voixdeville follies

Last night’s vaudeville-ish variety show performance went pretty well, for the most part.

I was in the opening number for a simple dance routine to Hercules’ “Gospel Truth” (togas fucking rock, even if I’m not a big Disney fan). Special thanks to Brit (and/or Jane) for letting me borrow her wig. <3 I might have to trade you something for this one…

I was also in a post-intermission performance, singing a capella with two other chicks to O Brother Where Art Thou’s “Go to Sleep You Little Baby.” We messed up on some parts, but played it off smoothly. Plus, everyone was kinda sloshed, so couldn’t tell anyway.

Downside: Got my first glimpse at some uncool, diva-like behavior (that’s entertainment for ya). And the show was pretty disorganized and thrown together (example: performers didn’t know what the line-up was until a couple hours before the show).

Overall: glad I did it for sake of experience, but likely won’t repeat any time soon.

Post-show was…interesting. Still trying to recall everything that happened, but that may prove futile, since I was pretty intoxicated. Nothing bad happened, but again, not an experience I’m eager to repeat.

And don’t drink and text, kids. #srsly