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Why do you love 2CT? Not trying to be rude (I love it too, especially now that it's not really a theory anymore), but I'm curious about the reasons behind your passion for it.

Oh, don’t worry, this is the kind of ask I love to answer!! ;D

(Warning: Long Post)

I personally love 2CT because it completely blew my mind when I first discovered it and understood what it’s about!

I’ve always thought Ciel is an only child (even though it was never confirmed in the manga), so when I first came across a blog post of a Japanese Kuro fan with the title “Ciel Twin Theory” back in March 2014, I thought “What a crack theory, how can he have a twin, he’s an only child?”, but then I read through their analysis and was fascinated about the amount of “hints”, then I bought all the comics and checked every scene that was mentioned in said blog post on my own. And to my surprise, the hints were REAL, they were there all along, some of them were so obvious (like Madam Red’s line “my nephews” or Joker’s line “the Earl and his children”) that I was totally dumbfounded like “How on earth could I have possibly overlooked all these hints until now!!??”.

Then in the same year Yana posted this blog post where she stated that that was exactly her goal: have the readers overlook those mostly subtle but sometimes also obvious hints at first reading and then make them go “WOW!!” when they reread the same scenes - this time with the knowledge of 2CT. Yana’s plan worked out perfectly for me, this theory was so mind blowing and fascinating that I have since become obsessed with it xD

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Sadly though, this “2nd reading WOW phenomenon” didn’t really happen in the Western fandom mostly because of language issues. For example, if you reread the Japanese version with the knowledge of 2CT, then you’ll notice that NO ONE actually ever explicitly stated that Ciel is an only child (they usually use vague expressions that can be interpreted as “singular” or “plural”).

However, if you reread the English translation (be it YP or online scanlations) to check the 2CT hints, you’ll find nothing but (inaccurate) translations like “this child” “that child” “my child” “he” “the body of a child” “my nephew” “the Earl’s child” etc which all contributed to the impression that Ciel must be an only child. I’m not trying to blame the translators, they generally do an amazing job, but since most of them didn’t know the 2CT, they automatically made “singular” of all those vague Japanese expressions, and unfortunately this caused the huge confusion and the strong disbelief of 2CT that is so prevalent in the Western fandom x(

Anyway, I do understand that 2CT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not trying to tell people to like it, but, like I’ve stated many times, I just want people to acknowledge that 1.) 2CT is a very well thought out plot twist that cleverly takes advantage of linguistical traits (the vagueness) of the Japanese language (that’s why the majority of the Japanese fandom is so fond of this theory and fascinated by Yana’s tricks) and 2.) it’s not Yana’s fault that her linguistical tricks didn’t realy work well in the English translations as they did in the Japanese version :/ (The same thing applies to HP, it’s not Rowling’s fault that the Tom Marvolo Riddle -> I am Lord Voldemord anagram didn’t work at all in the Japanese translation xD)

TS2: Windowed full screen mode and taking screenshots

If you want to play the Sims 2 on windowed full screen mode, you can download an external program that will make any windowed games borderless - click here.

With that, you no longer have to crop your screenshots and worry about switching between programs back and forth!

Also, I recommend simNopke’s no pause frame mod. If you want to take screenshots in-game without UI and especially queue icons showing up at top-left corner (I never understood why they didn’t leave those out in cameraman mode), switch to options menu (F5 or click on ‘…’ icon) then press ‘TAB’. Voila! You can take screenshots without any user interface! (Obviously if you have dialogues in top-right corner, you can just dismiss them before taking screenshots)

Here’s an example below of what unedited screenshots look like without UI. (I play the game in 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution)

And finally, here’s a disclaimer: if you have garden sprinklers or are currently running a business, switching to options menu will show a transparent blue hemisphere (or a fraction) around each sprinkler and out of stock items appear to look as they weren’t sold out. (Don’t worry, it’s just a visual annoyance!)

Okay so while I was working on a picture I think I accidentally stumbled upon how Hussie makes pictures of Prospit and Derse. I could have hoarded this great secret to myself for all of eternity, but instead I’ve chosen to share it with the world. And it’ so simple a caveman could do it! I’ll be showing you with Photoshop, but it should be applicable to any of the other inferior photo editing/drawing programs out there.

If you wish to make a canon-looking render of Prospit or Derse, you must first find a picture with lots of buildings. Apparently Hussie usually uses photos of Florence, Italy or Vatican City, but pretty much any place with lots of medieval European architecture will do nicely. For this I selected a quaint photo of Prague.


Once you’ve obtained your photo, you’ll have to get rid of the sky and mountains and shit in the background. In case you haven’t noticed, Prospit and Derse are devoid of any geographical features. For this step, you will use one of the great tools of any pro Photoshop wizard: the Magic Wand tool. Just select what you need to get rid of, then press ‘Delete’.

Voila. A nice clean picture of a cityscape.

Next you’ll want to suck all the joy out of the picture by removing the color. In Photoshop you can do this with Image>Adjustments>Desaturate, or by just pressing Shift + Ctrl + U. If you have a different program you’re on your own sorry.

BAM. All boring and lifeless. But not for long.

Now you go back under 'Image>Adjustments.’ Pick the option that says 'Gradient Map.’

The little window on the right should pop up, with a gradient going from your current foreground color to your background color. By clicking on the gradient, the left window will pop up. It is in this fantastic box that the magic starts. If you really want to know, a gradient map works by making the darkest value in your photo the foreground color, and the lightest value the background color. Intermediate values are colored somewhere between your foreground and background color. How cool is that? Pretty freaking cool, that’s how cool.

For this, you’ll want to make your darker color the foreground (top) color, and the lighter color the background color. For Prospit, this will be orange and yellow, respectively. For Derse, dark purple/bluish-purple to a lighter purple. I’m going to go with Prospit, because it’s golden and gold is nice and shiny IRL.

Clicking on the little tabs on the bottom will allow you to change the color to anything you desire, but right now you’re gonna make them match the colors of the respective planets. You can fuck around all you want once you finish the current picture. One thing at a time, nooksucker.

And look, you can see what the image will look like when you apply the changes! Just look at that gorgeous-ass city. Click Okay for both boxes.

And now you’re done. That is one fine-ass Prospit. I would dream the shit out of that place.

And here’s a Derse version. Dark, dangerous, and purple.

I hope this little tutorial helped any of you lil buttwipes with fanventures or panel edits or whatever it is you need a Derse or Prospit scene for. Happy editing!