void key

I think yamaguchi would def be the type to just start screaming out of frustration. Not screaming at anything, just a steady aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH that slowly gets louder when he’s studying or something. And the first few times tsukishima was all concerned like wtf? What’s the happening? What is it? After like the sixth time it happened he just gave up. After the fourteenth, he started joining in. I mean, if u can’t beat them join them. But ofc he does it in his dry, quiet deadpan. So while yams is steadily increasing in volume and urgency, tsukki’s just going “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” quietly in the background. And neither of them even bother looking up. Imagine akiteru walks in on them doing this one day and is like ??? What? Is this what is cool with the kids nowadays?


tsukishima kei & yamaguchi tadashi

“i’ve never turned my back on you. and i’m not starting now.”

possible scenarios tht led to tsuk actually participating in this photo:

- they begged him to until he finally gave in and said yes

- they promised him money if he did it

- they begged him to, but he didn’t budge until kags & hinata said tht he probably wouldn’t be able to look as cool as thm anyways. does this purely out of spite

- has been secretly practicing for this moment forever. has always wanted to show off his cool drumstick tricks.

- literally just sat down on the trash can & started twirling his cleaning equipment around. the rest of thm rolled with it and posed with him for funsies. tsuk either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

- it’s at a point in time where he loves his teammates very much & gladly does it with no hesitation bc he loves thm

- he thinks he’ll look cool if he does it

- he’s a Giant Nerd just like everyone else


Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!! MY SHINY NEW BRASS WARFRAME VOID KEY PENDANT (the extra loop on the back makes it a pendant ok)

This was originally a Zbrush sculpt that I had made and then sent in to Shapeways. What they do for their metals is 3D print with casting wax first and then do a legit metal pour into a plaster mold, just like lost wax sculptors do. So this is solid brass! It’s got a lovely weight to it, and a mirror shine.

It’s a little larger than I thought it’d be… so very hard to judge such a thing without a physical piece in front of you. However, because of its size, I am strongly considering inserting tritium vials into the glowy parts because holy shit tritium is so fucking cool go look it up

what ur child is really sayin online: the sequel

html - hey tsuk, my love

tmi - tsukishima’s majorly important

ttfn - treat tsukki frequently / nonstop

lmk - loving mainly kei

tf - tsukki’s fan

kewl - kei’s existence = wonderful life

tfti - thanks for tsuk’s indispensability

Null ARC N-12, Sergeant A’den

“He was wearing rough working clothes: no helmet, no plates, and no distinctive kilt-like kama.”
“Darman could see the white lines in the deeply tanned skin around his eyes and mouth. A’den usually smiled a lot.”

This is my version of A’den. At least, A’den on Gaftikar. Trying to blend in with the locals. Little scruffy. Short ponytail. Is that an earring? Tried to sketch this out and ended up shading more than I intended.

Well, I was not expecting to get this finished so soon, but I here are some more warframe sketches. No refs used (of course) and I could explain some things, but it would involve alternate universe stuff and second dream spoilers, so…I guess all I will say is that the Nekros is named Chicken, and in the timeframe of this doodle he is 90% floppy ragdoll and White Christmas doesn’t understand why he won’t move. (Chicken is perfectly fine, just…very floppy.)

And, it is hard to tell, but White Christmas is supposed to be holding a void key in his maw in the bottom right doodle. The human-looking fellow is named Joss, and he likes to breed kubrows.

Also, kubrow breeding = lots of doggie toys. Doggie toys + close proximity to mentally developing monsterframes = oh no Xmas please don’t put those in your mouth dear god why