I really need… to find a girl who has read the Dresden Files.

Because I really want to talk to a girl fan about the books and I’ve only ever met boys who have read them and while that’s great and all there are just some things you can’t discuss with a boy. Like Karrin Murphy. Or Queen Mab. And the stuff that happens to these characters, you know? Does anyone get what I’m asking?

Let me know…

𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙳: Pretty Faces by @perseasalt

The dove loomed above her like death warrant, sentencing her to a lethal fate. Of all the godly mothers that could have bore her, it had to have been Aphrodite. The goddess of love and beauty, the paradigm of perfection and everything Lacy was not. She could imagine it now, her cabin turning up their noses and abandoning her the second they got a good look. Being embarrassed to have such an ugly runt among their alluring ranks. Shunning and ignoring her until she broke down and gave in.

“But tonight we’re going to show them. We’ll make them respect us, forcefully strip away every ridiculous assumption through our actions. Prove that we’re more than just a bunch of pretty faces.”