void sound

  • Hoseok: i'm cold
  • Yoongi: here, have my jacket
  • Jimin: hey, i'm cold too
  • Jungkook: what? [taking off jacket] i told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now [piling scarves on Jimin] now look, i've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death and [taking somebody else's hat] how long have you been cold you should've said something sooner,

Shoutout to the aromantics who don’t hate being aro. Shoutout to the aros who were happy, not devastated, when they found out they were aro. Shoutout to aros who felt relief, not sadness and mourning, when they realized they didn’t have to keep forcing crushes and getting into uncomfortable romantic relationships anymore because they finally discovered that romance wasn’t the only option. Shoutout to the aros who like their orientation and wouldn’t change it if they were given the choice, despite even the “accepting” communities assuming that they must be miserable and that they must wish they weren’t aro. Shoutout all the aros who don’t fit the narrative of self-loathing misery and never see themselves represented because no one ever talks about aros who are happy with themselves and like their orientation.

You know what’s weird is not having a real concept of continuity in your life, for everything but especially for the good things. like you could be doing stuff with people you care about all week, but as soon as you have a day where nobody texts you first it’s like none of it ever counted and it starts to feel like anything you ever do is just a temporary distraction from how lonely your life really is

McCoy knowing Julian Bashir. 

McCoy constantly seeing Julian at medical conferences because he still attends them. 

McCoy always talking to Julian because the boy is bright for an idiot who thinks frontier medicine is anything but the worst damn thing anyone could ever have the utmost privilege to engage in and he’s so proud of this kid.

McCoy learning of Julian’s status and telling him it ain’t natural that Starfleet would consider punishing a man simply because of something he had no choice in since he’s met Khan twice and the damn fool wasn’t anything to write home about, augment or not. Julian though, he’s a good kid.

McCoy also pointing out that Julian can’t be that augmented if he’s dumb enough to have a crush on a Cardassian spy and still too cowardly to do anything about it.

Leonard Horatio McCoy just being a salty mentor/father figure to Julian Subatoi Bashir.

uma: i want to get us off this terrible island and i’m willing to do anything to do so! i also want revenge against this girl who tormented me during my childhood and betrayed us but you come first.

harry: i’m willing to follow you as a leader and because the looks i give you not-so subtly hint that i’m in love with you. i trust your judgement and our years of friendship.

some of y’all: hmm…idk…seems toxic? 

I don’t know what it is but customers lately have been asking me where products are that are conveniently right behind or beside them and each time I always answer with “right behind/beside you” but at the same time I just want to quote Total Eclipse of the Heart at them with a soulful “♫turnnn arouunnnd♫” as I extend my arm to the product they’re looking for

Strip That Down

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Could you write a smut where the reader and Peter have thus HUGE sexual tension and one day at one party with the Avengers the reader starts to dance in a really sexy way (u can choice the song, show us your playlist) and everybody (especially the booooys) is looking at her which leads to a rough jealous Peter? Oh, and can u  make her Tony’s daughter? Just bc yes. I FUCKING LOVE U I’M ALWAYS CHECKING YOUR BLOG TO SEE IF YOU POSTED SOMETHING

A/N: HI I LOVE YOU OMG okay I know ive been slacking with the whole tagging thing but that ends now i promise okay ALSO I DON’T HAVE SEXY SONGS SO I LITERALLY HAD TO ASK MY FRIEND FOR A SONG SO IF IT ISNT SEXY IM SORRY

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colorlester –> meloqrama

hey guys! i’ve decided to move to a new url (shoutout to @djnof thanks bud)

there are a lot of not so great people in the phandom and that’s made it super hard for me to have a good time on tumblr so i think i’m gonna be gone for a while. i’m trying to focus on things that actually make me feel good?? idk it’s a new trend all the kids are doing it. i’ll probably still post some dnp stuff?? but it’s mostly gonna be aesthetic and shitposting lol (my queue actually has a lot of dnp stuff so you’ll still be seeing that for a little while)

ik i said there are a lot of Bad people in the phandom but i met so many of my favorite people ever in this community and i wouldn’t trade their friendships for the world. i might eventually make a dnp blog again?? but don’t hold your breath lol

thanks so much for your support! pls rb this to spread the word and also pls don’t unfollow me thanks!!!!!!!!

I adore the fact that I can tell when someone is scrolling through the Cosmere tag for the first time (or for the first time in a while) bc of my older popular posts getting notes all at once. it’s so great!! welcome (back) friend, it’s good to see you, come (re)join us in this inescapable but absolutely lovely pit of weirdly hopeful despair

We're Here

It was the lack of noise that really got to Lance more then anything.
The emptyness completely void of any sound that he didn’t create himself.
The night was the worse.
While everyone else was fast asleep and Lance was left listening to the white noise that filled his ears.
He had never been in such silence. Back home there was always chattering, or the foot steps.
Even late at night there was the constant soothing sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks outside his bedroom window. A ever preasent companion on long sleepless nights.
Even at the Garrison there had been Hunks loud snoring to fill the void.
But now…
There was nothing.
Lance lost track of how many sleepless nights he spent laying in the common room staring at the unfamiliar constellations that passed above him.
The silence was so deafening.
So absolute.
That the small sound of bare feet moving towards him sounded like a herd of elephants.
Lance bolted up into a sitting position coming face to face with a half asleep Keith.
“I thought you were asleep…” Keith looked down drawing Lance’s attention to the blue blanket in his arms.
“Nah… just thinking.” Lance shrugged staring at the blanket rather then Keith’s bed head. “What about you?”
Keith dumped the blanket on Lance’s knee and sat down on the couch next to him, Lance refusing to move to give him more space.
“Could t sleep, thought I would get something to drink but when I saw you I figured I would grab your blanket.”
“My hero.” Lance joked lying back again tapping the space next to him.
Keith took the hint and joined the blue paladin pulling the blanket over the two of them.
“Do you miss earth?” Lance asked suddenly.
Keith turned to look at him, Lance continued to stare up through the skylight at the stars. “No not really. I never had anything to hold me there. Here’s different, I have you and the others. The family I never had.”
Lance made a quiet humming noise.
“I know you do. So you don’t have to pretend not to.”
“I’m not pretending. I do miss my family but I miss the sound more then anything.” Lance admitted.
“Sound?” Keith questioned pretending not to notice as Lance brushed his fingers against his hand.
“Yeah, it’s too quiet around here. I mean I’ve never been somewhere that wasn’t filled with people. With noise… like the ocean.”
Keith took Lance’s hand in his own giving it a reassuring squeeze.
“You’ll get back someday I promise.”
The two lay there in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before Lance broke it.
“Hey Keith?”
“Yeah Lance?” He mumbled nearly asleep.
“When we get back to earth. Will you come to the ocean with me?”
Keith never answered simply nodding and pulling Lance closer to his in a hug.
Keith struggled under the weight of the limp Blue paladin in his arms.
The final battle had been long and bloody but in the end they came out victorious, but still with casualties.
Blue Lions had been shot out of the air and all Keith could do was follow in time to see her crash into the sand.
Keith ran to the cock pit and felt his heart break at the sight.
Lance was slumped over the control panel with so much blood pooling beneath him that the blue details of his armour were lost beneath.
His breathing was weak and wet spraying even more blood with every laboured gasp he took.
Keith picked him up and lay him down trying to stop the endless bleeding.
It there was nothing he could do.
Lance was going to die.
Keith didn’t cry, he couldn’t not yet. He had a promise to keep.
Ignoring his own injuries Keith picked up the blue paladin and carried him outside stumbling in the sand.
He could see it, just a little away. The ocean.
Keith kept walking and walking making slow process over the sandy terrain.
Finally he was there at the shore, sinking to his knees and laying Lance down in the wet sand.
The water washed away the blood still seeping from his wounds, so that for a single moment Keith could pretend Lance was only sleeping and would open those beautiful eyes of his and see the sky.
“L-look Lance.” Keith’s voice broke with emotion as the tears began to fall.
“We’re here…”

—————————————- https://mocking-bird-mal.tumblr.com/post/160196468183/look-at-my-shit-comic-lines-this-took-forever-i Original comic this was based off
she’s got you. [part three]

Here it is! This is the final part of this little series. I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think, and if you’d like to request anything, my requests are open. Enjoy!

part one - part two

Word count: 2,402

“What do you mean he’s gone?” your hands started to shake from worry. The intensified nervousness that’s been building up in you for the past week was finally taking over you. You couldn’t believe he was doing this, on today of all days. Harry wasn’t the type to do this, especially with a life-altering situation such as this. Even though part of this situation was mostly your fault, you’d be damned if he left his fiance at the altar.

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What You Did

Pairing: Damien x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst.

Notes: I was writing the next part to ‘Unhealthy obsession” when this popped in my head. And it will be a 4-part series hehehe. 

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There isn’t much that you remember. Just a loud ringing in your ears and this horrible pain in your abdomen. There was a flash of light, something red, wet - blood maybe. Your’s? You’re not sure. Just that what ever happened caused you to be in this void of a place.

Everything sounded echoed, like the darkness lasted on for miles and miles. Honestly it terrified you, but wherever your turned there were no exit. You wanted out. Wanted to go home.

But no, that was never meant to happen to you, was it?


You whip around, facing where that very familiar voice came from. Standing there, with a blue outline was Damien. He looked…different. Full of sorrow and something else that you couldn’t name at the moment. Relief flooded you when you saw him.

“Damien!” Hurried steps later and you’re being held tightly in his arms. But once again, something seems off. “What’s going on here? What happen?”

Damien hesitated to answer you, looking in pain at what was need to say. The words left his lips in a horse whisper. He didn’t want this for you, you didn’t deserve this.

“You’re - We’re - dead.”

You went stiff. Slowly, you pulled away from the man you trusted more then anything, and looked at him. You were dead?

“The colonel sought to that.” Damien paused, shaking his head. Once again, something seemed off as he hesitated. But then he gripped your shoulders tightly. Looking at you with hope and desperation. “But it’s not too late for you - you can still go back.”

“B-but, what about you?”  Silence and a sad smile was your reply. “No!” You shake your head. “I won’t go back, i can’t leave you in this…This place!” As you said this you gestured around you. “ Not with out y-”

“I WILL NOT -!” Damien takes a deep, shaky breath.”I will not lose you…I’ve lost everything thanks to Mark. I will not lose you too.”

You didn’t question what he meant. A part of you already know, and only voice int out loud or asking will only cause more pain to Damien. For a brief moment, you wonder where Celine is.But that thought is soon cast out by Damien’s next words.

“You trust me, right?”


Once again that odd emotion flashed in his eyes as he hesitated. What was wrong?

“Listen. Y/N. Your body is still out there, as broken as it may be. You - we have the chance to go back. Together.”


He agrees. There was no thinking it over, you wanted to go back. With Damien. His hands move from your shoulders until they were cupping your face gently. He placing a lingering kiss on your forehead, squeezing his eyes shut tightly, finding it too painful to kiss you on your lips - especially with whats planned in his mind right now.

That’s when your vision start to blur, and Damien slowly drifts away. The sound of creaking is heard in the background, along with that high pitched sound you heard when you arrived.

“Everything will be okay. I promise.”

 Next thing you know, you’re waking up in your own body.

When you stand up, you’re greeted by the Colonel, looking and sounding a bit delirious and baffled about you coming back to life. But then came the heart wrenching cries for his friends as he placed Damien’s cane down and he left looking for them. 

You turn towards the cane, and slowly you reach out for it. Hesitating only a moment before carefully holding it in your hand. You never expected for the image of your hand to suddenly change into a male’s hand. A strong pressure overcame you, almost like you were being squeezed in a juicer. 

Then you were look at the image of Damien looking down at his cane. No, not an image. Pain exploded in your chest at this revelation. Your eyes start to burn, voice shouting out to the man in front of you -the one who now has control of our body.  

“No…No, Damien! Don’t do this to me! You promised!” Briefly you get the feeling he can hear you. “ You promised! You said both of us would get out of that place…you said…” You trail off, squeezing your eyes shut before you pounded on the glass. Hoping for something. 

“I trusted you!”

But all you got was blurred vision, hoarse voice and a heavy heart. The glass cracked under your fists against it, once, then twice. Part of it was missing, an opening that you don’t think Damien noticed. Even as he looked up at you, guilt and pain showing for the last time on his face. 

Rage consumed him and he was gone. Along with Everything that could have been.