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Tell Me You Love Me… 


Tate & Violet / Fix you 

A sculpture entitled ‘Violino Violato (Violin Voilated) (Stylised abstract Modern Carving)’ by artist Bozena Krol Legowska in the category Every day Objects (Sculptures of inorganic things). This sculpture is available. It has the dimensions of 64 x 35 x 32 cm and is an edition number of 1/1, it is sculpted from a medium of Marble of Carrara, base Steel. http://artparks.co.uk/s2262

anonymous asked:

A few ink stains is exspected and totaly normal, I can sic the twins on all these people voilating your personal space *both children hiss*

No no, it’s fine. I can take care of myself. Just take yer lil’, um, angels home and be a family.