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I found an early version of Zoobe? Naaaah, but it has Digimon 8D (from the Savers/Data Squad generation)

Fanfic: Assorted Stucky Ch 1, Captain America | FanFiction

Ok little fluffers

This is da shizzle. If you ship Stucky you HAVE TO read this master piece. It’s long, I know. (Deal with it XP) but it is genius. I have been laughing out loud. In public. On a bus… In Iceland.

And the best art might even be a sideship: Voki (or Doki whatevs)
I didn’t knew I needed this is my life but I did and I will never look at Loki the same way.

It’s genius, heartfelt and the whole story deals with Bucky’s split personality beautifully. His inner monologue is worth a medal.
Read it if you feel like it. I need someone to fangirl/fanboy with. At least give it a try if you are just scrolling without purpose. Thank.

Raudondvario dvaras

(Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris, Kauno r.)

Pasakojama, kad Raudondvario dvaro pilį XV a. antroje pusėje pradėjo statyti Kauno pakamaris (toks anų laikų teisėjas) Vaitiekus Dzevaltauskas.  O XVII a. dvarą iš Jono Eustachijaus Kosakovskio įsigijo J. Radvila (pagal wikipedią Mėgstantys romantiką gali tikėti istorija, kad Žygimantas Augustas savu laiku Raudondvario dvarą padovanojo Barborai Radvilaitei, kuri ir užsakė, kad jai ši pilis būtų pastatyta. 

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Imagine the lava flows slowly and glows at night. With just the right and harmless warmth, like a bride named Vokie said yes to her husband Earthy. She then burst these tears out, the most tears ever the only once in her lifetime, the happiest volcanic woman attaches soul by soul on the Earth. Enjoying the ring of vow and ready to stay peace for the rest of her life.

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