voigtlander brillant

Before baseball season ends, I figure I better get caught up on some of my scans.  I am a couple months behind, but still kicking on the Camera of the Month project.  I figure I have a few more jewel’s in the boxes in the office so I might keep the Camera of the Month thing going for a little while longer.  I am currently on camera #12, which brings it to a year without a battery.  I will however need to start shooting with some cameras that do take batteries.  Hopefully I get some time this weekend to develop the rest of September and some of October.  

This little guy is the oldest camera in my collection. A Voigtlander Brillant Twin Lens Reflex made in the late 30’s. This is a piece of history as much as a camera. When I shoot with a camera this old, I often like to think about what this camera has seen. I mean come on, a camera made in the late 30’s in Germany. Who knows what this camera has been through? Not to mention the historic photographs snapped through this thing. This is the oldest camera in my collection and I am honored to have been one of the images recorded through this little black box.