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yall know how important it is having a gay sex scene with middle eastern muslim men be graphic in a soft and tender and poetic manner?? like american gods DID THAT! erased islamophobia/racist stereotypes of MENA men while romanticizing gay sex! 

“straight people never flaunt their sexuality” thats all you fucking do 24/7, all the time, in literally every aspect of yalls lives you have never shut up about being heterosexual even once, so if i want to wave a gay pride flag and talk about how cool it is to be lgbt+ and how great lgbt+ people are, i’m gonna do it and i don’t wanna hear SHIT from yall about it

don’t rb but idk i keep thinking about it and feeling pretty disturbed by people’s… fantasies, frankly, of the deaths of people with aids. like, these posts go well beyond acknowledging people with aids’ politicization of their own deaths which really did happen — their requests to have their bodies marched down the street, their ashes thrown on the white house lawn — into imagining the actual moment of their deaths as a romantic event, and a communal event void of individual dignity. we think that of course people with aids would choose to die en masse on the pavement without their loved ones at their side because we largely see them not as people really but as symbols, uniquely selfless tragic heroes at best, or cautionary tales. we want to believe that their deaths were good in some way, deliberate, stoically accepted, that they served a political purpose, when really the political purpose was to prevent their deaths, to fight tooth and nail for life. i don’t know, i don’t like it.

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I always pictured you as a floating morphing viscous bubble of tangible space time, containing all the stars and galaxies, floating in an otherwise empty black Void. Communicating through constellations, moving stars and solar systems at will within your body, stars meander together to form letters, then slowly a message forms...... "U got Kik?"

that doesn’t not sound like me

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The creator of the Zen fanzine did clarify that there shouldn't be any romantic ships that are not Zen x MC in the zine. They said you can portray Zen with different characters, but it has to be platonic. Nevertheless, they emphasized that the main focus should be Zen and Zen x MC. Check the blog. You should be keeping up with the rules.

Okay I’m on my laptop now which means I’m gon be serious. I replied to you kindly. I accepted your request and accepted your boundaries. I expected it to be done the moment I clarified. I defended your fucking actions. But you just had to nitpick and squeeze in some last words, don’t you?

I will thoroughly address your message.

1) The creators of the fanzine did not make it a rule to ban JuZen. This post addressed your so-called “ban rule”, and you know what they said? Other ships are allowed, as long as it is not “hardcore/explicit.” Not only that, it was still being considered. I have found no official notice that the rules are implemented as of after that ask.

The zine is more than just Zen x MC, it celebrates Zen as a character. Other Zen content is allowed as long as it’s not “hardcore.” (I’m taking this as explicit/NSFW work, detailed analysis about a specific ship that isn’t Zen x MC or something like that)

2) The creators of the fucking fanzine have ZERO PROBLEM WITH ME and even messaged me to express their wish to keep me as a participant after your message. You are in no position to talk for the creators to their participants. You are not a representative. If you have any problems, message the coordinators and they will address the situation as they see fit. Don’t fucking speak for them and put words in their mouth.

I’m so fucking annoyed by this kind of behaviour because it spreads the wrong message about the actual organisers of the events and creates drama where there shouldn’t be. 

3) Your passive aggressive “You should be keeping up with the rules” falls fucking flat when you realise that I’ve fucking stated that I am not doing anything that might go against any rules. I am making Zen x MC art for a Zen-centered zine that encourages Zen x MC. Need me to say it louder? I am making Zen x MC art for a Zen-centered zine that encourages Zen x MC.

I know for a fact I’m not at risk of breaking any rules, so I don’t actually need to “keep up with the rules.” I have settled all my queries with the creators and know that I am okay to do the thing I want to do. And if the creators truly are as strict as you say about that “rule”, you can rest assured that they will not feature my work. You act as if these guys can’t say to an artist “yeah nah this entry goes against what we have discussed, sorry :/” and leave it out. Of course, maybe you feared that something you don’t like might be featured with the creators’ approval and felt the need to take shit into your own hands. Then I really have nothing to say.

4) It’s about time now that you admit it and say that your vendetta against me mostly exists because I am a Juzen shipper. Not even a hardcore one— fuck, I have not even defended my right to ship whatever the fuck I want without being disrespected. Not fucking once. I notice you are back-tracking now with your “romantic ships” though it’s pretty hard to unsee the “JUZEN IS GROSS UR GONNA RUIN IT WITH JUZEN”, just saying. 

You aren’t making sure I’m abiding by the rules. You are being fucking petty towards me because I ship your NOTP. You attacked me, insulted my ship and belittle my potential contributions before you even knew what I was gonna fucking draw for the zine

That being said, I will no longer reply to your shit. And I expect that you know better now to try and one-up me (don’t waste your time anyways im lazy ill only type this kinda shit up once and then block u the next time. or just like. ignore. i have unanswered hate from 2012 lol)

TL:DR I will fucking fight you if you so pushed. I was nice. But your behaviour is fucking unacceptable and you’re the kind of shit that set rifts and misunderstanding between entire communities.

Sometimes abuse isn’t violence or name-calling or shaming. Sometimes abuse occurs through neglect, when you don’t get told good things, you never have or witness discussions of what is harmful, and are consistently left out of decisions that involve you… sometimes when people always seem indifferent or negative wards you, you’re left with this big void in communication and you have to fill in the reasons yourself…and no one ever questions the beliefs behind your change in behavior… sometimes that is abuse, too.

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is it cold? is warm? are you comfortable do you need a blanket

*the Void squints at you. You stand your ground. The Void squints more. You begin to feel a crushing, invisible force press down on you from all angles. Still, you remain persistent. The  Void squints still. Now all you see is Void. All you know is Void. All you are has ceased to exist. You hear a horrible screeching noise. Loud, loud, so incredibly loud. When did it start? You cannot tell. It’s as if it has always been. Is it… is that the Void, attempting to communicate?* Yeah it’s a bit chilly, a blanket would be great thanks.

told 25 grade 6s that i was disappointed in them today and meant e v e r y s i n g l e word

I honestly can’t believe a person claiming Ace/Aro people shouldn’t be included in Pride is actually someone who considers themself trans because they’re ‘Alpha and Omega’ kin, I’m gonna have an aneurysm


Let’s say that I write some things, and someone reads them. She has her own way of expressing herself, like photography. I look at the pictures. The words resonate with her, and the pictures resonate with me.

Or maybe it’s a guy. I don’t want to pretend to make this made-up, hypothetical scenario romantic.

Is this scenario the same as if I had actually told her (or him) the words, and she had shown me the pictures? Of course not. But I’m still convinced we’ve connected somehow.

It’s strange to think that I can sometimes connect more to books than to people I see every day, that I can feel like I know someone whom I will never have the pleasure of meeting. Even people who are alive make me fee like that. To watch a video, or read something famous, or maybe just stumble on someone who’s in a different place…

Is it communication? I don’t know.

But it sure feels like it.

any advice to someone with severe adhd trying to get into witchcraft? the research i’ve done has said that focusing, intention, and motivation are the most important things in spells and rituals and like everything else basically buuuut with adhd that’s really really hard. 

I got a little mean on Facebook and I feel almost kinda sorta bad, but she was being really transphobic so I still think referring to her as an ‘absolute abomination’ was the right thing to do


first log
star void/

five-9-four–alpha 6

the sun is bright today

I wear a watch,
but I can’t read it.
I breath a lot of air,
but i don’t need it.

half a nation away
siblings shared
a spicy pickle

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hey if u want could u maybe do a classpect thing for a mage of space B;0👌

don’t like space…don’t like space…it’s too big….IT’S TOO BIG….

Ahh yes, one of the densest aspects and one of the lesser explained classes. A Mage of Space is easily one of the better classes to allocate to Space, as their understanding of Space may help to prevent things such as the destruction of planets or the creation of a doomed universe. They’re not an incredibly active class, but their passive knowledge often provides a major help to those willing to listen.

Personality-wise, a Mage of Space may not be as outwardly comforting as your typical parent-of-the-universe Space player, as Mages are a bit more analytical, but that’s not to say that they don’t have their moments. They may get in their own head a lot, as one often does when possessing boundless knowledge that others don’t always understand.

As Void players may commune with the Gods of the Furthest Ring, I feel a Mage of Space may possess the ability to receive messages from the universe frog they reside in, if not the one they act to hatch within their session. These messages may not be direct, and may be outside of their understanding, but they may help in the long run! Keep an eye to the skies, Mage of Space! Your destiny is out there somewhere!

“Oh my! Let’s go to the seven-day outlook. Your daily shades of the sky forecast. Monday: turquoise. Tuesday: taupe. Wednesday: robin’s egg. Thursday: turquoise-taupe. Friday: coal dust. Saturday: coal dust with chances of indigo in the late afternoon. Sunday: void.” 

Hey guys, I’m back. I hope you like this, it was a lot of fun to make! -Cas (All images found on google image.)