I’m working on Cell Metabolism homework yesterday and because of voidspice I died laughing at one of my homework problems.  It was basically analyzing a pathway and saying what would happen if you altered an enzyme or a substrate/compound in the pathway.  Enzymes were numbered, compounds/substrates were lettered.  Here’s the problem:

If 11 was freely reversible, what would happen due to an increase in D?

You’d have one happy enzyme that’s for sure.

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Well, it only just recently came out on DVD, so it can still make budget from that. But, yeah, there’s no way it can get a sequel, which is dumb, because it was bomb as fuck.

It only made 13.5 mil in theaters; its budget was 50.  Possible, but not likely.  There’s so much they could have done with it but people let me down.

Stupid stupid stupid.