void trilogy

need 2 follow sm new peeps!!


please like this post (or reblog it thats cool too) if you post any of the following:

  • voltron (specifically i’m looking for some nice and positive klance blogs!)
  • haikyuu (iwaoi, kagehina, daisuga, bokuaka, and kuroken)
  • mass effect (anything really !! but if you post a lot of shakarian or jaal ama darav appreciation type stuff i would love to see those posts on my dash!)
  • overwatch
  • lamento (bl game)
  • any art blogs! i love looking at art. it’s cool if you post original art or fanart! i especially love art blogs that do some art on their ocs.
  • yuri on ice
  • mystic messenger
  • dragon age
  • killing stalking
  • blood bank (the bl webcomic)
  • 19 days stuff 
  • their story stuff
  • noragami (yatori!!!)

and if you also find that you like my stuff and follow me back hopefully we can be friends and chat!!! im always looking for new people to talk to