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TECH/FASHION: LED Lights for your Teeth

A LED smile is the accessory to have after two Japanese designers used their light experiment to promote their store’s winter sale. Apparently, the LED lights can be easily placed above your teeth and can change colors when you smile- as well as be changed from a computer. Now, we know gold teeth and diamond-studded incisors had their moment, but LED lights in your mouth? Really?

NY Times / Bits: http://nyti.ms/iem6FH

Captain America #261 - “Celluloid Heroes!”
Captain America and the Falcon (2004) #13 - “American Pyscho, Part I”
Avengers Vol 3 Issue #70
Captain America and the Falcon (2004) #12 - “Brothers”
Captain America (2012) Issue #22
AvX: What If? Issue #2
Captain America Vol 5 Issue #29

We don’t think it’s too spoiler-y to have noticed that a certain Mr. Mackie’s name appears on the Avengers posters. Which means Sam Wilson absolutely gets a place of honor in our week long Abdominals Assemble event!


Morning Musume. ‘15 DVD Magazine vol. 70 digest


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anonymous asked:

hi i heard a nsfw audio of kise's voice actor, do you know where it comes from? it's from this post on antoher blog earsexfromthebestmenintheworld(.)tumblr(.)com/ post/117262221564/hah-ah-hey-does-it-feel-good their admin didn't post the cd title so i suppose they dont know it? thank you!!!

This is clearly not Kimura Ryouhei, (sadly), I have 23 cds of Kimura-san and have listened them a hundred times, I’m sorry to tell you it’s not him (though it slightly ressembles, I was too excited when I listened to this cd). 

I believe this is from Futari no Himitsu Vol. 08 (I’m 70% sure, careful), and its seiyuu is Nakazawa Masatomo.

Kimura-san doesn’t, and never did R18 drama cds. 

Although, I recommend that you listen to Nakazawa-san’s R18 cds, they’re very… interesting   (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ His voice is different than in this one, much more sexy and deeper. 

Check my drama cd list, you can find some of his :)

EDIT: I’ve been told that this track is from Trick and Alice’s tokuten cd, which is apparently an R18 otome game. You can download it for free on Bishie Craziness’ blogspot (no hot-linking!) Thank you to lost-time-memery and shin-hae for providing me with the info. 

I apologize once again for my mistake! OTZ

If anyone finds any nsfw cds from Kimura-san, please do tell me ehe


モーニング娘。'15 リーダー譜久村聖とサブリーダー生田衣梨奈、12期メンバーの尾形春水、野中美希、牧野真莉愛、羽賀朱音の6名で挑戦する「第2回モーニング娘。クイズ」。司会はさわやか五郎! クイズに9問正解したメンバーだけが豪華スウィーツ食べ放題!いち早くデザートを食べるのは…?? ※こちらの商品はe-line …

(via モーニング娘。’15 DVD MAGAZINE Vol.70 ダイジェスト)

L'être de beauté qui est l'objet de cette adoration, est finalement métamorphosé par elle […]. “Lorsque ces êtres de beauté sont favorisés de la contemplation mystique […], la lumière de leur beauté extérieure se communique à leur être intérieur, et leur beauté devient éternelle. Sinon, la lumière de leur beauté extérieure va s’évanouissant avec les accidents de la nature au fur et à mesure de l'âge […]”.
—  Henry Corbin cit. Rûzbehân Baqlî Shîrazî (Jasmin ch. VII, § 103)
in En islam iranien, tel, vol. III, p. 70.

Book Empire Vol. 70

All the book news you need to know, on a need-to-know basis.

The cover for Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On is revealed and I can’t wait to get my hands on that thing!

Hillary Kelly makes a stand for bringing back the serialized novel. I myself am still a fan of the Netflix model for publishing. No more waiting!

Thought Catalog made a list of 24 books that can change your life.

Pop music might just be trying to kill you, at least according to these books.

It was Earth Day last week, so Flavorwire shared a list of books that will make you an environmentalist.

Murakami wrote short stories for advertisement’s sake and somewhat took the time to translate these. Take a look.

The audiobook of Harper Lee has a narrator!

What are the most memorable animals from literature? Would you look at this handy infographic we found.

Electric Literature compounded the most used short story titles so you will not make the same mistake.

Are we maybe Binge Reading? Over at The Morning News the evidence seems stacked against us.

Goodreads now offers audio samples so you can immediately buy the audiobooks throught Amazon.

広島交響楽団と贈答品専門店が「プレママ」応援CD 被爆70年にあわせ
#オーケストラ #広島交響楽団 [sankei.com]広島交響楽団と贈答品専門店の大進本店(広島市)は、広島が今年被爆70年を迎えるにあたり、新しい時代の命を育むプレママ(妊婦)を応援しようと、CD「音楽の贈り物VOL.1-生まれ来る命に希望の〈祈り〉-」を作成した。大進は同CDを …

現代美術のアートフェア「ART OSAKA」開催 – 日本最大級、個性豊かなギャラリー多数

現代美術のアートフェア「ART OSAKA 2015」がホテルグランヴィア大阪で開催。期間は2015年7月4日(土)から7月5日(日)まで。 昨年の様子| YOD GALLERY 「ART OSAKA」は、日本最大級の現代美術フェア。今回で13回目を迎え、来場者にも長く愛され続けている。独特の審美眼を持ったギャラリストたちが選び抜いた作品は、どれも良質で個性豊かだ。 会場には、生活空間に近いホテルの客室を採用。気に入った作品は、その場で購入することも可能だ。今年の参加ギャラリーは、国内外から53ギャラリーがラインナップ、展示ブース数は70にも上る。 また、京都市芸術大学協力のもと「アートでねむる vol.3」の新人作家の企画展示、日本芸術写真協会による関西初の特別展示、現存作家による日本の抽象絵画を検証する抽象絵画展を企画。新人から実績のある作家まで、幅広い世界観を堪能できる。 現代アート初心者から経験豊かなコレクターまで、誰にとっても特別な1 点に出会える最良の機会である本イベント。ぜひ足を運んでみてはいかがだろう。 【イベント詳細】 ART OSAKA 2015…

広島交響楽団と贈答品専門店が「プレママ」応援CD 被爆70年にあわせ
#オーケストラ #広島交響楽団 [sankei.com]広島交響楽団と贈答品専門店の大進本店(広島市)は、広島が今年被爆70年を迎えるにあたり、新しい時代の命を育むプレママ(妊婦)を応援しようと、CD「音楽の贈り物VOL.1-生まれ来る命に希望の〈祈り〉-」を作成した。大進は同CDを …