
  • Seokjin: come on Yoongi, come with us.
  • Yoongi: why?
  • Jungkook: one very simple reason, really. Baby Groot.
  • Yoongi:
  • Jungkook: Baby Groot!
  • Yoongi: alright fine, he's adorable.


Can I just. Imprint the picture of the peaceful and happy family on my soul and keep it there forever. 

How long before CLAMP tears it apart. 

Why am I reading this again. 

But I absolutely love that the reason that other countries want to invade this land is because of their grass.

Junjou Romantica, Act 41

I was checking out the volume and I found there’s an extra page between these two:

Here is the extra page from Volume 21. It looks quite familiar, but I couldn’t find it in the version uploaded to Mangago. Maybe it was an addition to the volume, since it’s really common for the artists to change frames or edit little bits before the volumes are released. 

In any case, I don’t understand everything, but it sounds like Haruhiko is basically angry about the fact that Akihiko got away, and Usagi-san’s pretty much goes, “I don’t understand how you’re still so hung up on it,” and Haruhiko really does not appreciate Akihiko’s easiness. 

Though it’s interesting to see Usagi-san’s face become serious when Haruhiko mentions his mother. I’m a little confused whose mother he mentions, though, because I think 義母 refers to step-mother but the furigana says haha, which is how you’d refer to your own mother. I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Akihiko’s mom.

Here’s where I start thinking that, even if Fuyuhiko is pretty sure about making Haruhiko the Usami clan leader, Akihiko’s mom is still around. So yeah, Haruhiko is quite right to be angry at everyone; it’s like he’s being thrown to the wolves. (Someone protect him, please.)

Edit: @galauptodate says it’s been updated. Thanks!

Just a thought about Ren’s knife

The one he killed the Nuckelavee with in the Vol.4 finale.

That episode made it look like he carried it on him at all times. I’m honestly not sure about that, it seems like the sort of thing he’d keep somewhere safe…like in his dorm at Beacon.

Which begs the question, how did he get it back after Vol.3?

Do you mean to tell me that before heading to Patch to get Ruby, Ren (And Nora, because it’s always Ren & Nora they’re a package deal) fought their way through the ruined and Grimm infested parts of Vale to get into Beacon which still has the Dragon on top of it and made their way into their old dorm just to get that knife back?

Because that is hardcore as fuck…..And also begs another question; what else did they grab while they were there? You can’t tell me they don’t have something of Pyrrha’s



Oh dear.

Syaoran you know it’s ok to stay on the floor sometimes. Kurogane is a ninja. I’m sure he’s got this. 


RWBY Vol.4 Episode 10 review (Spoilers)
  • Okay so did Farm Boy (I know he’s Oscar but he’s Farm Boy) tell his family he was going somewhere or did he pull the fine Mistrali tradition of Raven Branwen-ing.
  • Ozpin get out of that young boy you are The Wizard of Oz/Dumbledore not Jared Fogle.
  • Ooh Hazel, let’s see if I was on the money with the way I’ve wrote in him my fanfic so far.
  • Wait, did Hazel really just walk past him and have no idea? does that then mean that one of Salem’s generals actually randomly helps out kids in need? wtf.
  • Kuroyuri….the Rum is gone (Empty bottle joke, it’s bad I know)
  • No Ruby, all of these places look like a shitshow. I know you’re meant to be 84% childlike wonder but come on.
  • OH COME ON RUBY! Jaune is denser than dark matter and he can figure out why Ren swerved this clusterfuck of a village, you’re the child prodigy let into Beacon 2 years early.
  • B A B Y  R E N  I S  K A W A I I !
  • Ren’s mother in true RWBY fashion is a Milf.
  • Radom thought, baby Ren has a distinct accent, Pyrrha had a pretty unique voice, does anyone think it’s a Mistrali accent that Ren’s lost over time?
  • “Sake please” I’m done, that’s it I’m fucking done. I never needed something so bad and didn’t know until I received it.
  • O M F G  B A B Y  N O R A  I  W A N T  T W E L V E
  • Generic dickhead village kids are generic
  • Ren you did not just run snivelling in front of your old man, you get one shot at redepmption for that
  • Okay Jaune haters can take a back seat, he gets at least a week of no bullshit for that speech.
  • Erm….Attack On Titan called.
  • Nope forget what I just said, that’s one badass motherfucker of a Grimm.
  • Ren unlocked his Aura to save Nora, Renora confirmed. f i g h t  m e.
  • Nora’s Aura unlocking when she hugged him O M F G I didn’t think could physically ship them harder than I already did.
  • O M F G Boop is playing in the background while he give her Proto-Magnhild, just shoot me now and let me die with this warm fuzzy feeling.
  • “I got you here don’t I?” My precious little Super-Duper-Booper-Trooper.
  • Yeah that cave is a Bandit hideout.
  • Nope I was wrong, it’s a nest.
  • O H  Y O U  C L I F F H A N G E R I N G  F U C K S

Okay so in short, my frosty dead heart beats once more. Loved this episode.