Οἶον τὸ γλυκύμαλον ἐρεύθεται ἄκρωι ἐπ΄ ὔσδωι͵
ἄκρον ἐπ΄ ἀκροτάτωι͵ λελάθοντο δὲ μαλοδρόπηες͵
οὐ μὰν ἐκλελάθοντ΄͵ ἀλλ΄ οὐκ ἐδύναντ΄ ἐπίκεσθαι

Come quel dolce pomo che rosseggia
in cima al ramo, alto sul più alto,
fu scordato da chi doveva coglierlo,
anzi non è che proprio fu scordato:
nessuno fu capace di raggiungerlo.

—  Saffo, frammento 105a Voigt

I think your Grandpa had surgery maybe this week or next, so Voigt and Gumby want to send him (and you) lots of big hugs!

aww oh my gosh!! thank you so much, this is so lovely and sweet!! I’m going to show him these later today! big hugs to you and all the froggies as well! and, he didn’t have surgery yet actually but he will be having one soon, the date isn’t set but the cancer doctors and his regular doctor are talking it through to see the best option for him, so this is still very much appreciated!! 


Du sagst du hörst mir gerne zu und das du meine Stimme magst und wie ich so schön dabei lächle und meine Brüste magst du auch. Jaja du magst all meine Worte, dabei Sage ich eigentlich nie etwas ich plappere nur munter vor mich hin und her und du glaubst meine Worte haben mehr Gewicht als ich. Du übersiehst, dass sie nur eine Ansammlung aus Schweigeminuten sind und alles was ich sagen will und sollte stumm neben all den lauten und dunklen Buchstaben steht. Angelehnt an die sicheren Säulen der Täuschung. Und welchen Wert hat dein Satz, wenn du meinen Kopf mit meinem Körper gleichsetzt. Als hätte es einen tiefer liegenden Sinn hübsche Brüste zu haben. Und du magst mein Lächeln? Ja? Du bist so leicht zu beeindrucken. Es ist eine gute Fälschung. Irgendwann sperrt man mich noch wegen Marken Piraterie ein. Aber egal schön das ich dir so gefalle mit all dem was du in mir siehst und in mich hinein interpretierst.

- Diandra Voigt

anonymous asked:

So, Jems Voigt was riding for CSC in 2004, no? I love Jens as much as anyone else, but if he was also at those military-style training camps, aren't there some questions that should be being asked?

Oh yes—OH Yes. Jens is a long-standing question mark.

The rider himself wrote an epic denial of doping/recap of his career in Bicycling about a year-and-half ago in which he claims to have never doped, or been told to dope, or seen any signs of doping through his entire career (1997-2012, when the article was published). This span includes:

  1. East German (enough said) youth development school
  2. German amateur national team (Jan Ullrich was the amateur World Champ in ‘93)
  3. Festina Affair
  4. Team CSC (w/Riis, Hamilton, Basso, Jaksche, both Schlecks)
  5. Operation Puerto
  6. Two Tour of Germany wins (week-long stage race, w/mountains, TT)
  7. RadioShack (w/Armstrong, Bruyneel, etc)

It’s a pretty incredible tale, but at the same time, it’s told with that blunt earnestness that makes Jens an appealing dude. And it’s not entirely far-fetched.

Jon Vaughters has recalled on a few occasions that Gan/Credit Agricole, Jens’ first TdF team, was pretty clean. One of Jens’ Tour of Germany victories had a mountain stage cancelled from snow, and Voigt did progress from being a hardman for the flats (after an early stint in Yellow he was time cut halfway through the final Armstrong Tour) to more of an all-terrain lieutenant as his career progressed (and, presumably, doping reduced).

Voigt also clarifies that by signs of doping, he means first-hand evidence—he had his suspicions about some riders. Certainly, Jens is far more detailed about how he didn’t do drugs than any denier-turned-doper I can think of. Still, the references to his family and hard work are uncomfortably familiar.

I don’t think, ignoring the doping question, that there’s much to say against the guy. Despite being spat on and called a traitor, I’ve seen him in more fan pictures than I can count, and he’s always been forthright and unguarded, whether it’s an unfiltered interview, or riding a tandem with a blind dude.

I’m pretty meh about doping revelations from a certain time period. I definitely think it’s important to recognize the people who kept clean, but I’m also not shattered when I find out someone I liked didn’t. Either way, I’d probably still consider myself a fan of Jens