Another One Bids Farewell.

So, if anyone follows what is going on in Gambit Gaming; Darker has officially left the team and the support “Voidle”, who was the sub when Darker was unavailable to play last week, will replace him.

I am not surprised.

With the post Darker made on his facebook the other day about not being able to communicate with Genja along with the chemistry Voidle had with the team last week, it was a no brainer that this would happen.

Genja being my favourite Pro-player, I just want him to be happy and I want the team to find a support that gets him.

“This change was una-Voidle-ble.”

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"Hey Taric, what's in your hand" Diana asked, she notice a shattered purple gemstone in his hand ///remember that rp about the voidlings and the portal that release that specific gemstone? Yeah :3

Taric had been pondering over the gemstone when Diana asked, of course he’d forgot to tell her about it. He mentally cursed himself and pulled out his hand to Diana, showing off the stone. “Once I destroyed the portal, this fell out of it. It seems to be a Lavulite, sorry id forgot to tell you earlier.”

I updated that old picture of Ray and Ame, well not updated but added in a single conversation between them before doodling the concept for Starling’s opposites, Voidlings.

I know the name is unoriginal, but think about this: Starling, Voidling, Pumpkinling, and all the other names I’ve given the species in Universe K were all given their names by Humans, humans who cannot speak these other species’ languages so they had to come up with something that would be easy to remember and document. Simple, huh?

It’s happening

After a lot of time looking and a short time asking for a voidsent/hunter guild (and with much player demand) I’ve made a linkshell for voidsent and voidsent hunters (though im sure theres other voidsent categories so they are welcome too)

The name is The Hidden Few and we are live on Balmung, in about 2 hours it will also be a guild so if you are keen for an invite and a place for your voidlings and the like, come whisper me on Singing Abyss!

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Soraka leans forward popping a blue officers hat into the voidborns head. "You're one handsome officer Vel'Koz"

!! Does this mean I may be permitted into the townships? May I assist in keeping peace with those deemed as ‘proper citizens’??”

The voidling looks excited and joyous, if an eyeball could do that.

May I be granted permission to be kind officer?”

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"Taric we have a problem" as she run towards Taric "Voidlings… to many… heading towards the peak of Targon… we need to stop them." She said, every word she catches her breathe.

Taric quickly spins around to see the Moon’s Aspect rushing up behind him. He listened intently to every word before grabbing his half-staff and looking towards the peak of Targon. Sure enough, there were purple specs slowly making their way up. In hordes.

“You sit and catch your breath, I’ll start making my way up. Meet me up there when you can.” He spoke quickly, ushering Diana to the side as he began his second ascent. He had to get there before they got any further, or the climb would be just as dangerous as his first.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤ (you know who, wahahah) ^.^

Hehe yes indeed I know who you wanna know about. ^.^ I’m being a little lazy with the preview cause I had to exit game when I started replying to this earlier (my husband wanted to hang out). 

1. Amba’s mother is a Getanosian, I haven’t talked too much about this race as of yet but they play a very large roll in the general Nova Legacy Universe. Geta’s are also Voidlings (the term I use for characters with alien dna ) and have a strong natural ability to manipulate matter, rock and stone in particular. As such they were the first race in the galaxy to develop terraforming allowing them to colonize other planets much earlier than many of their celestial neighbors.

2. Like her father she’s a mixed Voidling. Officially her government registration lists her as Kasari, Getanosian, Elemar (elementalist witches)  and Nulnact (short lived charm witches) but the latter is up for debate since her father’s actual mother turned out to be a clone of her original form made through shadow manipulation after Maddox murdered her. 

3. The longer lived Kasari (not all are immortal, some simply live a long time but it depends on their genetic make up) tend to go through an reawakening period in their first 100 years of life and ascend to their final stage of development. Usually this involves a period of prolonged rest where their entire cellular structure is reformed. Some of Bastian’s reawakening was shown in the Alterknight series for those who were around for that. For Ambelyn, hers came about in her late 40′s and once the process was complete her eyes changed from a bright green glow the white they are now. This happened as a result of rejecting parts of her grandfather Maddox’s DNA in reconstruction. 

4. She has three advanced degrees all in fields of science but has a particular interest in genetic studies which is something she has in common with her mother. This interest helped her in the aforementioned reawakening process choose who she wanted to be going forward.  

5. She was married to a mortal Null (baseline human) named Mahmoud for many years but sadly outlived him. Unlike her cousin Silas she was honest with him about what she was from the start and loved him till his final breath. They met while she was in University studying for her first degree. They have five children. Only their middle daughter Maisey has made an appearance so far on my blog. 

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"Hey, Vel, look what I got made for you." Talon brandished his present triumphantly. The two pairs of sunglasses (one with three lenses, one with one) had been custom-made in Piltover and while the specifications had gotten Talon a few odd looks, he was fairly sure that they would fit Vel. "Figured it might help keep the sun out of your eyes."

Though they were a bit different for a voidling to wear them; the present indeed fit, without the use of thumbs as well!

Such a thoughtful item to be presented with! I have little doubt that this darkened dyed glass shall protect my irises from the glare of this dreadful star…. and as is a word, I shall look ‘coolant’ in them.”

[[!!!! YES. <3]]

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Whhhhaaat does jayce think of vel// void ouo (YOU DO THAT GOOD HEALTH THING)

Jayce: Well. He’s a voidling, so my anti-void senses are tingling. Voidlings could be a very tough menace not only for Piltover but for the whole Valoran. They’ve been known for killing and slaying and vrecking havoc. But… also Noxians are and well everybody knows I’m all hot for a certain Noxian general. Still, I know there are many races among the voidlings and some of them are more dangerous than others. And as far as I have heard of this Vel’Koz, he’s some sort of scientist-voidling, which means, a kindred soul. Sort of. I am very conflicted. I fear the void as much as I fear the unknown and the evident destruction it could bring. Yet I am fascinated by it because there seems to be some sort of hierarchy and order amongst all that purple chaos. And this could be a sign of culture, a bridge for a possible life in peace, if both worlds were to confront and understand each other properly. I would probably still be scared and suspicious if I were to meet this Vel’Koz, but if proven wrong concerning its wild nature, I think I could find an enlightened friend as well as a very skilled science partner. Sometimes the weirdest pairings make the most brilliant creations.

Fran: (sugar daddies are so common around I want me a noodle daddy)

[Xx[Zap Zap]xX]



Soraka had sat down hooves crossed as she listened intently to the voidling. A smile on her face as she nodded along to every new bit of information he fed her. Only when he stopped speaking did she raise her hand to ask permission to speak,

“You’ve massaged fleshlings before? And second question would it be alright if I asked for one? All these questions have my back up in knots!”

It was nice to have a conversational partner who seemed to honestly take a interest in the topic at hand, eye closing to a happy crease as he finished is short explanation - a soft start of confusion as he saw the kindly celestial raise her hand in a polite question.

A quiet nod was her answer to speak; a low purr resounding under his words as he spoke with a humored tone.

“I have indeed, Upon learning of it in my travels in Ionia, I have come across many different states of the techniques across my journeys. Of course I shalln’t act without permission.”

That was followed by a pause as Vel moved slowly - peacefully - behind her, leaning forward ever so slightly as his tendrils moved to hover above her skin asking once more before starting his gentle hummed task;

It is permissible that I am to come into contact with you;; ever wish my movements to cease speak the word and I shall withdraw in safe haste.”

The Gift

The explorer searched through different shops, traveling through: Zaun, Piltover, Demacia, and even almost getting killed in Noxus looking for the perfect gift. Once he found it he made his way into the void, sneaking past many of Malzahar’s void kings and approaching Vel'Koz slowly.
“Hey Vel'Koz. I kinda noticed you liked to experiment and got you this. I hope you like it, and I hope that soon we can explore? I find a lot of strange yet powerful stones sometimes so I thought you would like to help me discover more for your future experiments.”
The explorer smiled as he pulled out a Telescope, in a leather duffle-like pouch along with a Microscope in a second pouch. Hoping he would not be found by any Voidlings.

Why little explorer that is a wonderful gift. I shall accept these willingly and keep gentle care of such items. 

Perhaps we may venture across the world in the future. 

Now, do be careful in your escape.”