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D&D has the Great Old One Pact for making an eldritch horror themed Warlock character, now it just needs one for all the other classes.

Barbarian- Path of the Creeping Fear
While raging, these barbarians evoke the terror of things that should not be. Their foes might not even recognize them in this state.

Bard- College of Horror
These bards collect the most fearful songs and stories they can find, though they must avoid losing themselves to the power of these stories.

Cleric- Madness Domain
The gods worshipped by these clerics not only cause but embody madness and the destruction of the mind.

Druid- Circle of the Void
These druids have visions of the impossible ecology of a world which both is and is not the same as their own.

Fighter- Writhing Torment Archetype
These long-lost techniques inflict terrible pain upon the opponent, both physically and mentally. Even allies must beware the fighter’s presence.

Monk- Way of the Endless Spiral
These monks use self-hypnosis as a path to what they call enlightenment, but some of them seem to obey a will that is not their own.

Paladin- Oath of Hunger
Under this oath, paladins relentlessly bring about the slow decay and degradation of all they consider unworthy.

Ranger- Rediscoverer Archetype
These rangers focus on the past, searching for forgotten lore they can turn to their advantage, though they risk unleashing powers greater than themselves.

Rogue- Dimension Shifter Archetype.
These rogues have become so unnaturally dexterous, they can slip through the grasp of reality itself. Some vanish and never reappear.

Sorcerer- Far Kind Origin
Descended from or corrupted by beings of the unknowable Far Realms, these sorcerers command bizarre forces not even they can comprehend.

Wizard- School of Numerology
Regarding their studies as the purest form of wizardry, these wizards inevitably discover mathematical truths about the cosmos that fill them with dread.

Most Anticipated Releases of 2018

2017 was a bit of a weird one. Highs, lows, gutturals. But now it’s all over, and we’ve bought our fresh cat calendars in anticipation for the year ahead, time to start marking off my most anticipated releases of 2018 :

Bring Me The Horizon

This is an obvious one for the list and will no doubt be on every music website in existence, but the hype surrounding the band’s 6th studio album is palpable following their 2015 album ‘That’s The Spirit’ which catapulted the band to absolute stardom and global domination.


After releasing the absolutely stunning single ‘Doomsday’ in 2017, Architects are set for an absolutely massive 2018, kicking off with an HOUR LONG UNIFY SLOT, a headliner at Alexandra Palace, and possibly a new album?

The Amity Affliction

2018 seems to be the start of a new era for the Gympie lads, a 15 year anniversary set at Unify will see them playing some songs for the very last time, and in recent interviews the band have suggested that the next album may see a change in sound…


So far, talking about the new Beartooth album, Caleb Shomo has said - ‘The lyrics on this record are fucking dark’, and the studio diaries released so far seem to show the new album moving in a heavier, darker direction than Aggressive. Who knows what to expect from a Beartooth album though? One thing’s for sure, it’ll be fucking mental. You can keep up to date with the studio diaries on the Beartooth Instagram.

Bury Tomorrow

Following the success of ‘Earthbound’ (the band’s last release on Nuclear Blast Records) Bury Tomorrow inked a deal with Sony in October last year, so I can only assume that whatever happens next will be massive.

In Hearts Wake?

This one’s a bit tricky. Fans of the band will remember that the back of the 2014 ‘Earthwalker’ CD held clues to ‘Skydancer’. Then when both CDs were released, the back of the ‘Duality’ CD led to ‘Ark’. Now, the back of the ‘Ark’ CD holds a clue that reads: February 2nd, 2018. So what should we expect from the In Hearts Wake camp in 2018? A new album? A live DVD? Seaskimmer? Regardless of what happens on Feb 2nd, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie’s solo project is due for a new album this year, and with each Panic! album following a different theme, who knows how it will compare to the glitz and glamour of ‘Death of a Bachelor’?


Regardless of what your opinion of the Jpop Metal fusion Babymetal, there’s no denying that their last album ‘Metal Resistance’ had some absolute bangers. With the announcement of album #3 on the horizon, here’s hoping their first Aussie tour isn’t far behind.


A band that somehow manage to outdo themselves with each new song, the last we heard from Bastille was the anthemic ballad ‘World Gone Mad’ from the soundtrack to the Netflix blockbuster ‘Bright’, British ‘till the very last.

Black Peaks

Talk about underrated. Black Peak’s last album, 2016’s ‘Statues’ was chocka block with Alternative Rock songs that would sit snugly among the lighter Gojira and Mastodon tracks.

The Brave

One of the newer additions to the UNFD roster, Brisbane’s The Brave last released music in 2017, in the form of the single ‘Ethereal’, pushing the boundaries of their last album and showing signs of carving out a shape of their own in the crowded Aussie Metalcore landscape.

Boston Manor

Last year, Boston Manor gave us a little taste of what’s to come in 2018 with their catchy single ‘Drowned in Gold’. A band rising fast through the ranks of UK Pop Punk, Boston Manor are definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Camp Cope

The trio of rockers have had a massive 2 years following the success of their emotional rollercoaster that was their self-titled album. Now signed to Run For Cover records in the US, (still love you Poison City) 2018 will no doubt be absolutely massive in the Camp Cope camp (see what I did there?)


A vibrant mix of laid back rock and indie, if you didn’t listen to Melbourne’s Ceres last effort ‘Drag It Down on You’, you should definitely fix that before their new album.


Casey’s new single ‘Fluorescents’ sees the band continuing down their path of blending heart wrenching lyrics with hardcore, the new album ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ is set to be released March 16 on Hassle Records.


I’d argue that Australia doesn’t exactly produce a large amount of Pop Punk bands (We seem to have a stronger hardcore/metalcore scene with bands like With Confidence and Trophy Eyes as outliers), so the fact UNFD signing Columbus may signal the next wave of big Aussie Pop Punk is incredibly exciting, and after the release of their ‘Next to Me’ EP back in 2017, hopes are definitely high.

Dance Gavin Dance

Somehow Dance Gavin Dance seem to release new music every single year. And each year is just as incredible as before.

A Day to Remember?

While it’s not certain if we’ll see new music from A Day to Remember in 2018, they managed to keep the recording of ‘Bad Vibrations’ a secret until the release of the first single, so who knows?


Despite the mystery currently surrounding the band given the apparent departure of screamer Michael Bohn, Issues have reunited with original member Ty Acord (aka – Lophiile) to create a record that will no doubt continue produce catchy genre defying tunes.


While Emarosa released new music last year in the form of ‘131 Reimagined’, the band are definitely due for new material in 2018 and I can’t wait.

Every Time I Die

By now I’m sure everyone has seen the video for ‘Map Change’, if you haven’t, please see below and get incredibly excited for new ETID.


A Grammy, live album and a lawsuit later, Ghost are currently one of the most talked about bands in the metal scene, and following the kidnapping of Papa Emeritus III back in September, a Ghost record seems to be on the horizon.

Hands Like Houses

Hot on the heels of their UNFD/Hopeless signing in 2017, Canberra Alt-Rockers Hands Like Houses released ‘Drift’, one of the heavier songs to come from the band. If previous performances are anything to go by, hopefully we’ll get to hear a little teaser off the upcoming album at the band’s Unify set.


‘Opera Oblivion’ catapulted Hellions to new heights in 2016, and while supporting You Me At Six last year, they let slip that they were recording new material before starting a new album cycle after Unify. Fingers crossed.


Following a Moose Blood support slot in 2017, Harbours seem to only be growing with each passing day, they’re set to support Tonight Alive at their Melbourne pre-Unify acoustic, and are set to release new Pop Punk goodness in 2018.

Knocked Loose

Hardcore seems to be the genre of 2018. 2016’s ‘Laugh Tracks’ saw Knocked Loose explode onto the scene, with a knack for capturing the wild energy of their live performance on CD, Knocked Loose are only set to get bigger with each passing show.

Ice Nine Kills

There are very few bands I can think of that pull off theatrical metalcore as well as Ice Nine Kills, and seeing as ‘Every Trick In The Book’ was released in 2015, I need another fix of horror themed metalcore.

Parkway Drive

While ‘Ire’ was one of Parkway Drive’s more divisive albums, their ambition was to produce an album that would be received well live. And though the mainstream crowd may balk at the idea, Parkway are poised to be the next generation of headliners (particularly in Europe and the UK). There’s a lot riding on their next album, and with Unify and the European summer festival season fast approaching, here’s hoping we get new music sooner rather than later.

Ocean Grove

Yes, Ocean Grove released an absolute RIPPER of an album last year, but the lads have since been in the studio, so who knows what they have cooked up for the next chapter in the Odd World Chronicles.

The Plot in You

The end of the incredibly successful ‘Happiness in Self Destruction’ cycle saw The Plot in You move to Fearless Records and release the super slick single ‘Feel Nothing’, which was a slight departure from their previous flavour of Hardcore/Metalcore. Their new album ‘DISPOSE’ is set to be released February 16th and is sure to make numerous top 10 lists.


At this point the possibility of new Rammstein in 2018 is just as exciting as the idea of an Australian Rammstein tour in 2018.

Real Friends

Real Friends seem to be one of those bands that fell of the radar for a few people, despite the success of their much beloved EPs and debut album ‘Maybe This Place is the Same…’ their last album ‘The Home Inside My Head’ left many hardcore fans divided, but the release of their latest single ‘Get By’ sees the start of a new era for Real Friends.

Tonight Alive

If ‘The Other Side’ was a massive step forward for Tonight Alive, ‘Limitless’ was their stumble. In recent interviews the band have expressed their regret with how the album was handled by their then Australian label Sony, but now, refreshed and signed to UNFD/Hopeless, Tonight Alive have released 3 solid singles and are set to release their 4th studio album ‘Underworld’ January 12th (They’re holding a Unify release party to celebrate!)


‘The Beautiful Lie’ is one of the most underrated EPs I’ve ever heard, and though I probably shouldn’t let my emotions cloud this list, if you loved the new Being As An Ocean album, you should definitely be keen for new Stepson.

Silent Planet

If their last album is anything to go by, Silent Planet’s next album is set to be absolutely brilliant and will probably end with me crying. Again.

Storm the Sky

A dark horse of 2016, ‘Sin Will Find You’ took many people by surprise, following the departure of Daniel Breen, the Melbourne group rebranded, and released an emotionally raw, and unexpectedly honest ‘Death-Pop’ album, followed by one of the best headline tours I’ve ever seen. If the crowd at their sold out (!) Evelyn Hotel gig was anything to go by, Storm the Sky are a force to be reckoned with.

Tiny Moving Parts

A blend of uplifting beats and sincere lyricism, Tiny Moving Parts seem to have been in a constant state of evolution the last few years, and now the band are gearing up to release ‘Swell’ January 26th.

Trash Boat

Leaning on the heavier side of Pop PUNK, and one of the newer bands on this list, Trash Boat’s 2016 album ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through’ displayed a level of maturity rarely seen from a debut album. The anticipation for their Sophomore album is real.

Trophy Eyes

2017 saw a lineup change and a new single from Trophy Eyes, and while ‘Chemical Miracle’ was incredibly popular, ‘Hurt’ has already proven to be a fan favourite (and seems to be doing incredibly well given the amount of Hottest 100 lists I’ve seen it on).


It seems like the majority of this list is stuffed with rising bands, and Turnstile are no exception, ‘Time & Space’ is expected February 23rd, their first on Roadrunner Records.

Void of Vision

Last year’s ‘Disturbia’ EP was a pleasant surprise from the boys in Melbourne’s Void of Vision, who already seem to be gearing up for a huge year, ending 2017 with Invasion Fest and kicking off 2018 with a Unify slot, and are supporting Miss May I on their European run.

Godtier aesthetic improvements

Upon becoming godtier there are 2-3 bonus levels. If you climb up higher you should get aesthetic improvements to actually look godly. The outfits should get increasingly intricate and other bonuses are rewarded

Basically you can go from Caliborn’s outfit to Lord English’s

Here are some things me, sone followers , and some friends made up

Get a summonable cloak connected to their aspect
Space- can summon anything in space
Time- rainbow colored, tears in accordance to tears in time
Void- infinitely deep, can store whatever the Lord wishes
Rage- ominous and foreboding, changes to look more aggressive and intimidating to match the Lord’s temperament Breath- it is the sky with varying shades and clouds. It can turn into a mighty thunderstorm that propels the Lord forward while turning the actual sky into that very storm
Blood- the thick fibers of the robe correspond to the chain of relationships the Lord has amassed. The patterns become more intricate with their complexity of their chain of command

Aspect materializations form around them. If they max out they will gain the traits of their mentor (Jade’s dog ears, Handmaid’s clockwork majyyk eyes)
Space- miniature planets or meteors
Hope- St. Elmo’s fire burns around them
Heart- wisps float around them
Life- butterflies, birds, and flower petals float around them

They gain a jeweled crown. They also gain cracks, fissures, and scars in their aspect’s colors when they rend/rend with their aspect.
If they max out their presence cancels their aspect.
Space- made from black goldstone, has a miniature green sun as an inlayed jewel.
Time- made from iron with ticking gears integrated into it.
Void- their crown is dark black with navy blue pearls embedded into it. It is naturally brighter around them
Heart- A crown that has many changing forms. Your soul is laid bare. No tricks, no games, no lies, no facades.
Mind- electricity dances from it. They are like a speech jammer, people find it hard to think in their presence
Rage- made from jagged purple crystals. Everything calms down around them or sparks up violently.
Life- gain a flower crown with harmless thorns. Animals fear them and plants turn from their touch
Doom- an eastern crown with 12 black spikes.
Blood- gain an iron crown tinged with blood. Their veins become deep and dark

Gain more pockets with each additional tier. They glow brighter the more aspect related items and trinkets they are wearing or are in their pockets. If they max out they have special summoning gloves that can summon aspect items.
Light- glow golden the more gold they have on them and any Light related objects
Void- glow dark blue the more silver they have on them and any Void related objects

Gain armor pieces related to their aspect. If they max out they get a full set.
Time- changes age and shine depending on their mood. Instantly repairs itself
Light- shiny armor with golden edges. When cracked, the cracks glow a blinding light.
Heart- armor changes colors and styles depending on mood.
Rage- sleek and very dark purple. Creates spikes when the Knight is angry or afraid
Doom- cracked, has green glowing fissures. It gives poison effects when struck.
Blood- made stronger by each ally the Knight has. Drips if trying to look intimidating

Their aspect crops up around them
Light- leaves embers and fireflies as they walk
Void- their shadow is larger and darker than it should be. At night it becomes infinitely black and appears to be a swirling abyss
Life- small plants spring up at their feet Doom- items and the ground slightly crack and repair them self after the Maid touches them
Blood- blood drips from their fingertips

Get summonable spell tomes and scrolls with aspect knowledge in them. They radiate aspect energy.
Time- an old work book that contains the history of everything, from start to end.
Light- the pages dimly glow. Contains the information of 12,000 grand libraries
Void- the books leak infinitely black liquid. Contains thousands of secrets.
Heart- summons wisps when read. Contains the names, nicknames, true names, and character bios of all things with a soul.
Mind- people are shocked by electricity if they disturb the Mage’s reading. The book is a personal journal of inner thoughts for every sentient creature.
Hope- shimmers a faint gold that draws the eyes
Rage- creates gentle haunting music

Their eyes change to match their aspect. If they max our they are given a special eye ability. Space- you can see a galaxy in their eyes. They can show a projection of any area, as if they are projecting a video camera
Light- their pupils turn yellow and their sclera are pure white.
Void- eyes turn completely black. They appear to be swirling pools of infinity. You can learn many secrets by gazing into them
Heart- iris and pupil turn pale pink, almost like a ghost’s. People can view ghosts if the Seer is close.
Hope- their eyes appear to burn and radiate holy light. To see them is to stand before the all seeing eyes of a god
Rage- their eyes are a fierce, striking purple. To stare into their eyes is to gaze into the eyes of madness
Blood- veins in eyes become more pronounced and a red ring appears around their pupil. When they cry, they cry blood that makes anyone empathetic to them

Gain bengals and arm bands that reflect their aspect. If they max out they gain a special ability. Space- small gems orbit them
Light- glistening bands. Their radiance brings even the most hidden things to light.
Heart- the bracelets have a pink-ish tint. When maxed out they can make any ghosts nearby material.
Life- armbands and bengals made of wrapping vines. They grow flowers. If maxed out, the flowers can drop pollen and seeds that make plants spring up everywhere.
Doom- jet black crystal bands crystal. They
Breath- light blue bands with swirling patterns on them. Air swirls around them. If maxed out thick bands of wind cover them. The winds purify anything they touch.
Blood- dark ruby bands. They can duplicate the bands up to 12 times, creating rings, armbands, and other things. When worn they create an empathic connection and will never, ever feel alone.

They have an aspect colored aura making anything around it shift aesthetics slightly.
If they max out, they will gain a special armor piece related to their aspect.
Light- a visor that blocks all dust, dirt, and debris. It also prevents the Page from ever being stunned or anything impeding their vision
Void- a shoulder cape that absorbs any blow
Rage- spiked gauntlets
Breath- winged roman sandals, like Hermes. Clouds form at their feet when they run in the air
Blood- crimson chainmail armor.

Their hands glow their aspect, leaving glowing handprints of their aspect.
If they max out they get a magic satchel that summons and de-summons aspect related items. The satchel can be anything from a book bag to purse.
Space- holds a miniature universe. Can pull out mini versions of stars, planets, etc.
Heart- holds the keys to any heart, each key has a different pattern
Mind- holds glowing teal vials with names on them. Opening them voices the thoughts of that person
Breath- a bag of winds, just like in Greek myth
Blood- blessed friendship bracelets that create unbreakable bonds


Gain aspect related tattoos. If they max out they will have a special effect
Time- gears and cogs ticking like clockwork. There are also clocks and watches that tell the time, the relative time for the Heir, and the time for any time duplicates
Void- moving horrerterror tentacles. Secrets can be read, but they are in a language only the Heir can understand
Heart- reflects their splinters, spirit animals, and emotions
Mind- electrical circuits.
Hope- religious iconography and angel wings on their back
Rage- jagged lightning patterns and war paint. They crackle with energy when feeling strong emotions
Life- tattoos of plants and animals grow and change
Doom- complicated seals and sigils that glow a dim green
Breath- wind/water tattoos that move and breath
Blood- murals of the people and things they hold closest. They can shift to show stories of those people.

Their aspect warps into their outfit, shrouding them from all sides
Space- made from a pocket dimension that absorbs all that would harm them
Void- a jet black cloak that appears to swirl and churn and rips black liquids. It can unfold into horrerterror tentacles
Hope- 6 seraphim wings that drape over the Muse
Breath- floats freely, gently pushes a breeze around them. When defensive, they become the eye of a hurricane
Blood- veins appear more clearly through skin and has a blood red cloak. Anyone who touches the cloak can not harm the Muse

— — —

I probably won’t finish this post. If you want to add anything, tell me!

Thanks to all of my followers for their help!!!


Void Of Vision - Life//Blood