Letter of Radu cel Frumos dated between 1463-1470 from the archives of Brașov (yes, I have translated it last year). I found it while ago and I just loved his beautiful signature of Radu and added the translation. I’m becoming an expert of Radu! Yes!

“Iw Радул вwєвода милостïѧ божиѧ господинь”

“I am Radul voivode, by the grace of God, the ruler”

Radu cel Frumos și monograma “Io Radul voevod, din mila lui dumnezeu domn” Radu the Beautiful, the younger brother of Vlad Țepeș, and his Slavic monogram “Iw Радул вwєвда млостïѧ бжïєѧ гспднь” (yes it was an official language in Wallachia). Also, he remained an Orthodox Christian after many years spent serving Ottoman Empire and was Sultan’s lover.


Mehmed the Conqueror and Radu, son of Dracul.

And my translation of Sultan’s poem under his pen name Avni, ghazal (lyric poetry) no.2:

If my eyes shed tears of my heart’s pain about you,
Then my secret concealed would be obvious to you

You sit on the throne of beauty, while I stand on the soil of the road.
How should I help myself, an ant, while you are my Süleyman?

See him, the candle who is weeping at the gathering,
Oh, you are the beautiful candle who illuminates my room!

When the morning comes I am faithful,  but love-stricken
When the day will end, oh you, my shining crescent!

Yesterday my rivals cried out their pain with grief,
The pursuers of love have suffered the misfortunes you had inflicted upon me.

My friend, it isn’t possible to explain the wound of heart’s pain,
That burning flash in my chest will show it to you.

Stop ruining Avni’s eyes and heart with your torture,
Because the pit of my sea can give pearls and jewels to you.

Avni. Translated from ottoman Turkish ©Elveo

Commentary for Poem of Mehmed i-Sani, Ghazal no.2

*Ghazal from arabic: ḡazala, “to display love to the loved one via speech, to exchange talk of love with the loved one”.

1. Çeşm-i giryânım – literally ‘my tears shed from eyes’ (çeşm [cheshm] – Persian word for eyes, ottoman Turkish has many Persian terms; giryân – in Ottoman Turkish literally means 'tears rolling ’ or to 'shed tears’)

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Another artwork of Radu cel Frumoş (Radu the Fair, b. 1437/38 - d. 1477), prince of Wallachia (r. 1462-1474), son of voivode Vlad Dracul.

With speed painting process bellow :3

I just wanted some historical accuracy and for an example I used all the portraits of wallachian voivodes, mainly Radu cel Mare (his nephew) and the latter’s son Radu de la Afumați, Stefan cel Mare (his son in law) and Neagoe Basarab (аlso a relative) to reconstruct the image of Radu (adding face features of his brother Vlad Țepeș).


Vektor: Terminal Redux (2016)

To all outward appearances, Vektor might sound like a Voivod tribute band, thanks to their penchant for adventurous space-thrash, and a stylized logo that was clearly cribbed directly from the legendary Canucks.

So what’s not love?

I can tel you I raced to pick up 2016’s Terminal Redux, even before learning that the Philadelphia-by-way-of-Arizona quartet had been kicking around the underground since 2004, with two full-lengths already under their belts.

And the only excuse I can think of for this LP’s absence from most end-of-year lists isn’t Vektor’s Voivod, but their inability to edit themselves, leaving as much as 15 minutes of unnecessary riffage, changing time-signatures, and shrieked vocals on this voluminous 74-minute LP.

Which isn’t to say that standout offerings like “Cygnus Terminal” (eight minutes), “Pteropticon” (just six) and “Recharging the Void” (oooeerr, 14!), don’t make every second count, slotting some majestic melodies, deliberate tempos, and atmospheric passages amid the band’s typically hectic pace. 

Speaking of … one of Vektor’s distinguishing traits is operating at breakneck speed, on a level with DragonForce (!), particularly on “Charging the Void” (*), “LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)” and “Pillars of Sand,” which culminates in some dextrous/melodious fretboard work reminiscent of Dream Theater,.

Therefore, despite that much-needed editorial touch, there’s really no major reason to demean this LP’s astonishing musical and thematic accomplishments (yes, Vektor’s sci-fi lyrics are as densely composed as their music).

* This is not a typo: Terminal Redux is bookended by tracks called “Charging the Void” and “Recharging the Void,” which together total over 20 minutes!

More Space Metal: Voivod’s Nothingface, Oranssi Pazuzu’s Valonielu, Alchemist’s Tripsis, Vattnet Viskar’s Settler, Zemial’s Nykta.